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Vaccine Zombie music video re-launched: Health Ranger song lyrics foretold today's vaccine police state five years ago!

2/13/2015 - Five years ago, I wrote a fan-favorite song called "Vaccine Zombie." The song lyrics and music video are shown below, and you'll love the animation, the vocal harmonies and the overall hilarity of the song and music video. What's really amazing, though, is how this song foretold today's vaccine hysteria...

Workin' for Ebola - new parody song and music video launched by the Health Ranger

11/5/2014 - Continuing in the Natural News tradition of hilarious satire commentary on the insane world around us, I've just released a brand new song and music video entitled, "Workin' for Ebola." Click here for the music video and song lyrics. You'll also find a downloadable MP3 file. But I'm warnin' ya! This...

Health Ranger releases 70's-style pop song and music video: 'Just Want You to Know My Name' featuring Will Pollard and Vanadia Badillo

7/11/2014 - I've just released a new song and music video entitled, "Just Want You to Know My Name," featuring Will Pollard and Vanadia Badillo (two models from the Austin area). The song is a 70's/80's style pop song created in the style of Kool & the Gang and mastered with rich vocal harmonies and romantic...

New song and music video launched by Health Ranger: 'Be Divergent'

6/10/2014 - After a two-year break from music and song production, I've got three new songs and music videos to launch this summer! The first is launching today: "Be Divergent" is the latest song in my growing collection of socially-conscious music that celebrates creativity, individuality, innovation and progress...

Report: Lady Gaga wasted 300,000 gallons of water in drought-stricken California to fill pool for music video shoot

4/16/2014 3:50:49 PM - Not all music stars, actors and actresses are pinheads. Some are very good, generous to a fault and very conscientious people. But singer Lady Gaga isn't one of them. According to a report by Radar Online, an entertainment news site, the singer has come under fire for wasting a massive amount of...

Music is your best workout partner

3/1/2014 - If you're looking to get the most out of your workouts, no matter what it is that you're getting set to do -- cardio, weightlifting or an intense crossfit session -- you might first think about getting your groove on. In fact, according to various studies, if the music that you listen to fits the...

Severe concussions transform young boy into musical prodigy

11/26/2013 - It was an injury-turned-miracle situation for Lachlan Connors, a junior at Kent Denver High School in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, the day he was knocked down during lacrosse practice and suffered a concussion. CBS Denver reports that the young man, who had previously not had a musical bone in his...

Country singers slam Obamacare at Country Music Awards with hilarious spoof

11/10/2013 - A couple of country music's finest made their voices heard about the ongoing Obamacare debacle at the recent 2013 Country Music Awards (CMAs), staging a hilarious Obamacare spoof that was met with thunderous laughter from the appreciative audience. Country music icons Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood...

RFID tracking armbands forced on all residents near California music festival

6/8/2013 - Local residents living within a one-mile radius of the venue for the popular Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, which takes place annually in Indio, California, got an advanced preview of the emerging American police state this year. According to a recent report by the Los Angeles Times (LAT),...

Improve your brain with music

3/22/2013 - Most people have their own particular styles of music they enjoy. Music is one of the greatest joys of mankind and it is effective at simulating the brain and enhancing learning. Listening to music stimulates the whole brain through diverse neural circuitry that stimulate better brain metabolism. Listening...

Music therapy is on the rise

10/19/2012 - Teen angst is under more scrutiny than ever these days. While extreme emotional highs and lows are expected during pubescent years, an array of prescriptions, help groups, and various forms of therapy have presented themselves to control these temperamental moods. Whether or not the emotional effects...

Just Label It - New GMO labeling music video released by the Health Ranger

10/9/2012 - In a radical departure from previous music videos, I've just released a new song and music video called "Just Label It." Click here for the song page where you can download the MP3 file, watch the video and read the lyrics. You can also click here to watch the music video on YouTube, or you can see...

'Call Me Maybe' parody song takes aim at 'Dumb and Lazy' Americans - outrageous music video goes viral

7/12/2012 - The pop song "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen has smashed top 40 music records over the last several months, and her music video has racked up 150 million views on YouTube alone ( "Call Me Maybe" is a simple yet unmistakable tune that you just can't shake...

Health Ranger releases new SSRIs music video exposing psychiatric drugging of children

5/1/2012 - Taking aim at the psychiatric drugging of children with antidepressant drugs, Amethios (Mike Adams) has released a new 2012 music video of a song he first wrote in 2009 called "S.S.R.Lies." The song page is available now at The...

The healing effects of music proven in tests

4/21/2012 - Easy listening or classical music has been proven to increase healing rates of convalescing patients, researchers have revealed. Patients taking part in the study at John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford were split into two groups - one group underwent operations under local anesthetic and was played music...

Hemp Can Save the World - new music video rocks the 'net with upbeat message about the hemp agricultural revolution

3/14/2012 - Here on NaturalNews, we often spend so much time talking about what's wrong with the world that we sometimes neglect to give sufficient attention to the real solutions that exist right in front of our eyes. One of the most powerful solutions for sustainability, abundance, health and liberty is, simply,...

Health Ranger (Amethios) launches new song, music video about prescription drug fatalities - Heaven Can Wait

2/16/2012 - Activist music artist Mike Adams -- known as "Amethios" -- has released a new independent single and music video entitled Heaven Can Wait. The song is available as a free MP3 download from the Amethios website at: The music video is also viewable at these two locations: and...

Health Ranger announces new artist name, publishes song and music video: We're Doin' Alright

8/17/2011 - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has launched his first song and music video under his new artist name: Amethios. The first song, "We're Doin' Alright," is about overcoming challenges, breaking out of conformity and achieving greatness despite the troubles the world throws at you. The song video, MP3...

Music heals

2/10/2011 - Studies in music indicate that it is a natural healer. Proven to release dopamine responsible for pleasure, music shows promise in the treatment of mental and somatic illnesses. Similar research also suggest that it may be useful for patients with traumatic brain injury and as therapeutic intervention...

Just Say No to GMOs music video now available with Spanish subtitles

12/10/2010 - The super-popular "Just Say No to GMOs" music video by the Health Ranger is now available in Spanish! (En Español.) With over half a million views across the various video sites on the 'net, the "Just Say No to GMOs" music video is opening the eyes of citizens across the world -- on multiple continents...

Just Say No to GMO music video now available in Chinese

12/8/2010 - The super-popular anti-GMO music video "Just Say No to GMO" by Mike Adams is now available in Traditional Chinese. The Chinese-subtitled video can be viewed at NaturalNews.TV at: This video is also available at YouTube: "Just...

Don't Touch My Junk - Music video exposes obscene TSA pat downs

11/19/2010 - The socially-conscious music artist who released the wildly popular I Want My Bailout Money song in 2008 has just announced his latest song that takes aim at the TSA's X-rated airport pat-downs: "Don't Touch My Junk" is being released today as a free download at Created...

Improve overall health with the sound of music

11/2/2010 - The popular expression "music soothes the savage beast" is apparently attributed to different sources of earlier centuries. Whatever the source, the essential message is the same. Music can affect us soothingly, stabilize our emotions, and improve physical and mental health. Of course, that depends...

Just Say No to GMO music video features Health Ranger rapping about dangers of genetically modified foods

10/14/2010 - As part of the October Non-GMO month, the Health Ranger has released a new rap music video called "Just Say No to GMO." Written and performed by Michael Adams (the Health Ranger), this new song takes aim at the biotech industry by exposing the dangers of genetically engineered foods while promoting...

The Lady Gaga saga and the coming generation of youth left behind

9/22/2010 - They say you can best determine the character of a celebrity by the character of their fans. By that measure, you'd be shocked to learn about Lady Gaga's fans. After a recent article I posted criticizing the superstar musician for wearing a dress made out of raw, dead animal flesh and stating that she...

The Lady Gaga saga and the coming poverty generation of youth left behind

9/20/2010 - They say you can best determine the character of a celebrity by the character of their fans. By that measure, you'd be shocked to learn about Lady Gaga's fans. After a recent article I posted criticizing the superstar musician for wearing a dress made out of raw, dead animal flesh and stating that she...

Music benefits the brain, research reveals

7/30/2010 - Northwestern University scientists have pulled together a review of research into what music -- specifically, learning to play music -- does to humans. The result shows music training does far more than allow us to entertain ourselves and others by playing an instrument or singing. Instead, it actually...

Music trains the nervous system and improves learning ability

7/22/2010 - Researchers from Northwestern University recently published a series of data in the journal Nature Reviews Neuroscience, revealing that music plays an important role in nervous system development. According to various, diverse scientific literature, musical training improves the brain's overall ability...

Music exposure helps premature babies gain weight and strength naturally, study finds

1/24/2010 - Babies born prematurely are at increased risk for a host of health problems. But now research by Israeli scientists has uncovered a non-drug way to help preemies gain weight and grow stronger quickly. A new study by Dr. Dror Mandel and Dr. Ronit Lubetzky of the Tel Aviv Medical Center, which is affiliated...

Don't Inject Me - Swine Flu Vaccine Song and Music Video Released by the Health Ranger

8/25/2009 - We've just launched the latest song and music video in the Beyond All Reason album. It's an anti-vaccine song entitled Don't Inject Me (the Swine Flu Vaccine Song), and it's already making waves on YouTube and peer-to-peer file sharing networks. You can hear the song and watch the music video at this...

Music Possesses an Amazing Healing Power

7/21/2009 - Although we strive to maintain health and avoid doctors and especially hospitals, bad things can and do happen. Sometimes it's an accident; sometimes we come to a healthy life style too late and have incurred too much damage to completely recover. Now, music is taking a major role in helping critically...

Music can Restore Vision after Stroke

3/29/2009 - Natural health doesn't only encompass exercise and nutrition. A new study by UK scientists from Imperial College London, the University of Birmingham and other institutions just published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science demonstrates sound can be used to facilitate healing....

Joyful Music is Powerful Heart Medicine, Researchers Find

11/23/2008 - Here's a totally natural, non-drug, side-effect-free way you can improve your heart health – listen to joyful music. That's not just some pie-in-the-sky platitude, it's the conclusion of a study just presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions meeting in New Orleans. Scientists have...

Music Therapy Helps Patients Recover Brain Function Following Stroke

10/10/2008 - People who listen to music after a stroke recover significantly better than those who do not, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Cognitive Brain Research Unit at the University of Helsinki, Finland, and published in the journal Brain. Researchers studied 54 people under the age...

Music Shown to Facilitate the Development of Neurons in the Brain

9/23/2008 - Music, the universal language of mood, emotion and desire, connects with us through a wide variety of neural systems. Researchers have discovered evidence that music stimulates specific regions of the brain responsible for memory, language and motor control. They have located specific areas of mental...

Music Therapy Shows Promise in Treating High Blood Pressure

6/21/2008 - If you have hypertension, listening to soothing music for a half hour a day while breathing deeply can significantly reduce your blood pressure without drugs. That's the conclusion of a new study just presented at the American Society of Hypertension's Twenty Third Annual Scientific Meeting and Exposition...

Listening to Music Accelerates Recovery From a Stroke

5/8/2008 - Researchers say regular music sessions, whether classical, jazz or pop, create a pronounced acceleration in the recovery effect from patients suffering debilitating strokes. Studies by neuroscientist Teppo Sarkamo at the Cognitive Brain Research Unit, Department of Psychology, Helsinki University...

MTV: Smut-Peddlers or Eco-Activists? Make Up Your Mind

12/8/2007 - In 2001, two friends poured lighter fluid on 13-year-old Jason Lind's legs and feet and set him on fire in Torrington, Connecticut. In 2003, a 26-year-old Australian placed lit firecrackers between his buttocks. He is now incontinent and unable to have sex. In 2006, 19-year-old Joe White of Topeka,...

A call to end DRM restrictions on legally purchased music comes from unlikely source: the CEO of Apple

2/11/2007 - An open letter posted Tuesday on Apple, Inc.'s web site from CEO Steve Jobs called for music purchased online to be freed from Digital Rights Management file encryption. Jobs said that music companies require the use of DRM in music purchased online for any online store that sells music downloads,...

The discovery of DNA variability, holographic blueprints and the symphony of life

11/23/2006 - Announced with great fanfare in late November, 2006, scientists have discovered that human DNA is far more variable than previously thought. Contrary to previous beliefs, as much as 10 percent of human genes vary wildly from one person to the next. The mainstream press is hailing the discovery and some...

Music -- the key to feeling good? (press release)

10/25/2006 - The Department of Psychology at the University of Helsinki is co-ordinating a wide-ranging EU-funded research project, Tuning the brain for music, or Braintuning, for short. The purpose of the project is to gain a deeper insight into the relationship between music, emotions and brain functions. The...

Music lessons boost memory, brain function of children

9/21/2006 - In a report published in the online edition of the journal Brain, a Canadian study showed young children engaged in music lessons developed better memory function compared to same-age peers who received no musical training. The Canadian study took measurements from children between the ages of four...

Music thought to enhance intelligence, mental health and immune system (press release)

8/24/2006 - A recent volume of the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences takes a closer look at how music evolved and how we respond to it. Contributors to the volume believe that animals such as birds, dolphins and whales make sounds analogous to music out of a desire to imitate each other. This ability to...

Music Therapy to Treat Parkinson’s Disease (press release)

7/25/2006 - Research is under way at the Methodist Neurological Institute (NI) to determine which musical rhythms are more therapeutic for Parkinson’s disease patients. Studies already have shown that music therapy can have a greater impact than physical therapy on Parkinson’s patients, but Dr. Ron Tintner,...

Music Quiets Pain After Surgery (press release)

7/17/2006 - Medication is the best, first choice to treat pain following surgery, but music may be a good complement to pain-relief drugs, according to a new review of clinical studies. Patients who listened to music after surgery reported less pain than other patients who were not exposed to music, the review...

Listening to music can reduce chronic pain and depression by up to a quarter (press release)

7/1/2006 - Listening to music can reduce chronic pain by up to 21 per cent and depression by up to 25 per cent, according to a paper in the latest UK-based Journal of Advanced Nursing. It can also make people feel more in control of their pain and less disabled by their condition. Researchers carried out...

Apple Computer Now Emerging As An Anti-Competitive, Narrow-Minded Company That Prefers To Limit Consumer Rights Rather Than Expand Them

8/6/2004 - Apple is taking more heat over its anti-competitive practices regarding its iPod copy protection technology. The French online music store Virgin Mega has now filed a legal complaint against Apple, saying that Apple is engaged in anti-competitive practices by refusing to license the copy protection...

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