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New AMR alternative to smart meters still spews 'dirty' electricity, harmful radiation

6/8/2015 - As an alternative to the notorious "smart meters," which a growing number of people now recognize as a major public health hazard, some utility companies are now offering a slightly dumbed-down meter containing technology known as AMR, or automated meter reading, that is supposedly safer. Don't be...

Learn how to build an off-grid generating system to produce electricity in any situation

5/9/2015 - If and when the SHTF -- or if you simply want to live off the grid -- you'll need a long-term survival/self-sufficiency plan. What this means is that, if you want to lead an existence that's not too radically different or primitive compared to the standard of living most of us are used to presently,...

Overhyped electric cars and ethanol are 'greenwashed' scams that ultimately cause more pollution than fossil fuels

4/27/2015 - Driving an electric vehicle may not be as green as you might think, especially if you're living in a region that produces most of its electricity by burning coal, according to new research presented by Christopher Kennedy, Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto. A new study called...

U.S. electricity prices reach all-time high

4/5/2015 - While the gasoline price index, the overall energy price index and the overall Consumer Price Index did decline in January 2015, over the past year, only one index did the complete opposite. The electricity price index, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), actually increased during...

Prices for electricity, meats and eggs reach record highs

1/31/2015 - Corporate-run media likes to make government bureaucrats appear divided, color-coded red and blue, put into republican and democrat boxing matches, but at their roots, nearly all politicians are the same, corrupted by their positions of power and the pressure of corporate money. Once in office, nearly...

Free energy advocates fail to grasp even basic concepts of thermodynamics, electricity and physical reality

7/11/2014 - The free energy movement has some truly brilliant people among its members, but as I just recently discovered, it's also a magnet for some real loony-tunes types who can only be accurately described as "bonkers" when it comes to having any connection with reality. Case in point: In an article posted...

Confirmed: Oregon power company says it will stop burning aborted babies to produce electricity for residents

4/24/2014 - If you live in Oregon, the lights to your house may be powered by the incineration of aborted babies. This has been confirmed by the British Columbia Health Ministry which told the pro-life Life Site News organization that "biomedical waste" including aborted fetal tissue was routinely shipped to Oregon...

New fuel cell technology produces electricity from biomass and sunlight

2/28/2014 - The future of renewable energy is upon us, as a team of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology has reportedly come up with a new way to extract energy directly from crude biomass, at room temperature, that avoids the need for expensive and pollutive precious metals or other conventional...

Maryland legislators introduce 'emergency' bill to cut water, electricity to NSA

2/17/2014 - The National Security Agency (NSA), which some have now dubbed the National Spying Agency, could soon be brought to its knees if an initiative launched by the freedom advocacy group Tenth Amendment Center (TAC) is successful. Members of the Maryland House of Delegates have reportedly introduced emergency...

Obesity epidemic caused by EMF exposures in the home according to startling new research

7/11/2013 - Two-thirds of the U.S. population is overweight, and about one-quarter to one-third of adults are obese. Fact. Poor diet and a lack of exercise are at fault, the experts say. But what if the cause of this epidemic was something even more insidious? What if that which is considered the lifeblood of our...

Dirty electricity - Myth or reality?

3/11/2012 - Electricity has been a lifesaver for modern civilization and we would be lost without it; but, research has brought to light the existence of different kinds of electricity, namely clean and dirty. Clean electricity is safe electricity. Clean electricity has a smooth sine wave that goes up and down...

Advanced wind turbine design eliminates need for environmentally-harmful rare earth metals, generates electricity at $0.04 per kWh

9/22/2011 - The bumbling, inefficient reputation of current wind energy technology just might get the game-changing overhaul it needs to become a viable form of clean energy production, thanks to a new permanent magnet generator (PMG) design created by Boulder Wind Power (BWP). According to a recent report by...

Solar flare could unleash nuclear holocaust across planet Earth, forcing hundreds of nuclear power plants into total meltdowns

9/13/2011 - Forget about the 2012 Mayan calendar, comet Elenin or the Rapture. The real threat to human civilization is far more mundane, and it's right in front of our noses. If Fukushima has taught us anything, it's that just one runaway meltdown of fissionable nuclear material can have wide-ranging and potentially...

Emerging green technology to capture 'waste' heat and turn it directly into electricity

6/26/2011 - Researchers from the University of Minnesota's (UM) College of Science and Engineering are working with a new alloy material that they say is capable of turning waste heat -- like the kind emitted from vehicle exhaust pipes or from air conditioning units -- directly into electricity. Though still in...

British woman develops allergy to electricity following chemotherapy treatment

5/23/2011 - British woman Janice Tunnicliffe cannot watch TV, keeps her washing machine in a concrete outhouse and cannot have neighbors with wireless internet because she is "allergic" to electricity. (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/8520405/Meet-the-woman-allergic-to-electricity.html) The problems began...

Scientists successfully generate electricity using freshwater and saltwater

4/14/2011 - By simply utilizing what nature has to offer in terms of water, scientists from Stanford University have developed an effective way to generate electricity naturally and without causing pollution. Yi Cui, associate professor of materials science and engineering at Stanford, and his colleagues have developed...

Offshore wind could generate enough electricity for entire USA four times over

1/2/2011 - The United States could meet four times its current energy needs with offshore wind production alone, according to a report issued by the Department of Energy. "Clean, renewable energy development that capitalizes on the nation's vast offshore wind and water resources holds great promise for our...

EarthTronics Wind Turbine Generates Electricity Even in Low Wind Speeds

11/23/2009 - A Michigan company named EarthTronics has developed a small-scale wind turbine that could be used to generate electricity at home in winds as low as two miles per hour. The company is calling it "the highest output, lowest cost per [kilowatt hour] installed turbine ever made." Even with growing interest...

Nanosolar Price Barrier Breakthrough Makes Solar Electricity Cheaper Than Coal

6/7/2008 - A new combination of nano and solar technology has made it possible for solar electric generation to be cheaper than burning coal. Nanosolar, Inc. has developed a way to produce a type of ink that absorbs solar radiation and converts into electric current. Photovoltaic (PV) sheets are produced by a...

EcoLEDs.com launches energy efficient replacement bulb for 40 watt light bulbs; uses only 5 watts of electricity, lasts 50,000 hours

6/5/2007 - EcoLEDs.com, the newly-launched lighting company offering high-brightness, energy-efficient LED lights for home and office use, has announced the availability of an LED replacement for 40-watt light bulbs. Its "E27 3W LED" light uses only 5.2 watts of electricity and produces 135.2 foot-candles of light...

New LED lighting technology embraced by consumers, Total Cost of Ownership saves money over incandescent, fluorescent bulbs

5/10/2007 - The launch of our new LED lights from EcoLEDs (www.EcoLEDs.com) is already proven to be a huge success. Thank you to all the customers who have purchased our new LED light bulbs from BetterLifeGoods (www.BetterLifeGoods.com). In the first 24 hours, the sales of these lights greatly exceeded our expectations. The...

GridPoint devices stores, buffers electricity for homes and businesses

8/10/2006 - A start-up company called GridPoint is looking to help consumers lower their electricity bills with "intelligent energy management" systems that work together to store power and shut down non-essential appliances and utilities during certain times of the day, helping lower the demand on the power grid...

V2G technology allows hybrid vehicles to feed electricity into city power grids

8/3/2004 - Twenty years from now, when you're driving your fuel cell vehicle, you may be able to earn money by plugging it into your city's electrical grid when you're not driving. That's the promise of V2G technology, or vehicle-to-grid. V2G technology takes advantage of the fact that gas/electric hybrid...

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