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American education heading for bankruptcy due to influx of illegal immigrants

3/17/2015 - A massive influx of illegal alien children last summer is causing economic problems for some local school districts that were already suffering from scarce funding. A new report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, or FAIR -- a think tank that favors stronger immigration laws and increased...

Nutritional education can help breast cancer patients prevent recurrences

1/23/2015 - It's been said that knowledge is power. For many breast cancer patients in Brazil, such words ring true, as researchers discovered that providing them with nutritional information may play a role in preventing a recurrence of the disease. In Brazil, where the five-year survival rate is only 58.4...

Average college freshmen can't read past 7th grade level, study finds

1/12/2015 - Institutional learning is available after high school, in the form of a college education, but it comes with a much higher price tag. Sadly, after 12 years of institutional learning, most college freshmen can't even read past a seventh grade level. This is the most concerning finding from Renaissance...

Education programming 101 - destroy logic

12/6/2014 - (By Jon Rappoport from Once upon a time, in medieval universities, new students enrolled in the Trivium. It was the foundation curriculum. It was required. Its parts were: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Grammar: the interior construction of language. Logic: the valid and invalid...

Consumer Wellness Center announces Holly Moran Nutrition Education Grant Program; applications now open for 2014

10/13/2014 - As the executive director of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center, I'm thrilled to bring you this announcement today: The Consumer Wellness Center (CWC), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting nutrition as a way to prevent disease and enhance human health and longevity, announces its...

Omega-3-rich breast milk improves child intelligence more than income and education spending

10/3/2014 - The benefits of breastfeeding are constantly reinforced with studies and clinical observations. The focal points are usually on bonding with the mother to satisfy the baby's emotional needs upon entering our crazy world, developing early immunity, which can be compromised by early vaccinations, and...

Illegal Immigrants get free education, housing and healthcare for crossing border; Americans get $5,000 fine

9/25/2014 - Scores of polls taken over the past few years have regularly shown that the majority of Americans do not want amnesty for illegal aliens, do not want the federal government to continue conveying taxpayer-supported benefits onto them and do not support legal measures that legitimize them in any way....

Fortune 500 company discriminates against homeschoolers, refuses to hire smartest kids in America

6/20/2014 - The federal government has long monopolized public education, and the latest effort to tighten that monopoly is a set of standards called "Common Core." The term "standard" in government parlance is, as you know, synonymous with "control" and the other favorite of authoritarians, "conformity." But...

Engineered to fail: Why war, drugs, prisons, health care, debt and education are all theatrical scams designed to fail

6/15/2014 - More and more people are wondering today why systems of American government and corporate enterprise don't seem to be working. The education system fails to educate, the health care system fails to create good health, and the border patrol isn't even allowed to protect the border. Why are these systems...

Health Ranger warns about rampant science illiteracy in America, urges greater science education for children

5/14/2014 - Science illiteracy is rampant across America, so today I'm calling for increased science education so that future adults can have a greater understanding of the world around them. Click here to watch my video on YouTube where I urge increased science education in America while sharing examples of...

Indiana votes to replace Common Core with their own education standards

5/9/2014 - One of the very first states to adopt Common Core's education standards, Indiana, has of late April 2014 trashed it and gone back to the drawing board. Originally, there were 45 states that signed on to the Obama administration's "suggested" education program to ensure high school graduates were "college-...

Homeschooling enrollment skyrocketing as parents seek to protect children from public school brainwashing

6/15/2013 - There is less faith now in the public education system than there ever has been. Homeschooling has increased by 75 percent in the last 14 years, according to a recent report in Education News. Homeschooling is growing seven times faster than a K-12 public education. Researchers predict that the homeschooling...

Bullied over butter: NYC education department threatens school cafeteria managers for using natural butter in meals

5/30/2013 - America truly is turning into a 1984-esque police state, and ground zero for this authoritarian onslaught appears to be New York City where government-run public schools are now on a crusade to eliminate butter from school cafeterias. As reported by New York Daily News (NYDN), some kitchen managers...

Seven undeniable reasons to homeschool your children

5/30/2013 - So far homeschooling is legal in all 50 states. Some states require no monitoring, some moderate oversight, and a few require close supervision by testing. Here's a color-coded-by-state map that indicates those different levels of acceptance ( While the public education...

Monsanto deceiving the public, funding Saint Louis Zoo insectarium and education center

5/26/2013 - Monsanto, the biotech giant who genetically alters seed, is now using its millions of dollars of excess profit to install education centers in public zoos. In an attempt to appear eco-friendly and environmentally-conscious, Monsanto is funding an education center at the Saint Louis zoo to accompany...

Missouri moving to protect parental rights from federal tyranny over medicine, education and discipline of children

5/3/2013 - A number of Missouri lawmakers are supporting an amendment to the state constitution that essentially formalizes the fundamental right of parents to raise their children as they see fit. In late April the House gave its approval to a measure, House Joint Resolution 26 (HJR26) that says parents have...

Obama trying to take over public education with 'common core' curriculum that teaches socialism

5/3/2013 - Whenever he can, President Obama likes to poke fun at anyone who suggests that he's a closet socialist because that's what socialists do - they ridicule anyone who tries to "out" them. And yet, every policy he pursues takes a page right out of the socialist/Marxist playbook, and one of them is to ensure...

McDonald's now seeking cashiers with Bachelor's degree

4/5/2013 - Statistics are now showing that only one in three college entrants will complete and utilize a college degree. Education is important, yes, but the statistics are beginning to point out that a formal degree doesn't work for most. Having a college degree is rapidly losing value in America. This is becoming...

Public education in collapse: School commissions are repeatedly having to borrow millions of dollars to pay bills

11/22/2012 - The viability of public education in the United States appears to be on a continuous downward spiral, as school districts all across the country are becoming so strapped for cash that they are now having to take out loans just to buy books and heat classrooms. A recent report by explains...

Consumer Wellness Center invests in the nutritional future of children through cash awards from its 2012 Nutrition Education Grant Program

12/20/2011 - The Consumer Wellness Center (CWC), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting nutrition as a way to prevent disease and enhance human health and longevity, is pleased to announce the recipients of this year's 2012 Nutritional Education Grant Program. Each year, CWC chooses recipients from...

Doctor launches revolutionary continuing education program not funded by Big Pharma

9/17/2010 - In order to keep their medical licenses, doctors are required to participate in periodic continuing education programs to stay abreast of current medical knowledge. But most of these programs are funded by pharmaceutical companies, which means the curriculum is often little more than disguised marketing...

NaturalNews, Consumer Wellness Center announce $10,000 Nutritional Education Grant Program to aid schoolchildren and expectant mothers

10/8/2009 - Many of the most important health problems affecting people world-wide -- including an epidemic of obesity in children, an unprecedented rise in type 2 diabetes in youngsters, and a high preterm birth rate that is the leading cause of death in the first month of life in the U.S. -- can be prevented...

Consumer Wellness Center Awards Nutrition Education Grant to Economically Disadvantaged Grade School Children

4/7/2009 - The Consumer Wellness Center, led by Executive Director Mike Adams (editor of NaturalNews), has announced its seventh grant in its Nutrition Grant Program. The Consumer Wellness Center (CWC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to promoting nutrition education. The Executive Director position is a non-paid...

Consumer Wellness Center Awards Nutrition Grant to Florida Non-Profit Delivering Nutrition Education to Economically Disadvantaged Youth

2/5/2009 - The Consumer Wellness Center, led by Executive Director Mike Adams (editor of NaturalNews), has announced a fifth grant in its Nutrition Grant Program. The Consumer Wellness Center (CWC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to promoting nutrition education. The Executive Director position is a non-paid...

Modern Medicine, Part I: How Healing Illness Became Managing Illness

1/27/2009 - For over 6000 years, man looked first to nature to heal illness and maintain wellness. As a result of a deliberate and often sinister plan, the past century and a half has seen curing illness with nature replaced with managing sickness and treating the symptoms of illness in a system that places profits...

Less Education Means Lower Life Expectancy

6/15/2008 - New research reveals that death rate differences between the highly educated and poorly educated sectors of the population are growing wider and more pronounced. Americans who have less than a high school education have a greater risk of dying early than comparative college graduates. This risk has...

So-Called Education Intentionally Dumbs Down Americans

5/11/2008 - As Mike Adams' wonderful analysis of the current state of the world shows in "The Biofuels Scam, Food Shortages and the Coming Collapse of the Human Population" ( , something is deeply wrong in America and the world. It's as if the vast majority of people have...

Psycho-Educational Assessments Can Reveal Children's Hidden Strengths

3/26/2008 - Since the No Child Left Behind Act came along, schools have been preoccupied with testing children. You may have received standardized test results for your child. You may have had some difficulty making heads and tails of these results, and if you were able to understand them, you probably realized...

Pentagon Stiffs Soldiers out of Education Benefits After 729-Day Deployment in Iraq

3/7/2008 - Members of the Minnesota National Guard returning from the longest tour of any ground combat unit in Iraq were surprised to learn that they were not eligible for the education benefits that they expected to receive under the G.I. Bill. The Minnesota National Guard's First Brigade Combat Team of the...

Breast Cancer Industry A Scam? Support Education, Not Medication

10/24/2007 - This is the second annual publication of NaturalNews's "Education, Not Medication" program designed to teach women the truth about how to prevent and even cure breast cancer. This disease is 90 percent preventable, mostly using completely free therapies. The breast cancer industry does not want women...

Heart disease rates in U.S. vary by region, education level

2/27/2007 - The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has released the results of a national survey to determine US prevalence of heart disease. The 2005 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) study (published in 2007) is the first to collect data by state, allowing a regional analysis of heart disease...

Institute for Integrative Nutrition offers a new education path for health-minded adults; a conversation with founder Joshua Rosenthal

10/24/2006 - Mike: This is Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and today I am joined by Joshua Rosenthal, founder and director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, talking about this unique school where students can learn to transform their health from the inside out and at the same time be trained to help others....

Education Not Medication -- a women's health program by Mike Adams

10/23/2006 - The breast cancer industry is now run by corporations that profit from women with disease. With nearly all breast cancer nonprofits being subjugated by drug companies, the FDA censoring alternative cancer solutions, and the mainstream media wildly exaggerating the benefits of near-useless cancer drugs...

Evolution study no longer approved under federal education grants

8/24/2006 - There is a big hole in the National Smart Grant list where evolutionary biology used to be. While spokespersons for the Department of Education say that it was a clerical error, some members of the scientific community fear that pressure from religious groups may have been the real cause for the omission...

Physical education is key to improving a child's confidence, brainpower and long-term health

8/2/2006 - One of the most important things parents can give to their children is a physical education or involvement in organized sports activity. Physical education has slipped in priority over the last few years, especially in our public schools. Some schools don't even have recess anymore. They're producing...

CounterThink roundup: fictional terrorism, body armor bills, and education (satire)

3/17/2006 - Major news networks have now resorted to FICTIONAL images of buildings being blown up by terrorists to scare Americans into supporting the Bush war empire. A few weeks ago, Bush played the terrorist card and declared that domestic spying had stopped a 2002 terrorist attack against the Library Tower...

Mass drugging of schoolchildren remains dark secret of public education, psychiatry

3/7/2005 - Believe it or not, until recently, it has been perfectly legal for schools to force schoolchildren to be put on psychoactive mind-altering drugs as a condition of attending that school. That is, the school administrator or counselor could insist that a certain child be dosed with mind-altering drugs....

How to slash national health care costs by 90% through education, nutrition, and a ban on junk food marketing

12/5/2004 - Want a real solution to skyrocketing health care costs? Forget about all the so-called "cost saving" schemes dreamed up by politicians, drug companies and HMOs. All they do is create new levels of bureaucracy that don't address the real problems of why health care costs are so high in the first place....

Augmented Reality Technology Promises Breakthroughs In Education And Cognitive Potential

8/6/2004 - NASA is developing new technology known as the wearable augmentable reality prototype, or WARP. It's a wearable personal computer very similar to the concept I have described in the report called The Ten Most Important Emerging Technologies For Humanity. These augmented reality wearable computers would...

The Top Ten Technologies: #10 Superlearning Systems

7/14/2004 - One of the great failures of modern society is public education. In the United States, the public education system has been denied adequate funding for so long that teachers frequently resort to buying textbooks for their students with their own money. Many schools lack even fundamental instructional...

The Top Ten Technologies: #3 Augmented Reality

7/14/2004 - One of the greatest problems now facing humanity is the worrisome lack of quality education for each new generation. In industrialized nations, a quality education is attainable by very few people, and public schools -- especially in the United States -- suffer from a chronic lack of funding and education...

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