SSRIs - S.S.R.Lies

By Michael Adams - The Health Ranger

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MUST SEE: Watch the documentary "Making A Killing" by CCHR. I was interviewed for that film, and you'll see me joining an impressive collection of health experts who are blasting modern psychiatry for its crimes against children. Visit CCHR at

This whole effort to end the criminal racket of modern psychiatry isn't about making money, or selling stuff. This is about saving our own children from the insane psychiatric industry that wants to exploit them for financial profit.

About the S.S.R.Lies song: This song was created on my laptop computer, using some music editing software, a good microphone and some royalty-free licensed background beats. I arranged the song, wrote the lyrics, performed them in a room in my house, and mixed the song. Special thanks to Gina (a 14-year-old singer) for her background lyrics. You'll hear her at the very end of the song, saying "That's the truth about SSRIs."

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Song Lyrics

Little Johnny's just goin' to school
He ain't breakin' the rules he just doin' what kids do
Teacher says Johnny ain't payin attention
Gonna put him on drugs but they never mention the side effects

Of makin' him violent and defiant and his parents are buying it and
before long he's lyin and tryin to hang himself in his own room
Or stickin' a nine in his mouth and makin' it go boom
But the psychiatrist says we gotta see it through

Didn't you know your brain chemistry is whacked
And all of these drugs are proven scientific fact
But it's all an act, the doctor's a quack, the study's jacked
Modern psychiatry is smokin' crack, that's a fact

Selective Serotonin
Reuptake Inhibitors
S.S.R. Lies

Why you wanna mess with a kid's brain
and take away everything
that made him a human being
Like his uncommonality and his unique personality and originality
Authority figures hate individuality

If they keep druggin the kids it's gonna get worse,
psych drugs are a time bomb ready to burst
Take the money outcha purse, give it to the nurse,
the drugs seem like they're workin' at first

But even on the drugs life still hurts,
and the more that you take the more it gets worse
The psychiatric medication has become a curse
And then your kid comes home in the back of a hearse

comin home
comin home
comin home from the drug free zone

They take the brightest kids in the nation and put 'em on medication
and vaccinate 'em and they wonder why they can't tolerate 'em

So they put 'em on psych meds and they end up dead
but nobody said they could use health food instead

messin' with your head
can't get out of bed
eyes are turnin' red
doctor got not cred
You don't have to follow what the psych doc said

You gotta take your life back, put the knife back down
If it's like that, throw the medication on the ground
Cause the medical suckers they gonna psych that
And if you're speakin your mind they gonna strike that

It's time y'all learned you gotta fight back
and take your mind back from the medication trap
And if you get that, then watch your brother's back
These drugs hit you like a chemical bitch slap
take that, psych doctors

these drug pushers should be arrested

We used to be a nation that would try to educate kids,
but now we focus on ways to medicate kids
We label them as victims and addict 'em to toxic chemicals that tricked 'em into thinkin' we somehow fixed 'em for life
But in reality it's medical insanity,
a chemical calamity
scientific profanity
And it's a horrible mistake that never had to be
Modern psychiatry is guilty of crimes against humanity.

And that's the way that it's gonna be
Unless you stand up and make the changes you wanna see
A non-medicated mind is ready to be free
but that's too dangerous, don't you see?

You might discover your own thoughts,
your own ideas, your own philosophy
your own non-conformist views
You might read the alternative press
or you might learn about health online from NaturalNews
You might threaten the status quo,
go where nobody goes, follow a path you chose,
learn what nobody knows, anger politicos, expose the medicos,
hit those foes with low blows from head to toe

Doctors puttin kids on speed
They do it for money not medical need
They try to feed you chemical lies.
And that's the truth about SSRIs.

Song and Lyrics © 2009 by Michael Adams, All Rights Reserved

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