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Acai berries actually come from palm trees

Acai berries
(NaturalNews) Acai berries have become so famous in recent years as an antioxidant-packed superfood that even many people who don't stay actively informed on health food topics have heard of them. Given the name, you might imagine that they grow on bushes like blueberries or raspberries -- but in fact, they grow on palm trees.

Acai palms are native to Brazil and are also a major source for heart of palm. The fruit of the acai tree has long been a staple in the diet of poor, rural Brazilians because of its abundance and its high nutritional content.

Unfortunately, the growing global popularity of acai berries has led to an increase in prices of the food in some parts of Brazil, pushing it out of the reach of some of the poorest families. This is a classic example of how global food politics can have unintended consequences and is a good reason to preferentially eat local superfoods over imported ones whenever possible.




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