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Media cover-up as New York's nuclear plant leaks into the Hudson River

Nuclear leak
(NaturalNews) Environmentalists are calling New York's leaking nuclear plant "Chernobyl on the Hudson" and rightly so, as the aging plant has been plagued with welding problems. The plant is leaking a drop of contaminated water every five seconds, shockingly including 600 gallons of petroleum, some of which has even reached the discharge canal, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo, who toured the area by boat on October 1st.

Will Cuomo end up severely disabled like the U.S. sailors who came close to Japan's leaking nuclear plant Fukushima? Indian Point's dysfunctional nuclear power plant is only a couple dozen miles north of New York City's boundary, and just 50 miles from densely populated areas. New York State Environmental Commissioner Basil Seggos suggested that the booms placed in that discharge canal meant to absorb the petroleum "may not have been effective." He went on to say that one of the booms has actually been ripped off, so if oil got into the water at any rate, it would have entered the canal. Nuclear control room operators actually removed the unit's number 2 reactor so that weld repairs could be made on some piping, as well as for electrical testing.

Back on May 5th, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said that a previous Indian Point nuclear plant accident "analysis was flawed." The plant was totally shut down in June citing bolt failure. Last spring, officials were making up some of the hokiest excuses ever for complications. In March, they even went so far as to blame bird poop as a suspected cause for a shutdown. Before that, in February, there were calls for a federal investigation into radioactive leaks coming from the plant. The plant is almost 50 years old, and there have been widespread calls for shutting the whole operation down, including repeated requests from Governor Cuomo himself.

Another Fukushima? Unprecedented degradation of bolts and excessive groundwater contamination continue, with zero mass media coverage

Thanks to the American mass media, most Americans know absolutely nothing about nuclear catastrophes happening in Japan or the United States. Nothing to see here! If the news isn't about Trump talking smack or Kim Kardashian missing some jewelry, it doesn't get published. Meanwhile, in the real world, the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility in Japan leaks massive amounts of radiation into the Pacific ocean, and that cancer-causing water has already reached the shores of California.

Japanese officials are on the record saying that people shouldn't worry and should just continue smiling and drinking alcohol as a way to get through it all. In New York, Governor Cuomo warns everyone about "unprecedented degradation of Indian Point Unit 2" and "groundwater contamination." He warns that the repeated shutdowns are "yet another sign that the aging and wearing away of important components at the facility are having a direct and unacceptable impact on safety, and is further proof that the plant is not a reliable generation resource."

Despite major objections from residents, lawmakers and environmental groups, the nuclear power company spent $120 million for inspections and upgrades to equipment, including the analysis of over 200 bolts. In spite of this, several systems are still in dire need of work, and bolts have been reported "missing" on the reactor's inner lining.

Still, the media covers the whole catastrophe up, claiming that the plant is "safer than ever." Has it ever been safe to begin with? If this is what they call safe, it would be horrifying to hear news they would consider dangerous. Will this be like the EPA covered-up lead-in-the-water crisis from Flint, Michigan, where children had to suffer irreparable brain damage before anyone even heard there was a problem? In just the last decade, Indian Point has had nine incidents, including leaks from spent fuel pools and transformer fires. Is the plant so defective that it totally breaks down now when a bird poops on it? What is wrong with our country that we have to live like this?

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