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In 2008, a single watermelon was auctioned off in Japan for more than $6,000

(NaturalNews) Melons are considered a delicacy in Japan and are popular as gifts during the summer. Because of this custom, it has become a mark of great social status to be able to purchase the first melon of the season, and melon auctions have become a local institution.

In 2008, a 17-pound watermelon of the black Densuke variety broke the record of most expensive watermelon in Japanese history when it was auctioned off for $6,100. Although no records are available, odds are high that the watermelon also qualifies as the most expensive in history.

Densuke watermelons can only grow in one region of Japan, and the 2008 harvest yielded only about 9,000 melons. The price for a single Densuke melon averages between $188 and $283.

Another Densuke watermelon was sold to an upscale department store in 2008 for $5,800, suggesting that its retail price might surpass even the $6,100 mark. That same year, a pair of cantaloupes was sold for a record $23,500.



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