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Censored dementia cures Big Pharma doesn't want you to know about

Natural remedies
(NaturalNews) Treat the human body with clean fuel and the mind will not suffer dementia, no matter the age. Every day humans experience exposure to dangerous toxins the body can usually filter using the cleansing and detoxifying organs and systems, but NOT if it is completely overwhelmed, day in and day out. The skin, lungs and digestive tract will do their job and help you avoid disease and disorder on a daily basis, but what's the "breaking point" and when does dementia really begin, worsen and take over?

The cure is not just in its prevention, but in the constant monitoring of what we eat, drink, breathe in and put on our skin. The cure is thousands of times cheaper than the statin drugs and chronic care that come with "losing your mind" from "old-timer's disease." The cures are simple and inexpensive, but the hardest part is making informed choices while Big Pharma completely and purposely MISINFORMS the masses on a daily basis. The solutions to ideal health have been censored, removed from mainstream media sources, and "memory-holed."

The cumulative effect: Heavy metal toxins can be the most dangerous pollutants you consume over time

Mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic are common heavy metal toxins we are exposed to almost every day, sometimes at every meal. From household items to foods, and from tap water to the dental materials stuck in "fillings" in your mouth, 99 percent of chronic illnesses stem from a combination of lack of proper nutrition and toxic pollutants running through our filtration systems – damaging cells, tissue, neurons, blood flow, hormone balance and more. Eventually, if the heavy metal toxin overload issue is not addressed, the health problems become life threatening. Most medical doctors are NOT trained to understand nutrition, therefore they do NOT test for heavy metal toxins at all, and will NOT guide you to proper detoxification information because the AMA – the American Medical Association – will come take away their license to practice medicine. Period.

Your main organs that naturally detoxify your body include your liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. Certain raw superfoods help flush toxic metals that can lead to dementia out of your system. These include: cilantro, chlorella, spinach, cabbage, asparagus, mint, parsley, ginger root, turmeric, almonds, sesame seeds and garlic, to name a few.

These superfoods draw heavy metals from your blood, organs, soft tissues and muscles, to keep free radicals from overpopulating your body and causing chronic illnesses, like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and dementia. These are preventable and even reversible if caught early, but the pill-pushing allopathic crooks of America will tell you it's "all genetic" – so you won't look for the cure and walk out of their office, never to return.

To avoid heavy metal poisoning, stop consuming fish with high mercury levels, avoid antacids (loaded with aluminum), convert mercury dental fillings to holistic ones, buy aluminum-free deodorant, avoid toxic petroleum-based food dyes, avoid the flu shot like the plague (plus mercury and aluminum laced vaccines), avoid tap water at all costs, and avoid using toxic cookware. A great resource for that type of cookware can be found here.

Regular use of prescribed statin drugs can lead to memory loss and dementia

Currently, about 15 million people are taking statin drugs. This information comes from a recent entry in Truthwiki: "With the use of statins there is a GREATER RISK of coronary vessels developing obstructive coronary heart disease. Ironically, according to the FDA's own adverse event reporting system, at least 40 of every 10,000 statin reports are for interstitial lung disease. Statins prescribed to the elderly is causing a 9% increase in diabetes, early-onset cataracts and insulin resistance. Then it's the plaque–the calcified plaque and the coronary calcium–it continues regardless of statin treatment."

Ready to detoxify? Consider these methods:

Exercise and perspiration – Stimulates blood flow and removes toxins via the skin.

Dry body brushing – Exfoliates the skin and encourages cell renewal.

Fasting – A once a month or 48 hour organic "juice fast" can work wonders for your body.

Filter dangerous and mind-numbing detergents and air pollutants (cheap candles) from your home.

Lastly, check nutritionist information online for organic spirulina and chlorella supplements.

Sources for this article include:










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