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Jessica Sentman hosts 'The Fruitarian' on TalkNetwork.com

The Fruitarian
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(NaturalNews) Jessica Sentman is the host of The Fruitarian on TalkNetwork.com. She will host a raw vegan lifestyle show that focuses on eating a fruit-based diet for optimal health and longevity. She runs an open and compassionate discussion on all things fruitarian; if you are new to the concept of a fruit-based diet, then she can answer any questions you may have about this food lifestyle. If you are a seasoned veteran of fruitariansim, there is still very much you can learn or contribute to the discussion. There are tricks, tips, inspiration and motivation for everyone.

Fruitarianism is defined as a diet that consists almost entirely of fruits; it is considered a subset of dietary veganism. Nonetheless, fruitariansim isn't simply just eating a diet mainly made up of fruit. There are many different varieties. For example, even people who have a diet that is mostly fruitarian, 70 percent fruit-based, for instance, may consider themself to be fruitarian.

Some fruitarians may even only eat fruit that has fallen from a plant. According to some dental studies, our pre-human ancestors may have mainly subsisted on a diet made up of mostly fruit.

If you are interested in developing a healthy lifestyle based on only fruit or based mainly in fruit, then listen in to The Fruitairan on TalkNetwork.com. TalkNetwork.com hosts a wide variety of radio shows ranging from healthy lifestyle choices to food freedom, and since it doesn't depend on corporate advertisers or outside funding, it's 100% independent.

The Fruitarian airs on Sundays from 3pm – 4pm Eastern time. You can listen in to Jessica Sentman's show by going to TalkNetwork.com, and you can see a list of all the other shows on TalkNetwork using the schedule found here.
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