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Health Revolt exposes dangers of corporate takeover of food supply, gardasil vaccine and fetal organ harvesting

Health Revolt

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(NaturalNews) More and more people are flocking to new media nowadays to find out how the world really works. Keeping up with the latest news on health, freedom and natural living can be overwhelming at times, but a few tools pioneered by NaturalNews.com — an advocate of new media — are making it easier for readers to stay informed and up-to-date on the most pertinent news stories circulating today. AlternativeNews.com and GoodGopher are just two examples.

AlternativeNews.com, a revolutionary tool for truth seekers, features vital information often suppressed by Google search engines and Facebook feed algorithms. This site is constantly being updated, giving new media a powerful platform for expanding liberating ideas to change the world.

The GoodGopher search engine, on the other hand, is another revolutionary tool that prioritizes the free-thinking new media over the corporate and state-controlled mainstream media. GoodGopher gives people more control over their search options to better increase their awareness and expand their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Users can filter their results to include only either independent media, mainstream media or both.

To top it all off, Mike Adams the Health Ranger has partnered up with James White of RedListNews to keep people updated and informed on the new Health Revolt Radio Show.

Health Revolt offers an in-depth look at controversial health, food issues

In episode two of the show, Mike and James break down how corporations are taking over the food supply and how families and communities can change all that. The episode dives into the increasing corporate takeover of organics, in which small healthy food companies are bought out by corporations that have the power to limit healthy options and make chemically-grown, genetically modified food more convenient.

Episode two also explores the EU investigation into the gardasil vaccine, and how fraudulent and defective it really is. Adams and White talk about the insert sheet for the vaccine which warns users that it may cause them to lose consciousness. The show also discusses how the vaccine industry has legal immunity to the harm their products inflict onto people around the world.

Finally, the episode then breaks down the ideology of those who support the harvesting and sale of fetal organs taking place at Planned Parenthood facilities, and how this lack of empathy toward human life coincides with some of the most heinous eugenics programs in world history. Undercover videos and interviews now reveal that babies can even be born alive, then murdered and sold piece by piece to biotech companies. The truth can no longer be denied.

Health Revolt is a refreshing blast of truth in a time of extreme information suppression. Mike Adams and James White take the most important topics of the day and get straight to the heart of the matter, while leaving both ends of the issue open for intelligent discussion.

Listen to Health Revolt episode two.

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