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US government openly admits vaccines can cause polio, seizures and death in published 'Vaccine Injury Table'

Vaccine Injury Table
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(NaturalNews) Those crazy anti-vaxxers, always listening to Jenny McCarthy, Google, "random anti-vaccine web commenters and .. the U.S. government? That's right, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has a section on its National Vaccine Injury Compensation (NVIC) Program website entitled "Vaccine Injury Table" that openly lists all the severe injuries and conditions that can occur from vaccinations, including things like brain damage, paralytic polio and death!

It must be the federal government pranking us with that pesky chain email we're constantly hearing about in the mainstream media and on late-night "comedy" television -- you know, that mythical piece of digital spam from which all anti-vaxxers decide not to vaccinate their children. Because there's never existed one single shred of evidence showing that vaccines are in any way harmful, we're constantly told, so this must be another one of Dr. Andrew Wakefield's "discredited" studies, right?

Not exactly. The NVIC's Vaccine Injury Table is an open admission by the government that vaccines harm and kill children. It exists to placate parents of vaccine-injured children who, having no access to the actual legal system in pursuing justice against vaccine manufacturers, have to present any evidence they can gather on their own (often without the help of their doctors) to the kangaroo "vaccine court," which was created to shield the drug and vaccine industries from liability when their products maim and kill children.

The Vaccine Injury Table makes presenting this evidence a little bit easier by outlining injuries and conditions associated with vaccinations, and when they occur. In the prologue to the table, the NVIC admits that, when certain symptoms, illnesses or conditions emerge within a certain period of time following vaccination, "it is presumed that the vaccine was the cause of the injury or condition unless another cause is found."

But wait, aren't vaccine injuries a fraud made up by people who believe the earth is flat? Only science deniers have any questions or concerns about vaccines, right? Take a look at the Vaccine Injury Table for yourself and decide whether or not the television and newspapers (which are mostly sponsored and controlled by drug and vaccine companies these days) are blatantly lying to you and bullying you into converting to the vaccine religion:

As you'll notice, vaccines that contain whole cell pertussis (whooping cough) bacteria can cause encephalopathy or severe brain inflammation. The same is true of the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella, which admittedly can trigger encephalopathy (abnormal brain function) between days 5 and 15 following vaccine administration.

The MMR package insert, which is published by Merck & Co., its manufacturer, lists encephalitis, seizures, symptoms of autism and much, much more as possible adverse events from MMR vaccination:

The only people who are anti-science are the militant pro-vaxxers

So mock all you want, Jimmy Kimmel. Scream and rant until you pass out, "angry as hell" pro-vaccine nutcase Jennifer Hibben-White. Your mindless tirades, jesting and angry outbursts demonstrate that you are the ones who are anti-science, not the parents who take the time to read government websites, pore through peer-reviewed data, review vaccine package inserts and carefully consider the potentially lifelong consequences of injecting their children with various exotic cocktails of live viruses, chemical adjuvants, mercury, aluminum, preservatives and aborted human fetal tissue.

"The healthy immune system is tolerant to self-antigens," said a paper by Israeli clinician and infectious disease expert Yehuda Shoenfeld, whose extensive study into vaccinations and their effects on the human body has led him to the conclusion that they cause the immune system to turn against itself, a phenomenon known as autoimmunity that we are seeing quite prevalently in the modern age.

"When self-tolerance is disturbed, dysregulation of the immune system follows, resulting in emergence of an autoimmune disease. Vaccination is one of the conditions that may disturb this homeostasis in susceptible individuals, resulting in autoimmune phenomena and ASIA [Autoimmune/inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants]."





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