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Vaccine expert reveals why thimerosal (mercury) is NOT needed in vaccines

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(NaturalNews) Want a "shot of truth" instead of poison? Sounds like a good choice, considering the shot of truth can heal you, help you, and prevent disease and infection. A shot of truth can even cure disease, but that cannot be printed on any product label. Still, nobody wants to suffer, so why on Earth do so many millions let doctors talk them into it -- suffering that is -- and why let the nurses and physicians inject a known neurotoxin and carcinogen into their muscle tissue?

The contention is that vaccines are 100% safe all of the time, no matter how many you get or how frequently. The "fear" is injected into hundreds of millions, that the human body is weak and susceptible, in dire need of vaccines in order to protect itself from deadly viruses. The horror of dying from an infectious disease is in the back of everyone's mind, except for a few doctors who are "blowing the whistle" on this monster tragedy -- of injecting a deadly toxin into the body for NO good reason. How can Western Medicine be SO wrong about something so important? Are you scared to death or being injected with slow death, or both?

Frank B. Engley, Jr., PhD, was videotaped as part of a documentary film called about autism and mercury because, during the past two decades, the frequency of autism occurring in children has skyrocketed from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 68. How much mercury really is in the tetanus shot? What about typical flu shots? How many of these autism cases relate directly to this phenomenon?

Back in May of 2008, you may have missed the Autism One conference and an 88-year-old doctor speaking about his life of dedication to the field of microbiology, having served as a trusted consultant to the CDC, FDA, NASA and the CIA. He served as council for the NIH's Infectious Disease division. He is brave enough to reveal to the public now that thimerosal is toxic down to "parts per billion" and that he discovered this way back in 1948. He has blown the whistle by informing parents of thimerosal-injured children, the same children who were injected during their first days of life on Earth.

Thimerosal is "Not Effective"

In Dr. Frank Engley's words, "Some of the studies that we did show that the thimerosal in these biologicals is not effective. I went into a number of refrigerators and took samples of biologicals and I found 5 or 6% or more contaminated with pathogens, and they were sitting there -- going to be used again. So thimerosal is not a real, effective preservative. Now, the question about the use of it -- why is it used -- is to protect the biologicals from the poor techniques of the physicians or nurses who are going to be taking samples out of multi-dose vials, and that's the real catch there. It's a problem for only multi-dose vials."

Dr. Engley goes on to say, "Microorganisms, unlike humans, can stay viable -- can stay alive -- if moisture is taken away from them, if food is taken away from them, if the temperature is lowered, the organism will just lie there, and just wait, and can stay for days and weeks, and even months, waiting for the moisture to come back, the food to come back, the temperature to be proper, and then the organism can grow out again."

Watch Dr. Frank Engley "blow the whistle" on the mercury vaccine scam:

Another prominent physician blows the whistle on mercury-loaded vaccines

Also, Dr. Mark Geier has an MD and PhD in genetics and has worked for a decade at the NIH. He was a professor at Johns Hopkins University, and he describes autoimmune system disorders like Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) as your body attacking its own nerves and says the CDC has published numbers that show 17,000 cases of GBS for every million people injected with influenza inoculations. He's quoted saying, "First, let's start with the indisputable facts: the seasonal flu vaccine causees Guillain-Barre Syndrome... If you go to an emergency room with sudden onset of GBS symptoms, the first question the doctors will ask you is: 'Did you recently get the flu shot?'" You see, the most doctors know the truth, but they can never say, if they want to keep their licenses to practice "medicine."

Watch Dr. Mark Geier "blow the whistle" on how vaccines cause GBS:

Have you seen too many horrifying pictures of kids with polio or small pox? A picture of a child who died from vaccine toxins wouldn't make things any better. Don't let Western Medicine scare you into injecting mercury for "protection." Flu shots are the greatest medical fraud in history. There is proof. Listen to the experts who actually know the truth and care about people's well-being.





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