Beyond antibiotics: Separating fact from fiction

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(NaturalNews) Antibiotic literally means "anti-life." Any drug that's anti-life is undoubtedly going to cause varying degrees of harm or even death in some cases. "When once you interfere with the order of nature, there is no knowing where the results will end." -- Herbert Spencer, 19th Century British philosopher/biologist. [1]

Margaret Riley, Ph.D. professor of biology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, considers taking a course of antibiotics analogous to ingesting a hydrogen bomb that indiscriminately kills everything in its path. [2]

Riley explains that antibiotics kill not only the bad and the ugly but also the good. They are not smart bombs or laser-guided missiles that only destroy a designated target. Let's not forget that it's the good bacteria that keep the bad bacteria in check.

Sounds a lot like conventional cancer treatment, doesn't it? Both chemo and radiation wantonly kill; thus, "collateral damage" is expected and can even be deadly.

Conventional medical advocates like to point to allopathic medicine and its lab-created drugs as superior to plant-derived, holistic treatments. They imply that these drugs were somehow responsible for the eradication of the raging killer infectious epidemics of the previous centuries like the plague, cholera, scarlet fever, yellow fever and typhoid.

There's a problem with this belief. Modern medicine was not involved in curtailing and containing those earlier fatal infectious diseases. Antibiotics were not widely available until the 1940s and 1950s.

Antibiotic propaganda contradicted

"Deaths from common infections were declining long before effective medical intervention was possible." -- Thomas McKeown, MD, author of the Role of Medicine.

That includes mortality from tuberculosis, pneumonia, bronchitis, influenza and whooping cough. [3]

Ironically, because of the rampant overuse of antibiotics, we are now battling antibiotic-resistant diseases like tuberculosis, gonorrhea and MRSA, which are responsible for many deaths, especially in our hospitals and nursing homes.

According to the CDC, during 2013 in the USA approximately 2 million people become infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and 23,000 people die each year from these infections, while others die from complications related to antibiotic-resistant infections. [4]

Science and history tell us that, while we are living longer than our ancestors, it's not the result of modern medicine but rather improved sanitation, hygiene, cleaner water, better sewage management and adequate nutrition.

Rene Dubos, a Nobel Prize-winning microbiologist, stated: "[T]he life expectancy of adults is not very different now from what it was a few generations ago, nor is it greater in areas where medical services are highly developed than in less prosperous countries." [5]

A little publicized historical fact is that homeopathy gained popularity in the USA and Europe during the 19th century, because it was so successful in treating infectious epidemics without toxic, side-effect-laden chemicals.

In his book Quantum Healing, Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD, shares a study where the influenza virus was isolated and implanted directly onto the mucous membranes of a group of subjects, and only 12% of them got the flu. The study clearly demonstrated that a strong immune system and the inner terrain is the key to health and prevention of disease. [1]

The post-antibiotic era is fast approaching. That's bad news for the 23 billion-dollar antibiotics industry, but what about the rest of us? Dr. Tim O'Shea, DC, of, sums it up positively:

"The paramount issue in health and survival will then be the immune system. ... What will people turn to in order to strengthen their immune system? Answer: Alternative Medicine, just like before all of this went down. Actually, it's already started." [1]

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