New baby biometric monitoring devices threaten to disconnect parents from their newborns

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(NaturalNews) There's a new device out to allow parents to know what's going on with their newborn baby's vital signs and the environmental status of the room in which the baby is sleeping, and even when the baby is due to awaken. On one hand, with all the SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) cases, it seems like a good idea for folks who follow the CDC's child vaccination schedule. But there is a downside.

Most SIDS and even SBS (shaken baby syndrome) episodes have been easily traced to recent vaccinations. But the media and the courts don't want to hear about that. They'd rather prosecute parents and throw them in jail instead of investigate the medical monster's lies and misdeeds.

Hopefully, most Natural News readers understand the importance of dodging the medical mafia's attempts to vaccinate their babies. That and detoxing and avoiding food toxins during pregnancy, enabling good breastfeeding for several months, should spare the necessity of spending around $300 for one of these devices.

About the device

It's called the Sproutling Baby Monitor. It's not the first device of this type, but it's considered the smartest. It does everything but change the baby's diapers. Just kidding. It is a monitor that signals your smartphone with what's going on with your baby while sleeping. It's small and light. And it straps onto your baby's ankle easily, purportedly without introducing toxic or allergy-inducing materials.

But what about the EMF Wi-Fi that emanates from the device on the baby's ankle to keep your smartphone informed, hmmm? Not much information on that so far. Maybe this will help your child grow up immune to EMF (electromagnetic fields).

It could be like a radio frequency vaccination that occurs for the first two years of your baby's life, enabling him or her to survive healthily while using cell phones and Wi-Fi devices constantly. Highly recommended by the CDC! Just kidding again.

What it does is register 16 different areas of concern for the baby's safety and the parents' convenience: heart rate, skin temperature, baby's sleeping position (back or stomach), whether the baby is awakening, the room's light and noise levels and even whether the baby somehow tossed the device off.

That way, you don't have to check into the room while working on a paper, watching TV, entertaining friends or whatever else you do around the house. So not to worry, your baby will smartphone you as needed. And there's a wireless (Wi-Fi again) charger shaped like a small bowl where you can toss in the baby bio-monitor to recharge for two hours after three days of use. [1]

There's a cute and clever short promotional video that has a load of cute and clever comments to fulfill anyone's lust for entertaining sarcasm and satire. Not everyone agrees that using the device is the answer to early-stage baby care. [2]

Concerns about this technology and how it's being used

In her Daily Beast article "Are We Turning Our Babies Into Real Life Tamogotchis?" Brandy Zadrozny praises the technology but questions the trend that it's setting. She reflects, "[I]s the quest for more information making parenting easier, or chipping away at our instincts and turning our babies into Tamagotchis?" [3]

Okay, a Tamogotchi is a small portable electronic device that allows one to raise a virtual pet from pup to dog or whatever type of pet is digitally installed. Brandy compares that fad, which prospered mostly in Japan, to carrying around a smartphone for watching over your newborn baby via a system dependent on medical database information.

The trend is toward existing in cyberspace, or constantly focusing on smart phones and devices, more than socializing or doing business person to person and then taking in nature between personal relations.

That's beyond a trend. We got here so fast that we've gotten used to it.

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