Bubali Cornu from TCM for ebola, and other infectious diseases with high fever and bleeding

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(NaturalNews) Medicinal substances that can effectively help bring down high fevers and stop bleeding would come in extremely useful for victims suffering from serious infectious diseases, such as dengue fever and Ebola.

And one such remedy is the animal-derived product, Bubali Cornu, or water buffalo horn. This medicinal substance has been used by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners for thousands of years to relieve high fevers and some of its accompanying complications, as well as deal with different forms of internal and external bleeding.

Alternatively, bull horns can be used as a modern-day replacement for this traditional medicine. Below is more information on the functions and research on Bubali Cornu.

Bubali Cornu for high fevers and complications

Bubali Cornu is considered by TCM practitioners to have the ability to clear the body's "heat," cool the xue (approximately translated as "blood"), remove bodily toxins, calm the mind and relieve convulsion.

As such, Bubali Cornu is often used by TCM practitioners for dealing with high fevers and accompanying complications (e.g., convulsion in children, delirium) brought about by toxins and excessive "heat" in the body during the course of an infection.

Research shows that Bubali Cornu can indeed bring down fever (i.e. antipyretic). For example, a 2010 study published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine reported that Bubali Cornu exhibited antipyretic activity in rats for both infectious (i.e. yeast-induced) and noninfectious (i.e. skim-milk-induced) hyperthermia.

Bubali Cornu for "bleeding"

Bubali Cornu is often used by TCM practitioners for dealing with different types of "bleeding" caused by excessive "heat" and "fire" in the xue and body.

Examples of what TCM considers to be "bleeding" include rashes on the body, hematemesis (vomiting of blood from the intestinal tract), hemoptysis (coughing of blood from the respiratory tract), epistaxis (nose bleed), and blood in the stools and urine.

Modern research in China has found that Bubali Cornu contains compounds that help to increase blood platelet count, reduce time of blood coagulation, constrict blood capillaries and reduce inflammation. These properties of Bubali Cornu possibly explain its use in the treatment of "bleeding."

Nonetheless, there are instances in which "bleeding" is caused by other factors, such as deficiency in qi. In such cases, Bubali Cornu may not be suitable for use. As with any other medicinal system, patients need to be properly diagnosed prior to the use of the medicine for safety and effect.

Why Bubali Cornu can be useful for Ebola sufferers

Some symptoms of Ebola infection include fever, rash and internal and external bleeding, which match a syndrome in traditional Chinese medicine known as re ru xue fen (meaning comes close to "heat toxicity in the xue system" when translated). Since Bubali Cornu is able to clear heat toxicity in the xue system, it could be a useful material in the treatment of Ebola infection.

Indeed, modern research has found this medicinal substance to have anti-infective, antipyretic, anti-convulsive and anti-inflammatory effects, all of which might be needed in the battle against Ebola infections.

Nonetheless, there are other types of medicinal substances (including herbs) used by TCM practitioners in the treatment of patients with re ru xue fen. Also, different patients with Ebola infection may have slight variations of the same symptoms (e.g., sparse versus dense distribution of rashes), which can lead to different diagnoses and use of different medicines.

As such, treatment (especially of a serious infection) is best left to a qualified TCM practitioner. It is not wise to self-medicate in such instances. Here's what to expect if and when you do see a TCM physician for your condition.

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