Will America become 'One Giant Emergency Room?'

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(NaturalNews) If you have ever watched The Ten Commandments movie where Charlton Heston plays Moses and, with God's help, ushers in the ten deadly plagues on the Egyptians, well then you've seen a glimpse of E.R. America, where deadly plagues are besieging hospitals everywhere, and the elderly and newborns are lucky to make it out. How are today's superbugs, treatment-resistant bacteria and viruses, similar to the plagues that "visited" the Egyptian slave drivers? If antibiotics don't work, what will? If vaccines fail everyone, what then? As chemical medicine fails Western Medicine, watch for ten or MORE deadly plagues to overcome the weak, the millions who currently have some form of autoimmune disorder, thanks to corrupt Pharma and the cancer racket.

E.R. America and the Superbug Infestation Era

Are you in a doctor's office waiting room or hospital waiting area while reading this now? Your wait could be longer than ever before, according to research.

Run! Run from the superbugs and the GMOs! It's not funny! It's serious. How many people in your immediate area have severely compromised immune systems while CARRYING bugs that persist in the meat and milk they drink, and thrive in their highly acidic bodies that brew and breed more parasites, more disease and more infections?

Are you in the hospital, reading your Natural News on your phone while you wait for the doctor, who is very busy, to make his/her round to your room and figure out why your allergic reaction is so severe, or your fever is so high? Maybe your organs are inflamed and your bowels are clogged with gluten, so you haven't been to the bathroom in days and all the food you've been eating is now toxic, and some is seeping into your blood. Wait, could it that be your bones break easily because they're "calcified" or lacking magnesium or silicon? Are you on blood thinner (rat poison) and now all those greens you're eating are making things worse? Allopathic, chemical medicine is falling apart at the seams. Why did you ever believe in it in the first place? Was it the commercials with all those crazy side effects, or because the AMA, ADA and the FDA assured you otherwise? What medical colleges have you sourced YOUR information from? What's the "Hidden History of Medicine" in America, and how do you get the facts?

There is a 100-year track record in this country for corrupt medicine, and now it's all catching up. Superbugs have become IMMUNE to the allopathic treatments, including flu shots, vaccines, antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides. Humans are becoming like clones, walking zombies full of infection, and they don't even realize it. This is the Superbug Era that we will look back on in the medical journals and history books, as a period when humans "bought into" the biggest lie -- that chemicals can heal the human body.

Filtering toxins from your daily intake

First things first, you MUST know the major toxins that enter your bloodstream everyday and eliminate them immediately. This will give a major boost to your immunity so you're much LESS LIKELY to end up in an emergency room or doc-in-the-box 24-hour clinic. Eliminate bleached foods, fluoridated water, aspartame, sucralose, sorbitol, MSG, flu shots, conventional meat and dairy, and anything with conventional corn, soy or canola oil! Now we're talking! Cut out fried foods unless you make them yourself with organic coconut oil, organic almond flour, organic eggs and organic vegetables (hint, hint). Check all foods, including "certified organic" for toxic heavy metals. Many foods imported from China are loaded with these and are still labeled organic. The Health Ranger has done extensive research in this field. Check it out:

Eat organic food and research organic supplements and superfoods. Your immunity lives in your gut, so feed it WHOLE foods and don't become a statistic in E.R. America!

Sources for this article include:

"Don't Eat Cancer":

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