Lymphological self-healing vs. medical manslaughter

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(NaturalNews) What if the research necessary to stop every degenerative disease known on this planet (including cancer) has already been done? Will researchers ever admit that?

Since the most basic, universal needs for life and optimal health or healing are known, and the most pertinent laws of nature are obvious, then, when the most important mechanisms working to sustain living tissues are finally properly recognized, the only scientific basis worth heeding is the process- and principle-based approach. Meanwhile, people, including most health professionals, will continue to ignore many well established facts, seeking to guarantee all present and future profitability in a corrupted system that lacks significant merit.

Using the treatment of innocent, suffering children to line their pockets with money, medical research firms lack any meaningful system of accountability, yet they pull this off without proposing a single viable concept, theory or solution. Most people seem content to just pray for eternally illusive "magic bullet" cures, while those who stand to profit financially continue to enjoy an elevated lifestyle.

We are severely overdue for a healthcare revolution.

It is possible to "cure" a law of nature? If degenerative diseases occur as a result of processes based on eternal, omniscient laws of nature, can they be "cured"? Might they instead only be prevented, remediated or at least mitigated?

Neglecting this current dilemma in the treatment of diseases is quackery--even outright medical homicide--continuing to sell the idea of a "cure," while disregarding naturally occurring conditions that are preventable and reversible if we but address actual causes.

Many people for millennia claimed to teach the causes of various diseases; many have pointed out some very important links, but few have taught the entire chain of causation.

In exploring the primary cause of any degenerative disease, you learn much about how to reverse every degenerative disease. As a matter of fact, once you learn how to speed-heal a smashed finger, you can then apply the same types of techniques to assist the healing process of virtually any other part of the body as well. In either of these cases, it's merely a matter of preventing or reversing a state of morbidity.

Dr. C. Samuel West wrote a book titled The Golden Seven Plus One, which details the science of lymphatic effectuation as a result of the following claim:

Every degenerative disease involves blockages to the circulation. Whether these blockages precede or follow an insult to tissues, the result is the same. The name of the disease may only serve to tell us where the blockages are located.

Like natural death, degenerative diseases are simply states of localized morbidity. Discoveries that reveal how the body recovers from a morbid state are not taught in any medical schools in such a way that "puts two and two together." (The facts regarding the healing process may have originated in medical research, but they have reached the public from outside the system.)

The keys to enabling the body to heal itself are simple, yet they are as advanced as nature itself. The basic life (and healing) process in any tissues of the body is made possible by many essential services being performed by our blood and lymphatic systems. Every day, there are numerous things (mental, nutritional and physical) we do that influence the intimate relationship between these two systems.

Most natural healing practices work by helping the lymphatic system eliminate blockages and more. Try learning and applying some of these techniques as soon as possible and begin to "heal thyself" today.

Sources include:

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About the author:
Prof. Karl West now runs the International Academy of Lymphology founded by his father Dr. C. Samuel West. To learn more about Speed-Healing & Applied Lymphology please visit the IAL website at www.ial.org and please subscribe to 7 FREE Introductory Lessons.

More articles written by Prof. West: http://www.naturalnews.com/Author582.html

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