Big Ag corporations trying to blur the lines between organic and GMOs

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(NaturalNews) Once upon a time in America, about 10 to 15 years ago, there existed a gray area, better known as "conventional" between genetically modified, toxic food and the other end of the spectrum -- which is organic and truly natural. Yes, there are still some "conventional" farmers out there, but there's no way for the general consumer to know whether or not that conventional crop is loaded with toxins, since GMOs have no warning labels whatsoever in the USA.

However, more than likely, the "gray area" of safe conventional farming will disappear over the next two years. As corporations are quickly buying up mid-sized farmer's seeds, land, equipment, water supplies and so forth, what's left are small farms that are family-owned and protected by people who still have ethics and values, and know the meaning and power of food that is grown without pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. These foods come from nature and are not concocted in labs to contain bug and weed killer. These foods are not COVERED UP with poison in the crop fields of America. These foods are not "conventional."

Local farmers are the only healthy "gray area" left that's not labeled "certified organic"

If you go shopping and guess in the dark about the quality of your food and even personal care products, you're playing Russian roulette with your health. If something doesn't say "certified organic" and "Non-GMO Project Verified," then you are most likely consuming genetically modified ingredients, animal byproducts and processed, refined and irradiated ingredients, and you are risking and compromising your immunity. Period. You simply cannot walk into a store or go online in the year 2014 and purchase products, whether food or skin care, and assume their safety based on meaningless terms like Natural or All Natural. You can never trust some FDA approval. They are in bed with the EPA, raising levels of toxins in food, water and medicine to allow the latest onslaught of chem-based lab-made health detriment.

Local farmers who will readily answer questions are your best bet if you can't afford organic or can't afford most of your staple food as organic. Even though going organic pays off in the long run, many people must seek out their local farmers, and for very good reasons, to find affordable, regular, healthy fruits and vegetables that aren't grown with toxins. If your local farmer is forthright and discusses his/her practices involving healthy soil, clean pure water and untainted (non-GMO) seeds, then you are probably good to go there. (

"Industrial Food" is NOT healthy!

Just how blurred is the line? Is it a huge gray area? There are heavy metal toxins in certified organic food. There are organic companies that sell out to huge corporations who destroy food value with processed ingredients. There are conventional farms that aren't GMO, and there are conventional farms that use heavy pesticides and fluoridated water and GMO feed for their animals. Where's the happy medium? There might not be one anymore. You better check. Stick to organic and local. That's your best bet. Don't gamble with your health over "blurred lines" when it comes to food, drink and personal care products.

Remember, trust the truly sustainable farm practices and question everything that's not organic. Use common sense when perusing new markets and learn about indoor vertical organic gardening that yields thousands more times healthy food than Biotech would ever want you to know. In fact, GMOs decrease yield and infect humans. Start second guessing all of YOUR gray areas. Investigate. Natural health news enthusiasts are uniting on this. This is the core of longevity, so protect it with us.

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