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Oxidative stress and inflammation - two things that age humans the fastest

Oxidative stress
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(NaturalNews) When people hear the term neurodegenerative disease, they either run the other way and just pray that they never have to deal with it, or they have no idea what it means. When millions of Americans take prescription drugs to cover up and temporarily minimize symptoms of chronic health ailments, they are actually increasing oxidative stress and inflammation, pouring "salt in the wound." Finally, when people consume chemicals in foods and drinks, and use chemical-laden personal care products, they are fueling the degeneration of their DNA, and when that incapacitates the brain, they can't even identify their immediate family. It's called Alzheimer's disease, and it's not just for "old timers" anymore.

Will you have Alzheimer's in 30 to 40 years?

How can you destroy your cells for 30 or 40 years and take a chemical prescription to fix it? You can't. How can you strangulate your cells and cut off oxygen to the brain for years and then quell the "symptoms" with medication? You can't. That's the scam of Obamacare and the "Inflammation Nation." America is fed GMOs, pesticide-laden food meant to DESTROY insects and weeds that kill agricultural profits. It kills people! Neurodegenerative disease is just an umbrella term for a wide range of conditions that affect the neurons in the brain. These neurons are the very building blocks of the whole nervous system, including the spinal cord. This is oxidative stress after the accumulation of toxins, and it goes highly underestimated -- having lethal consequences.

Still, Americans have been brainwashed (pardon the pun) into thinking that Western Medicine, because it's so good at surgery, can somehow dish out pills that fix years of DNA punishment and irreversible damage. This brings us to the topic of gradual cell death.

"Neuro" and "Degenerative" - a closer look at definitions that reveal the cure

The term neuro refers to nerve cells, whereas the word degenerative refers to progressive damage. This can be translated into not only loss of neuronal structure and function, but neuronal death. Neuronal death is directly related to not only Alzheimer's disease but also Parkinson's and Huntington's. All three of these diseases are manifested at the cellular level and are similar for this reason.

For example, Parkinson's affects the basal ganglia of the brain, depleting it's dopamine, hence the stiffness and tremors in major muscles. With Alzheimer's, tiny protein plaques are deposited in the brain, hence the loss of memory. As for Huntington's, that's a progressive genetic disorder where the severe motor restrictions eventually lead to death. Remember though, the term genetic does not necessarily mean "inherited." The deposition of abnormal plaques and proteins is common to all three disorders. No medication in the world is going to remove this, and Americans are fools to go to allopathic doctors here for solutions. Are you trying to spare yourself or your parents this tragedy? You can!

Protecting your myelin sheath - your first order of business!

The myelin sheath is an extended plasma membrane that wraps around your nerve axons in a spiral fashion and facilitates conduction; in other words, it functions as your cell's electrical insulator. Inflammatory foods and food "preservatives" are the nemesis of this. In fact, many food preservatives today are engineered in labs to kill food mold and fungus, but those chemicals also kill humans, slowly. There is "food stuff" approved by the FDA that damages, removes and destroy your cell's protective coating, and once your cells lose their protection, you are literally losing oxygen to the brain. Food scientists have studied how to disintegrate or poke holes in this sheath using food chemical additives, including genetically modified bacteria. Humans were never meant to consume ANYTHING made in a laboratory, like MSG and sucralose. We even inject them using vaccines!

By the way, autism, fibromyalgia, IBS and even cancer can all be boiled back to factories and labs concocting the ways and means to damage human cells. Did you know that multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, inflammatory disease in which the myelin sheath (on the nerve endings) gets INFLAMED and thus damaged?

Optimize your vitamin D3 and avoid all inflammatory foods, for good!

To prevent your own immune system from attacking the fatty myelin sheaths that insulate YOUR nerve tissue, begin by filtering toxins from your daily intake. That is the key, plus proper organic supplementation. Optimal vitamin D3 and organic leafy greens are crucial for recovery. This will repair the neurological processing of your nervous system and also help your flora. Don't let food toxins like conventional soy, corn, canola and conventional meat and dairy pollute your blood! Check out anti-inflammatory foods with good fat sources like coconut, avocado and phytonutrient-rich green leafy veggies.

It's time to research hemp seed oil and the cleanest chlorella on the planet! (http://www.naturalnews.com)

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