Health Basics: How are vegetable oils really made?

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(NaturalNews) Do you ever wonder how most vegetable oils are made? What about cottonseed oil and sunflower oil? Are they as bad as corn oil and soybean oil? Does it matter if it's cold pressed if it's GMO? Do you really know much about safflower oil and how most of it is processed? Canola was invented in a lab by a Canadian scientist. You didn't know? Even when labeled "organic," canola still doesn't come from canola seed. Look it up. There was never a canola plant before 60 years ago, just rapeseed. Rapeseed cannot be consumed by humans. How is safflower similar to canola? What health detriment "comes this way" from long-term consumption of these so called "food" oils? Who is creating these modified, partially synthetic "Franken-foods" that cause cancer?

The great misunderstanding about vegetable oils

Vegetable oils were practically non-existent in our food regimen as humans until the early 1900s, when new chemical processes allowed them to be extracted. Pressing and separating just wasn't enough, and unlike with butter or coconut oil, Big Food began using chemicals to do the job, and did it ever do a "job" on our health. From soy beans to rapeseed, Americans love their food cooked at high heat in all kinds of oils, thinking that, if it comes from a vegetable, it can't be so bad, and if you look up in the sky -- the pigs are flying. Heck, even olive oil at high heat (above its smoke point) is bad for you. Your last viable option there is organic coconut oil. (http://www.buzzfeed.com)

Are you eating hexane and bug killer?

Some of today's oils are deodorized so that they don't stink. They are processed with a petroleum solvent to extract the oil -- hexane, a vapor constituent of gasoline. Their genetic makeup is altered and mixed with genes of insects, bacteria and pesticide-creating DNA. Those genes are directly transferred into the human bloodstream. Recent research reveals this: (http://www.naturalnews.com).

Despite being "FDA approved" long ago, canola oil contains erucic acid, and its main use is as a mineral oil. Erucic acid was proven to cause heart problems in rats, and NO HUMAN STUDY to prove the safety of low levels of erucid acid has been done! (http://omega6.wellwise.org)

How vegetable oils are made

Vegetable oils are manufactured in a factory, usually from genetically modified crops that have been heavily treated with pesticides and herbicides. If a vegetable oil is to be made into shortening or margarine, it undergoes an additional process called hydrogenation, which keeps it solid at warmer temperatures. Unlike saturated fats (butter, coconut oil, etc.), vegetable oils are not naturally solid at these temperatures and must be hydrogenated to accomplish this. That's when the horrific trans-fats are made.

Dr. Oz even warned the masses about GMOs

Last year, Dr. Oz warned about GMO dangers and health risks on his show. Following that episode, Examiner.com published a report on GMOs:

Genetic modification of foods is the process of mixing genes from one substance, such as bacteria, and adding it to another substance, like corn. By mixing the genes you end up with a product that kills bugs and makes it resistant to pesticides and other chemical sprays. ...

Genetically modified foods were first introduced less than 20 years ago. About 90% of corn, soy beans and sugar beets have been genetically modified and 3 out of 4 processed foods contain them. The FDA states that GMO's
[sic] are safe, however [sic] many of these foods have been banned by many countries.

These "vegetable" oils are barely even food anymore, as they contain no nutrition and lots of chemicals, but they're sold as "heart healthy" because they "come from vegetables." Canola is not even a vegetable! People in general underestimate the volatile health detriment and the cumulative effect which takes less than a decade to inflict chronic damage. These oils are some of the most harmful substances you can put in your body. If it's not organic oil, be leery. You should be buying organic coconut oil and organic, raw (cold-pressed) extra-virgin olive oil. (http://www.naturalnews.com)

For more information and breaking news on GMOs, visit GMOs.NaturalNews.com.

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