10% of Americans are depressed and taking dangerous medications for it

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(NaturalNews) What if you couldn't metabolize a drug you were prescribed? How would your body react to a psychotropic drug stuck in "overdrive"? Would you become psychotic because you were hooked on a drug your body can't even process? And if so, should you be out on the streets of society, mixing with all the other "animals"? Should you be allowed to go to bars or even drive a car? What about carrying a concealed weapon?

Everyone's brain functions in a similar way, where neurons (nerve cells) fire impulses to other neurons over tiny gaps called synapses. Basically, your brain is communicating via "electronic transmissions" that jump over pathways. The synapse is the "junction" between two neurons or between a neuron and a muscle. SSRIs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, can "control" (block) that pathway, so even the positive impulses and "transmissions" get blocked.

Ever wonder why severe depression, anxiety (attacks) and feelings of suicide are listed as the side effects of depression medication and anti-anxiety prescriptions? If your brain can't get a clean message, or any message at all, sent throughout the nervous system, then you can't work out any problems at all, and that is why terrible nightmares are also a common side effect.

Misdiagnosis galore

SSRIs are like "sports cars that can pick up pace incredibly quickly." Simply "down shifting" may or may not be safe. Some people try to come off them cold turkey, and this can be dangerous too. Plus, unplanned pregnancies can become scary fast, as SSRIs are now clearly linked to an increased frequency of miscarriages and birth defects. Realize this: Every mass shooting in the USA over the past 20 years has one thing in common, and it's not guns! (

What most people do not realize is that withdrawal from SSRIs can last for years. Treatments that are "tapered off" can still brew recurrent "mood disorders" where doctors are prone to misdiagnose these mood swings as depression and run the prescription back up to high doses. Little do most Americans realize is that organic food and exercise at this point serves as an excellent "exit strategy." Since we're mainly talking about mood disturbances anyway, "the natural history of such disorders is that they will resolve on average within 12 to 16 weeks." (

It's sad, but over the past 20 years, the use of antidepressants has skyrocketed. One in four women between 40 and 60 years of age medicates this way. So-called experts will say depression is common, but it is not normal for humans to be depressed. Western Medicine tries its best to con everyone into believing that we are born weak and deficient and that we need vaccines for immunity and antidepressants to work out every mood swing. The DSM-5 psychology manual is a joke -- categorizing every single emotion as a psychological problem or mental disorder that needs some chemical treatment. New research reveals that there is a massive overdiagnosis going on, and it's happening on an ENORMOUS scale.

New research shows promise for people trying to get off SSRIs safely

According to The New York Times, the study, published in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, found that "nearly two-thirds of a sample of more than 5,000 patients who had been given a diagnosis of depression within the previous 12 months did not meet the criteria for major depressive episode as described by the psychiatrists' bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (D.S.M.)."

Elderly folks seem to be the prime targets of quack SSRI-prescribing doctors. Six out of seven elderly patients in the study had been given a diagnosis of depression that did not fit the criteria. That's about an 85% misdiagnosis ratio. Prescriptions are being written for people dealing with the stresses of daily life and relationship problems -- can you imagine? Hey, too much traffic on the way home from work every day -- and it's completely stressing you out -- so take some dangerous psychotropic drugs! Hey, Johnny and Jenny can't pay attention at school and memorize dates all day for history class -- let's put them on some ADHD meds that also block serotonin uptake! Great idea. Now they won't be happy about anything at all or be able to concentrate.

If you suddenly feel no interest in activities for two weeks, or gain some "unintentional weight," be sure NOT to blame the processed food you eat, or the fluoridated water that you drink. Be sure not to blame your sleeping "agitation" on MSG, gluten or aspartame. Remember that Western Medicine (prescription medications) is a leading cause of death in America. So too is consuming heavy metal toxins in foods can lead to depression and Alzheimer's disease, especially lead and aluminum. Check your protein powders and your baby's formula for heavy metal toxins. Check those flu shots too! Check that secondhand smoke and those diet drinks at the door, and remember, you are what you eat.

Mucuna, also known as "velvet bean" or "DopaBean," is a natural remedy that is capturing the interest of thousands of people suffering from mood swings. The L-Dopa content of the unprocessed mucuna bean powder is so powerful that doctors are also using it help Parkinson's patients restore mental clarity and as a mood elevator.

Also check out superfoods that can treat depression! (

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