Vaccines found to alter your body odor

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(NaturalNews) Scientists from many disciplines work together at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, the world's only independent, non-profit scientific institute dedicated to its cause -- to focus on understanding the mechanisms and functions of taste and smell and define the "broad significance of these senses in human health and disease." This work could prove as a precedent that it's possible to use odors to "eavesdrop" on the immune system before the onset of observable symptoms, says Bruce Kimball, PhD, a research chemist with the USDA's National Wildlife Research Center who is stationed at the Monell Center. This could help with disease surveillance, including wildlife and human populations, food safety, human disease diagnosis and even bioterrorism.

"This is the first demonstration of a bodily odor change due to immune activation," ScienceDaily reported. In the study, "biosensor" mice were trained to discriminate between urine odors from other vaccinated mice. Odors were randomly assigned. Mice were trained to differentiate urine from mice treated with a specific bacterial toxin that activates the immune system. This could easily be compared to trained dogs sniffing out drugs or a rotting corpse. Are vaccines killing us? Could this be the earliest detection method for disease available to modern science? Will the mass media have another blackout to keep the "sick care system" in business? The Monell Center seems to know the answers now. Check the April 2014 issue of Physiology and Behavior. Plus, the results will be presented at the 36th annual meeting of the Association for Chemoreception Sciences in Florida.

Two vaccines were found to alter urine odor in similar ways, and that these odors were "stored" in the body was validated by follow-up research. Even individual body odors were ruled out as a possible distraction for the mice, according to the recent study. One scientist said it "is likely that humans also have the potential to communicate the same information" but that more research is needed. I'm sure that our urine isn't so much different from mice's, especially since we have virtually the same DNA.

If it's true that immune-activated odors signal the presence of disease to other members of a species, could this affect social and reproductive behavior? This research is being funded by the National Wildlife Research Center. So what's next?

Do you have vaccine "B.O." - body odor?

Most U.S. children get about 30 vaccines before the age of six. In fact, children today receive more than 12 times as many vaccine doses as they did in 1940. Think of how much brain damage and neurological damage we could prevent. Think of autistic children! Can we get a sample of that urine to the mice ASAP? Maybe we could prevent millions of "upcoming" cases of cancer, diabetes, and mercury and MSG toxicity poisoning (from vaccines). Maybe we could "snuff out" the "bioterrorism" of toxic food and synthetic medicine so prominent in America. They say dogs can sniff out people who have lung cancer, so is that such a stretch, to consider testing urine of humans for disease or even the presence of high levels of carcinogens? (

In case you weren't aware of the following because your doctor doesn't share the ingredients lists of your vaccines and the full schedule is not handed to you (or your children for that matter), here's a list of vaccine excipients in trace amounts, or even larger amounts, depending on the vaccine:

  • lab-altered viruses
  • bacteria (often genetically modified)
  • aluminum
  • mercury (thimerosal)
  • formaldehyde (yes, that's what they use to embalm dead people -- I bet mice can smell that in your urine!)
  • phenoxyethanol and gluteraldehyde
  • sodium borate
  • sodium chloride
  • sodium acetate
  • monosodium glutamate (yes, MSG)
  • hydrochloric acid
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • gelatin
  • egg albumin (most likely GMO)
  • bovine and human serum albumin

As reported by Natural News just one year ago! (

Vaccine schedules, after all, are based on government lies. (

Have you heard of building immunity with amazing organic herbal medicine?

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