What color is your cancer sweetener packet: pink, yellow or blue?

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(NaturalNews) There are usually four choices of drink sweeteners at every convenient store, restaurant and coffee shop, and you're lucky if they are carrying a package that's brown and comes from Hawaii. Otherwise, if you're ripping the top off some "no calorie sweetener" whose name starts with an "S," an "N" or an "E," you are in for a long-term, rude awakening. Yes, those colorful packets of chemical sweetener will mix in cold drinks, but there is no such thing as sweet cancer!

Sugar in the raw is the choice you should be making, if it's available. The little brown packet is molasses in crystal form. If you choose a honey packet, you're probably getting processed junk from China (might not even be honey). If you choose the white packet, you are choosing sugar that's been irradiated and bleached, like white pasta and white flour. You don't want to be eating bleach regularly, now do you? You should be bringing non-chemicalized sweetener (organic) with you if you have this daily habit.

Colorful little cancer packets

Sweet'n Low comes in a pretty little pink packet. Many years ago, in fact, decades ago, science warned us about saccharin causing cancer in rats, but people forgot. This synthetic stuff dissolves in just seconds with a weird little fizz, and then the horrible aftertaste is the warning sign most people try to ignore so they can "cut calories," but what's really going on in their body?

Equal, the little baby-blue packet of ultra-sweetness with "0" calories, is quite original. This one contains aspartame and acesulfame potassium. They have to publish their little warning about phenylketonurics because it contains phenylalanine. Most people can't even pronounce these. The latter "P" word/ingredient is known to produce seizures and act as a neurotoxin at high levels in the brain. Even scarier, you won't see methanol listed on the back, but aspartame contains methanol. Too much methanol can make you go blind. What's happening to our "legal" food and why is the FDA ignoring the dangers of this? There is a practical and unethical reason for that. (

Splenda comes in a bright and sun-shiny, happy little yellow packet. This contains maltodextrin and sucralose. That means a "daughter" of MSG is contained with synthetics in a nifty little chemical combination that magically turns 12 to 16 ounces of anything instantly sweet. This is called "clean labeling," and it's a trick that Big Food uses to con you. There is nothing clean or "essential" about swallowing chemicals that cause health detriment, period. What happens when you mix neurotoxins with stuff that gives rats tumors? Are you mixing MSG with aspartame? Humans are starting to be their own "judge" and use common sense! Use brown sugar, sugar in the raw, organic honey, organic maple syrup, xylitol or stevia. (

The "sweet" devil wears a cloak

You see, sucralose sounds like sucrose. Aspartame sounds like aspartic acid. Saccharine sounds like saccharide. Nutra sounds like nutrition. Equal means "equivalent." These are the ultimate tricks to have you believe that these ingredients are just harmless sugar substitutes. These "clean labeling" swindles are made to sound natural and harmless, when quite the opposite is true.

The LA Times reported, "A large American study, conducted by the National Cancer Institute and published in the journal Epidemiology in 1994, found a 30% higher risk of bladder cancer in people who consumed more than 1.6 grams of artificial sweetener a day." (

Are you cutting some calories by drinking chemicals that cause cancer? Cancer victims on chemotherapy lose a lot of weight, because they have no appetite. Is that where this is heading? One in three people get cancer, or more. Only half survive. Convenience, when it comes to non-organic food and synthetic food, has an ultimate price -- bad health. Why would you ever eat or drink anything that is not natural and that is made in a laboratory? Don't do it. Don't be a statistic; you are smarter than that, and you deserve an organic life.

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