Surgery, radiation therapy worsen health of older early-stage prostate cancer patients

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(NaturalNews) A lengthy epidemiological study from UCLA has come up with this headline's conclusion. It's from the mainstream medical monopoly itself, not a holistic medical blog. The study focused on surgery and radiation treatment that's normally the route for allopathic treatment of early-stage prostate cancers, stages I and II. Beyond that, chemotherapy becomes another grim option.

Dr. Timothy Daskivitch led a research team with an epidemiological survey of more than 140,500 men aged 66 and older diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer between 1991 and 2007. They discovered that those who had comorbid conditions (other diseases) such as heart conditions, COPD and diabetes did not fare any better than those who received no treatments at all. [1]

Those who survived these procedures on early-stage prostate cancer wound up with more problems from those procedures' side effects, such as incontinence, bowel problems and impotence. The latter may be more of a disaster for younger men who undergo prostate cancer surgery or radiation treatments.

Here's an appropriate quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., MD: "I firmly believe that if the whole material medica, as now used, could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind--and all the worse for the fishes." [2]

More well known for his literary feats, Holmes also graduated from Harvard medical school in 1836 and eventually became a dean there.

That was well before prostate surgical procedures and radiation, which would be difficult to throw into the sea. They offer worse side effects that were concocted during his time. Oliver Wendell Holmes was a top teacher of anatomy and introduced the microscope into the medical field. Big Pharma wasn't big yet. That was one of John D. Rockefeller's missions.

Yes, there are other options for all stages of prostate cancer

Very little has changed with mainstream medicine's approach to prostate cancer since the barbarism of the Bowery, where males living on the street were offered short-term room and board in exchange for hazardous prostate biopsies and surgical experiments.

After being experimented on in the 1950s, they were released back onto the streets with those side effects mentioned earlier (

The inventor of the PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test, Richard A. Ablin, warns against invasive biopsies and proceeding with aggressive procedures that often do more harm than good. Ablin even stated in his New York Times op-ed piece that high PSA levels can be from infections, while men with low PSA levels can have cancer.

Ablin recommended a more cautious wait-and-see approach with high PSA readings for this type of cancer that develops very slowly and rarely kills in and of itself. Usually, older men die from other causes first, and you can be sure that many "cancer deaths" are from the treatments, not just the cancer (

One outrageous option was demonstrated by an older fellow, Vernon Johnston, with stage IV prostate cancer who avoided chemo using a unique approach of super-oxygenating by intensely alkalizing his body with baking soda and molasses, along with breathing exercises and a better diet.

He not only cured his cancer in a very short time, as certified by a VA hospital's CT scan where he had been diagnosed, but remains cancer free several months after five years of no cancer, which is allopathic medicine's own standard for an actual cancer cure, but very rarely achieved by surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy, a.k.a. slash, burn and poison. [3]

Then there is Dennis Hill, a semi-retired biologist/biochemist who once worked in a research lab at one of the most prestigious cancer medical centers in the USA, Houston's MD Anderson Cancer Center. He was scheduled for radiation "therapy" and knew that his stage III prostate cancer made chemotherapy a definite option.

But he eschewed all mainstream medical options and looked into cannabis, having decided he that would rather not die from medical treatments.

Since he was semi-retired in California, he was able to try cannabis butter on toast and then graduate to cannabis oil. Within a few months, he was cancer free, and the only side effects he experienced from using edible cannabis were enjoying life a little better. [4]

Dennis Hill is now researching on ways to understand how cannabis oil cures cancer and how to maximize cannabis oil's benefits.

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