DNA-erasing spray promises privacy but could help criminals evade the law

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(NaturalNews) In today's technologically advanced world, authorities are finding new ways to collect the average person's DNA, storing people's unique identification in databases without consent. Not held accountable, a police state can grow unchecked, swabbing people's DNA at roadside checkpoints, implementing fingerprint scans as requirement to work or have a driver's license. Even iris scans can be thrust onto unsuspecting groups of people, as DNA databases expand in disrespect of privacy.

Right to privacy is being unilaterally stripped from average Americans, as Constitutional and humanitarian principles are thrown away. No one should be treated as a criminal, their prints held against them without consent, reason or trial. Privacy and liberty go hand in hand.
As the general population succumbs to this vast intrusion of privacy, freedom dissolves. From being body scanned at airports to being racially profiled at police stops and being targeted as a domestic terrorist without reason, people are routinely bullied into complying with a rogue police state.
DNA collection helps build this controlling empire which thrives on control, turning people into subjects taught to submit and conform.

Anyone with different beliefs is to be silenced. Anyone who questions authority or deviates from the herd is to be fined, controlled, coerced or threatened.

To combat authority's unprecedented collection of DNA and trouncing of privacy, average people now feel that they have to look over their shoulder more or cover their tracks. Those concerned may appear paranoid, but they are really standing up for their own liberty and privacy.

DNA erasing spray disinfects fingerprints

A new tool has been created to help people cover up their tracks and erase their DNA. Authorities believe the tool could help criminals evade the law, but the company behind the project believes that the tool can help people guard their own privacy. Not everyone wants their DNA taken from them. That's why a Brooklyn-based firm called BioGenFutures created two DNA-erasing sprays which will be made available for sale in June for $99 a bottle.

The idea stems from this: In 2013, artist, Heather Dewey-Hagborg collected DNA from random public places and created a 3D portrait sculpture of people she didn't know. The display appeared in her Stranger Visions Exhibition and theoretically breached the privacy of many random people who left behind DNA in public places.

To combat the random collection of DNA, BioGenFutures created a spray that can eradicate a person's residual DNA that is left behind on train seats, restaurant glassware, door handles, key boards, etc.

Named "Erase," the company's first spray acts as an "antiDNA cleaning product" that disinfects fingerprints from public places.

DNA replacement spray obfuscates DNA with random genetic material

A second and more complex product, "Replace," was created to be an obfuscation spray that contains a random mix of genetic material. When sprayed, "Replace" conceals DNA that is left behind, acting as an invisibility cloak.

Jeremy Gruber, President of the Council for Responsible Genetics, said: "No-one should be able to take another person's DNA without consent and mine it for information. The promises of the genetic revolution will not be fully realised if concerns over unauthorised testing of DNA and its misuse are not addressed. Invisible represents a critical step towards achieving that goal."

BioGenFutures mentioned that DNA isn't just left behind in fingerprints. People inadvertently discard hairs, lashes, gum, cigarette butts and saliva residue that contains personal biometrics. DNA is also routinely extracted from infants at birth, as criminal DNA databases expand.

"Law enforcement now routinely profiles individuals convicted of even petty crimes, tending toward permanent storage of both profiles and biological samples from individuals arrested for but never convicted of a crime," says BioGenFutures.

Is the spray useful, though?

The DNA-erasing idea may create and prey upon modern day fears, insecurity and paranoia. It may not even be practical in the real world. Imagine people spraying the DNA-concealer everywhere they go, dousing doors and glassware when they leave public places.

How can average people protect their privacy from DNA collection without spraying everything they come in contact with? How can humanity deal with the root of the problem, instead of trying to cover their own tracks everywhere they go?

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Explore more on DNA eraser by searching on GoodGopher.com, the search engine for truth seekers.
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