A biological attack on our food supply

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(NaturalNews) "There's been a biological attack on New York City" was a line I heard from a promotional trailer for a movie that came out a few years ago. The name of the movie is irrelevant, but what is relevant is that, thankfully, up to this point there hasn't been a biological attack like that on New York City to my knowledge; there has been, however, a biological attack on our food supply. This isn't just an off-the-wall statement, or a conspiracy "theory." I'll show in my article that it's more like conspiracy fact.

GMOs: what they are and why you should care

A genetically modified (GM) food crop is basically the result of a biological laboratory experiment where genes from the genes of one species (such as plants, bacteria, animals, viruses, etc.) are extracted and unnaturally forced into the DNA of another separate and totally unrelated plant or animal. GMOs are also called genetically engineered (GE) or transgenic organisms. And you thought Spiderman was just a movie or comic book fantasy? This may all sound "cool" or look promising to scientific discovery, but genetically modifying our food is not the same as cross-breeding. Anytime man tries to go beyond his natural boundaries and play Godb it has had disastrous consequences, and studies verify that GM crops are no exception.

Americans have been consuming GM foods since around 1996, and as a result we've not only seen the rise of new health problems (not here prior to GM foods) but also the harmful health effects on laboratory animals fed GM food. Currently, there are eight GM food crops in total (including their derivatives) such as soy (e.g. soy lecithin), corn (e.g. corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup), canola, cottonseed and sugarbeets (e.g. evaporated cane sugar/juice). GMOs have bacterial genes inserted into them; GMOs contain herbicide, and they have built-in pesticides. Aren't you just hungry for this Frankenfood?

With all kidding aside, there have been numerous studies verifying the harmful health effects caused by the consumption of GM foods. The ineffective and derelict FDA and it's revolving door with our government, along with others with a financial incentive, want us to believe that GMOs are good for world hunger and the environment, when in reality, the evidence says the very opposite!
Many tests show lab animals getting sick or dying when fed a diet of GMOs. Research also shows a strong connection between the introduction of GMOs in our foods and the rise of new food allergies and new digestive system problems (not previously experienced before), babies being born without brains, reduced human fertility and pregnancy complications, GMO proteins found residing intact in the human digestive system long after GMOs were eaten and much more that space here doesn't allow. For further study, there's plenty of GMO test data from genuine studies available to you on the web.

Their cruel joke on you

In reality, there has been a biological attack on our food supply, because a large part of our food supply has been biologically contaminated, resulting in these lab-created GMOs. As you see, all food is not created equal.

As Mike Adams recently stated in one of his articles, "The food supply appears to be intentionally designed to end human life rather than nourish it."

So how do we avoid GMOs? We can make GMOs as unprofitable as possible by getting informed, by voting with our purchasing power and buying as much certified organic or foods labeled "Non-GMO Project Verified" as possible. We can also effect change by supporting those that raise awareness of the dangers of GMOs, such as and many others.

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Jay Ricci is a resident of Massachusetts, gospel minister, certified health minister/coach and has been a health writer, researcher and lecturer for years. He has taught one day health seminars and Hallelujah Acre's nine week health course called Get Healthy Stay Balanced. Jay continues to educate all interested parties about empowering our self-healing bodies and experiencing the optimal health we were created for as outlined in 3rd John 1:2 in the New Testament.

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