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(NaturalNews) When Bill Maher started his short-lived TV talk show Politically Incorrect a few years ago, it struck a chord. But why shouldn't one be able to say things relatively freely outside the parameters of what has been deemed and accepted as politically correct?

One doesn't have to agree with what anyone says or does, or feel compelled to condemn or censor that person. They can simply be ignored or agree to disagree.

There are enough others in the world with whom to interact with tolerance for racial, ethnic and religious differences. When absolute social restrictions become law to institutionalize political correctness and determine thinking, speech and behavior for all, it's time to recognize that Orwell's Big Brother has become fully manifest in the real world.

Ironically, as a result of so much political correctness, it seems that heterosexual Christian white males are now the most openly picked on for being who they are.

Some recent college examples of political correctness gone wild

A national college sorority, Phi Beta Pi, held an all-you-can-eat taco fundraiser annually on or around Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of May. This Mexican holiday is often compared to the USA's fourth of July. Ironically, this author doesn't recall any Mexicans celebrating the fourth of July in Mexico.

But these college girls were called down for this $5.00 per person event, because a handful of Mexican students, at one campus just two, complained about the event.

It was the usual politically correct accusation of offensive behavior and ethnic discrimination. Maybe they should close down Taco Bell? Actually, that would be a good idea for different reasons. Two campus sororities stopped the practice or toned down the Mexican theme by not allowing anyone to wear a sombrero. There were other petty issues as well. [1]

The funds were raised to help educate needy children. In Mexico, gringos don't gripe to institutions about what Mexicans do or don't do regarding US customs. Nor do Americans get free healthcare and food stamps. It was impossible for this gringo to get a work permit there.

A non-Mexican without insurance must pay the total hospital bill before leaving -- the hospital! Good thing their hospitals are less expensive. This was experienced personally.

Don't consider this Mexican- or Mexico-bashing. Most of the people are easy going, yet hard working, and pleasant to deal with. And since they don't trust the police, they rarely call on them or press charges. This gringo had more problems with other gringos in San Miguel de Allende.

But Mexico is a mecca for health freedom. That's why homeopathy is widely practiced and so many alternative cancer clinics are there.

This is pointing out some glaring inequities where the USA bends over backwards and gives non-citizens more rights and privileges than citizens of this country get. All welcomed under the banner of political correctness.

The University of North Dakota's fencing club was forced to seek a different venue off campus because of the university's ban on weapons. [2] Might as well ban most kitchen utensils too. But it's okay to bomb innocent civilians in Pakistan with remote drones in the war on terrorism.

A panel meeting at Portland State University was shut down by 15 very aggressive students who stopped Kristian Williams from speaking. He had commented that rape cases should be investigated more closely instead of "treating all allegations as fact" as part of his essay "The Politics of Denunciation."

Kristian Williams is an anarchist who has written books against police brutality, state suppression and other inequities in the our justice system. The disrupted panel meeting's topic of discussion centered on how it was too easy to prosecute on accusations from "informers, infiltrators, and provocateurs."

But the protestors focused only on Williams' one phrase as "hate speech" and "victim shaming." Seems like the blind rage of political correctness made them denounce an ally. [3]

At Cornell University, 100 student groups are now required to demonstrate ethnic, religious and racial diversity if they want campus funding, because 10 percent of the student body claimed they didn't feel welcome at Cornell. [4]

There have been false flag episodes of antisemitic vandalism on campuses as well to gain "politically correct" sympathy against "hate crimes." Here are a few of them posted by a rabbi (http://servv89pn0aj.sn.sourcedns.com).

The attempt to enforce social harmony is backfiring. Why can't we all just get along?

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