France's GMO corn ban given final approval in senate

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(NaturalNews) Obama has betrayed his first term campaign promises of giving Americans the right to know what they're eating by labeling GMOs. He has placed more former Monsanto and other biotech key personnel in his administration and the Supreme Court than any other president.

America has become the GMO nation. But it's nice to see other nations actually ban GMO planting, seeds and crop imports. France has joined Russia, Peru, Uruguay and others with those bans.

France's ban is appropriate because France is the home of Seralini and his band of intrepid researchers who refuted Monsanto's fraudulent safety tests on Roundup Ready corn and Roundup by doing their own independent research at the University of Caen's Institute of Biology in France (

It's also a nation that cares about its food, even supplying schools with fresh food cooked by chefs from local organic farms to feed the children.

Unfortunately, the way the mainstream media referred to France's ban was as part of a leftist, socialist, commie anti-capitalist movement. After all, corporations are individuals, right? They should be able to do what they want with impunity under the rubric of "free enterprise" or "free market" (sarcasm). (1) (2)

Well, those misleading concepts have brought us under corporatism, where large multinational corporations control the government and small businesses and farmers be damned. So here it is, others are saying no to GMOs while the US federal government not only supports GMOs but pushes them on others (

France is creating cracks in the EU edifice

The basic point of any political union, such as the United States or the European Union (EU), is to centralize power. This enables more control over more people and opens the door for large corporations to influence less politicians that have more power over more territory.

Final approval for banning GMOs in France came from their senate's vote which agreed with the lower house or parliament that had voted for the ban. France may be the only nation completely banning Roundup Ready corn (MON810 maize). The EU Commission had already approved MON810.

But there are other nations, including Italy and Greece, that are grumbling about allowing GMOs. These disagreements actually started with biotech company Pioneer's GMO maize variety, Pioneer 1507. Currently, Greece holds the presidency of the EU Council. It's reported that they are trying to work out a compromise that will allow individual nations within the EU to opt out of GMOs if desired.

What's strange is how so many seem to ignore or forget that these biotech industry giants, along with Dupont, Pioneer and Dow, are all chemical companies. They're not into growing or creating food. They're into creating genetically engineered seeds to create crops that can survive their toxic poisons.

They have produced Agent Orange, DDT, aspartame and all the pesticides that are killing bees and creating human disease among those who are less discerning about where their food comes from. So should these companies be allowed to patent seeds with exclusive monopolistic enforcement, putting farmers into serfdom while destroying our food supply?

Labeling offers only a speed bump for this dystopian goal. It implies that non-GMO and GMO crops can coexist without contaminating non-GMO and organic crops. Not true. Eventually, there won't be any organic food if GMOs are around.

Labeling appears to be a diversion that Monsanto and others easily handle. Besides, labeling already exists without the government. It's called the Non-GMO Project (

With more bans from farming regions everywhere, Monsanto's stated goal of owning all the seeds and controlling the world's food supply may fizzle. The only viable solution in the USA is banning GMO farming at local levels.

This strategy is working in rural areas of California, Oregon, New England and Hawaii, county by county, despite legal threats from biotech companies. (3) (4) (5)

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