Kickboxer and actor Ian Jacklin dedicates life to helping others, directs eye-opening documentary on curing cancer

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(NaturalNews) I Cure Cancer is an eye-opening documentary that brings natural cancer-healing protocols to life through testimony and experience. The film empowers the individual to seek answers outside of the medical establishment's cut-poison-burn approach to cancer management. Instead, the film highlights a more integrative approach that empowers the mind, spirit and immune system.

I Cure Cancer is directed by kickboxing champion and actor Ian Jacklin.

Jacklin, who began his kickboxing career in Canada, became a championship fighter at a young age. When he moved to America, he eventually became an actor, starring in the 90s fighting films Death Match and Expert Weapon.

Now, Jacklin is taking on a new opponent: America's growing cancer epidemic.

I Cure Cancer empowers the individual

By the late 90s, Jacklin met a woman named Cynthia Brooks who was cured naturally of terminal cervical cancer. Working together, Brooks ultimately inspired the skeptical Jacklin to seek and share cancer-healing truth with the rest of the world. These revelations led Jacklin on a mission of self-healing and self-discovery, as a passion emerged inside. When he embarked on his first major project, I Cure Cancer, he discovered countless, inspirational testimonies of those cured naturally, from ovarian to colon cancer, from breast to kidney disease.

In the prelude, Jacklin explains that the "I" in I Cure Cancer stands for "You." The title itself stands as a powerful, self-proclamation of faith. This positive outlook and affirmation is important, for when one is diagnosed with cancer, their first feelings are often of panic, defeat and fear. By equipping the mind, spirit and body with a victory attitude, one is given the mental foundation for overcoming cancer.

I Cure Cancer gets to the root, asks the questions the medical system is afraid to address

I Cure Cancer effectively confronts the medical establishment's method of cancer management. In many cases, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are found to be more dangerous than the cancer itself, and these procedures often go unreported as the ultimate cause of a patient's death.

While allopathic medical professionals seem clueless as to where cancer comes from, Jacklin shows that cancer is definitely not some random act. In the last two generations of people, cancer rates have risen from 3 percent to nearly 50 percent, affecting almost one in two people in the 21st century.

Instead of dwelling on the problem, I Cure Cancer prompts individuals to ask the tough questions like:

"What is poisoning the body?"

"What are the environmental factors contributing to the disease?"

"What heavy metals, pesticides, fungus, cellular disruptors, and/or radioactive particles are depleting the immune system?"

"How can the body be detoxified, refueled, and revitalized at the cellular level?"

"What foods, plants, teas, oils, roots, and berries work best at the cellular level to assist the human immune system?""

I Cure Cancer debunks misleading cancer treatment methods, charters new course for those seeking real answers

The medical establishment makes cancer out to be complicated, expensive and scary, providing very few tools to assist the immune system. Mainstream cancer treatments involve burning and irradiating the body, which is counterproductive, ultimately destroying the very immune system that is needed to overcome the cancer.

In I Cure Cancer, the medical establishment's one-size-fits-all cancer treatments are exposed for what they are -- barbaric, ineffective, alternative, last-ditch-approach therapies. Sadly, these are the first approaches used today and are forced on children who have cancer.

Likewise, the surgery approach of cutting out cancer never gets to the root of cellular health, and it never treats the problem of acidosis. Cutting can actually circulate the cancer more aggressively throughout the body. Colon cancer typically returns months later even after the original cancer is surgically removed.

Health doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. The mindset that each cancer, each disease and each health problem is a separate entity is misleading. These cancers are really signs of a depleted immune system, signals of destroyed cellular functions, symptoms of a deeper problem related to acidosis, toxicity, fungal infection or environmental toxin overload.

The multiple pharmaceutical drugs designed to target each disease actually fool the individual into a flawed pattern of thinking. When individuals are treated as a whole person instead, when the immune system is replenished through nutrition, no drugs are needed. Health problems begin to fade away, one after another. When proper alkalinity is restored, cancer cannot grow. Individual problems like diabetes, heart disease, drug addictions, cysts and sinus infections may very well be connected. Health problems are not always separate problems, but many are actually interrelated. When the immune system is empowered and the root causes of cellular toxicity are addressed, quality of life can be restored.

The approach to healing is everything.

For those seeking answers, I Cure Cancer is available here.

With enough support, Jacklin plans to produce I Cure Cancer 2 - Baby Killers, as he sheds light on the American medical system's mandate of force imposed upon children under 18. In America, it is illegal for parents to decide how they want to treat their own child diagnosed with cancer. Children are forced into chemotherapy and radiation, which often kills them.

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