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Obamacare deals death blow to single-doctor medical clinics

Saturday, May 03, 2014 by: PF Louis
Tags: Obamacare, single-doctor clinics, medical costs

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(NaturalNews) There have been several articles on how people accustomed to their private insurers were shocked to find that under the Affordable Care Act, known commonly as Obamacare, their premiums went up or the coverage wasn't up to par with what they had been accustomed to having.

Then, the system for finding insurance coverages that are approved by the complex Obamacare regulations was not exactly user-friendly either.

Now, self-employed doctors who run their own offices or clinics are seeing the beginning of the end of their way of practicing medicine. One could say, "too bad, that's what they get for practicing Big Pharma medicine. Maybe they'll switch to chiropractics."

Oh, right. Chiropractors are covered by medicare A and B, Medicaid and most private insurers for spinal alignments. So they may be victimized further by Obamacare as well, since most of them practice privately.

The financial squeeze on the world's most expensive medical system

Of course, the insurance system, both public and private, is part of the medical monopoly. It covers only allopathic medicine with all its expensive equipment and overpriced toxic pharmaceuticals.

Chiropractors had to fight the American Medical Association (AMA) long and hard through the courts to even be included as medical practitioners who could practice before being assured a small piece of the medical budget pie. Yet, their costs are practically nothing compared to medical monopoly costs.

Other more holistic medical practitioners who practice TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), Ayurveda, herbalism or homeopathy are not included, even though they are much less expensive, and outside of severe sudden traumas from accidents, safer and more effective for reversing or avoiding acute and chronic disease.

So with the help of the FDA, the AMA has painted itself into a corner. Slowly, they're getting stuck with the bills that have bankrupted many in the USA.

Around 1997, the federal government began reining in public insurance cost caps for various allopathic medical procedures. Cost controls coupled with more paperwork requirements eroded revenues while boosting costs.

Though these cost controls were among the public insurers such as Medicare and Medicaid, those costs were often used by private insurers as benchmarks for what they'd pay.

Doctors had to cope with falling incomes or find ways to get more clients. It appears that Obamacare will be the latest government action toward ruining the world's most expensive "healthcare" system that ranks highly among the worst.

Obamacare's IT (Information Technology) requirements are the latest measure for making adequate patient care with cost cuts more problematic.

Many practitioners with private practices, especially the older ones who tend to handle older folks with public insurance coverages, are considering folding their tents or running to Kaiser Permanente-type systems that many consider the way of the future for lower medical costs. But it's probably harder for doctors to get rich that way.

Health for high profits is the original sin of our system

A few years in Mexico showed me how financially lopsided the USA's system is. Never mind the comments about third-world countries and their doctors. Mexico has good ones. And they don't charge nearly as much. My wife's hospital and medical bills were less than one-third the US costs would be for the same situation.

But if you're not a Mexican citizen and don't have appropriate coverage, you'll be forced to stay in a hospital until you pay those bills completely. Medical kidnapping is common there. That's because it's too easy to skip out of the bill by simply leaving the country.

According to a gringo (American) doctor who practices his own version of integrative medicine in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, health freedom is part of the Mexican constitution. That's why he went there. And he's doing okay with his sliding-scale fee structure as well.

The bureaucracy and hierarchy of medical associations in America and other Anglo nations is unwieldy and cost-ineffective by itself. Adding this government to the situation is making it worse.

Sources for this article include



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