How to alleviate fatigue with herbal medicine

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 by: S. D. Wells
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(NaturalNews) Do you feel exhausted and "depleted" periodically throughout the day? Your body must be qi deficient. Do you get "tired" from doing nothing or exhausted from doing just a little? You could have prolonged low-energy disorder. Actually, it's not a disorder at all but just a condition of one of many things you're missing out on, like nutrients, restful sleep or natural energy. This could be affecting your mood, your health and your ability to get things done in general.

Excess Condition

In Chinese medicine, chronic fatigue is sometimes referred to as an excess condition, because it's usually accompanied by digestive problems, or shortness of breath, poor appetite, bloating and irregular bowel movements. Did you know that any food that is not digested and excreted within 24 hours becomes toxic to your body, whether organic or not? That is why gluten is the ultimate food poison -- it stops you up and contains pesticide. Poor diets such as this obstruct the proper movement and transformation of qi and blood.

Qi is perpetual energy

Qi (pronounced chee) is a term in Chinese philosophy and medicine that is used to describe the existence of a circulating LIFE FORCE whose very existence and properties are the basis of that philosophy. There is life force energy within and all around you. The basic building block of everything in nature and the universe is energy, because, through proven science, when you break down solid matter, there is nothing physical about it at all; it's all just invisible energy. Qi energy, as the Chinese express it, is at the heart of one's deep understanding of thousands of years of holistic medicine. So, what's the ultimate qi fuel? (http://www.tcmworld.org)

Start with Spring Water

Could it be as simple as the water you drink? Millions of Americans are poisoned daily by drinking water that contains toxic fluoride, and we're not talking about the kind that's "good for your teeth" -- that's a big myth anyway. Fluoride chemicals are found in tap water, most bottled juices, all soda, energy drinks (how ironic) and hundreds of common beverages. Most bottled water still contains fluoride. Go to FindaSpring.com and find some natural spring water closest to your hometown, then bottle it in glass and you will know! (http://www.findaspring.com)

Addressing qi deficiencies by type

Lung qi: fatigue accompanied by shortness of breath and/or coughing.

Spleen qi deficiency: fatigue accompanied by digestive problems.

Heart qi deficiency: fatigue accompanied by palpitations, racing of the heart, slight breathlessness.

Yang deficiency: characterized by an intolerance of cold, usually accompanied by feelings of fatigue.

Yin deficiency: characterized by an intolerance of heat often accompanied by feelings of fatigue.

Blood deficiency: onslaught of tiredness around midday, accompanied by poor memory, dizziness, poor sleep and even blurry vision.

Herbal Remedies for Fatigue

There is no one cure-all for anything, and there is certainly no one person on this planet who is the same as another, past the physical appearance of identical twins. With that in mind, several remedies may be your solution, so consider all of the following, research them, and don't be afraid of Nature's food as energy. If you're suffering from kidney disease, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, sleep apnea, psychological problems, depression, anxiety, grief or stress, it could be caused by not only a lack of nutrients but also the very medications that contain chemicals used to "treat" symptoms.

Ren Shen (Radix Ginseng): one of the most well known qi tonics.

Da Zao (Chinese date, jujube)

Gan Cao (licorice): used in cases of lung and spleen qi deficiency

Dang Gui (Chinese Angelica Root, Tang-Kuei): another very popular herb.

Yin Yang Huo (licentious goat wort): used for impotence.

Hei Zhi Ma (black sesame seed)

Vitamin B12 and B complex vitamins: These play a critical role in beating chronic fatigue, as the body uses them to metabolize energy. It is highly recommended that you choose organic (lots of synthetic scams for vitamin B out there). You can also consider sublingual (under the tongue) and subcutaneous (injection under the skin) supplementation. (http://www.prohealth.com)

Trace minerals (and concentrated drops): If you can't efficiently regenerate your cells and produce adequate energy, then going to the doctor for prescription medications that are made in a lab would be the WORST thing you could do. This is the time for a full spectrum of ionic trace minerals, including magnesium, chromium, iron and zinc.

Sea salts: these contain lots of trace minerals, especially Dead Sea salt! Your skin is your largest organ, so be sure to take Epsom or Dead Sea salt baths frequently. This helps with detoxification and mineral absorption.

Bee pollen: This is considered by many to be the perfect food on planet Earth and can be used for both physical and intellectual tiredness, providing lasting energy throughout the day. (http://www.cfnmedicine.com)

Maca: Maca has been used for thousands of years, but most Americans have never heard of it, much less put it in their smoothies. In South America, it grows abundantly at high elevation. Maca balances your system in general because it is rich in both B complex vitamins and trace minerals. Get ready for natural energy!

Vitamin C: Organic vitamin C can eradicate chronic fatigue. The key is supplementing with liposomal vitamin C for proper absorption into the body. This encapsulates vitamin C in protective lipid layers and delivers it directly into the bloodstream. (http://www.quantumbalancing.com)

Iodine: As mentioned earlier, the onslaught of fluoride chemicals and also ionizing radiation have millions of Americans grossly deficient in necessary iodine. This feeds perpetual tiredness. Consider the main symptoms of fibromyalgia, depression and irritable bowel syndrome.

Don't wait for a "cure" that's not coming via allopathy or TV talk shows. Find reliable organic sources for herbal medicine and stick to your guns!

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