Dying to live: Global cooling scheme increases dangerous seafood toxin that destroys kidney function

Thursday, April 10, 2014 by: L.J. Devon, Staff Writer
Tags: global cooling, seafood toxins, iron seeding

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(NaturalNews) There is a wave of wicked, control-hungry ideology-gripping prominent scientists around the world. Some scientists may cling to "climate change" and "global warming" propaganda as means to justify control and manipulation of life on Earth. Working together, scientists, governments and large companies can buy out and control tremendous amounts of resources which are used for exploitation and experimentation of life on Earth.

As these deceivers feed the public global warming propaganda to justify their massive experiments on nature, they prove that they are nothing more than psychopaths. These psychopaths often support a global carbon tax that would force everyone to submit to their plans. One of their global cooling programs is iron seeding of ocean waters. This is now being exposed as a heinous experiment on aquatic, mammalian and human life.

Mass iron seeding operations explained

As psychopaths so compassionately try to protect the planet from global warming, they implement mass geoengineering projects. One of those global cooling projects involves adding iron to the world's oceans en masse to encourage the rapid expansion of phytoplankton. This is meant to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and the earth's temperature by forcing populations of phytoplankton to expand and gobble up excess carbon. Some scientists theorize that by adding iron to the Southern Ocean alone, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels can be lowered by 15 percent.

Iron dumping has been around for more than two decades, and now independent researchers are uncovering the dire consequences that come with this attempt to manipulate Earth. Also called iron fertilization, ocean seeding or carbon sinking, this iron dumping is used to stimulate massive new growth of phytoplankton, but as these algal blooms expand, a little know seafood toxin is multiplying as well.

Iron seeding expands algal blooms that produce exponential amounts of seafood toxin domoic acid

Iron seeding to combat global warming is an indirect assault on humans, on both the nervous system and the kidneys.

Researchers from the Institute of Marine Sciences at the University of California, as well as Louisianan State University and the University of South Carolina, are linking iron seeding sites to toxic accumulations of a little known seafood toxin called domoic acid. Their report shows how iron seeding is multiplying this toxin, which spreads into fish and ultimately into humans, disturbing the kidneys.

In their investigation, 35 ocean stations were sampled, which were once part of iron fertilization experiments. Domoic acid was measured at over half of the analyzed stations between the Pacific subarctic and the Southern Ocean. Thirty-four of those stations contained high amounts of Pseudo-nitzschia diatoms, which are typically associated with domoic acid.

The report shows that, in the western subarctic ocean, the descent of Pseudo-nitzschia delivered significant amounts of domoic acid to underlying meso-pelagic waters at depths of 150-500 meters.

Furthermore, they reported domoic acid occasionally reaching levels at "which animal mortalities have occurred on continental shelves."

The authors warn against further iron fertilization of the oceans, showing how these operations actually pose "serious ecosystem impacts" stemming from multiplied domoic acid.

Iron seeding operations are unnecessary, since plants naturally respond to carbon dioxide to achieve balance

In a new scientific report titled Climate Change Reconsidered II, independent scientists show how manipulation of carbon dioxide levels in the earth's atmosphere are flat out unnecessary, since vegetation responds naturally to heightened carbon dioxide levels.

In conditions of high carbon dioxide, positive growth responses are reported in plants, some of which are particularly large. As the atmospheric carbon dioxide rises, most plants will actually display enhanced rates of photosynthesis and biomass production.

Besides the fact that forests are being count down around the world, trees are naturally adapting to the earth's conditions, exhibiting significant increases in biomass production.

Other consequences of iron seeding

Additionally, other ill effects occur from iron seeding. According to the the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), phytoplankton blooms and bacteria may release large amounts of other gases not accounted for, which include methyl halides and methane gases, which affect atmospheric conditions.

Paraphrasing the WWF, Jeniffer Horton at writes, "The bacterial decay that results when the plankton die will reduce oxygen levels in the water, possibly leading to the increase of gases like nitrous oxide."

On top of that, impure iron dumped into the ocean may also contain "potentially toxic trace metals," the kind being found in food products tested at the Natural News Forensic Food Lab.

Fish in a bowl

In trying to save humanity from global warming, it seems that more harm is being done, and the common man and woman are becoming guinea pigs as geoengineering experiments are carried out on the masses and the environment.

It's almost as if an elite few feel entitled to play with the public's health, treating the common population as if they are all fish swimming in a bowl of experimental waters. With the expansion of domoic acid now occurring in the ocean's waters thanks to iron seeding, it's now common for seafood to pose a threat to the kidneys of unsuspecting humans everywhere.

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