Good vs. bad bacteria - The flora war

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: probiotics, bacteria, gut flora

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(NaturalNews) How does consuming pesticide ruin your good bacteria in your gut that are responsible for maintaining 80% of your overall health, including your immunity? The answer is simple. An acidic environment starts the damage. Once your body is acidic, it welcomes inflammation, gastric issues and a weakened immune state. Your thymus is the biological seat of immunity. Did you know that sucralose shrinks the thymus and inflames the liver? Sucralose is the main ingredient in Splenda and Splenda Essentials (the toxic scam with vitamins on top). All of the other artificial sweeteners create a highly acidic system for you too. Add in some MSG and aspartame and what have you got? Major health problems that the allopathic doctors just can't seem to "solve." Their top-down approach using chemicals to treat only disease, when all you have is a few little eating "disorders" (bad choices), is absurd. It's obtuse. It's almost archaic, like bloodletting.

More than a few top-notch scientists in the world have discovered cures for cancer by alkalizing the body, whether by baking soda water or a drop of 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide. Others have used kale and spring water. People are stubborn and uneducated though, and they don't read -- instead, they wait for some television news to tell them which way to steer their boat, out there on the rough, deep waters of the "GMO" ocean. An acidic GMO gut, over time, leads you straight to cancer. So what then?

In the 1980s, Dr. Emanuel Revici was the first physician to save terminal cancer patients using naturally derived omega-3 fatty acids and selenium.

Learn how scientists and nutritionists save people from cancer by simply using baking soda (aluminum-free) and food-grade 35% hydrogen peroxide!



The "GMO Ocean" in your gut

What kills the good bacteria in your system the quickest? Bug killer and weed killer. Pesticide destroys your good bacteria, sometimes in one fell swoop. Go out today and eat some bleached, gluten-loaded bread, drink a tall glass of conventional milk, eat some meat loaded with hormones and antibiotics, drink some fluoridated tap water and eat some cheap fake supplements loaded with heavy metals, and then see how you feel in general. This is the health cliff to which so many are headed, like a herd, a blind herd, unless they start clicking the right links.



Do vaccines and prescription medications ruin your gut flora?

You bet they do. Your entire immune system is sent into a state of complete shock when you get a vaccine full of toxic heavy metals like mercury and aluminum. Your body basically freaks out, whether you are even aware. That's why they tell you that you may feel a "little" sick after you get a shot, because your central nervous system is thrown for a loop, trying to find the pathogens and poisons that are stuck in muscle tissue, infecting the blood. While you're immune and response system tries to figure out all the chaos, including reactions to and from the formaldehyde, your body is scrambling for nutrients, most likely emptying your reserves to fight off these foreign bacteria and LIVE viral ingredients, emulsifiers, synthetic preservatives and GMO-derived chemicals like MSG, monosodium glutamate.

If you are consuming GMO food regularly, you barely have any nutrition in reserve anyhow. It has been wiped out by pesticide and insecticide that grows inside the food you eat, from seed to stalk to mouth. GMOs need to be labeled or outlawed across the country!

Keep your gut healthy!

"A healthy gut has about 20% bad bacteria and 80% good. Each of us has roughly 4 pounds of bacteria in their gut. That's right, it's a lot! And when some bad strains become more prominent, we get ill. So this is why it's important to keep them in balance, with the good bacteria keeping the bad ones in check."

Dr. John Bergman speaks on immunity, gibromyalgia and prescription drug in this YouTube video: (

Here is more on the Dark History of Monsanto, the GMO Giant: "Monsanto is one of the largest pharmaceutical and agricultural companies that [produces] genetically modified foods and seeds, drugs, chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. This multibillion dollar company has other branches in 100 different countries and is the main producer of genetically modified crops and seeds in the world."

You choose. It's either organic or GMO. Be smart. Always read labels and research anything in question.

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