Texas farmers fear arrival of new Dust Bowl

Sunday, April 06, 2014 by: PF Louis
Tags: Dust Bowl, Texas farmers, drought

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(NaturalNews) Those who have lived in America most of their lives know a little something of the Dust Bowl era during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Now, Texans are becoming concerned about yet another Dust Bowl scenario as droughts in various regions within the state are getting worse.

Although there were many farmers from several prairies states who were forced to move into areas less affected, they were all tagged as "Okies." But only around 20 percent of them were actually from Oklahoma. A number of them came from northern Texas as well.

But a majority of 1930s Dust Bowl farmers actually stayed on their farms. Roosevelt's New Deal arrangement purchased starving cattle to feed the poorest and paid farmers to have their fields fallow (uncultivated) for some time.

The problem this time is that the drought conditions are so widespread that there's nowhere to migrate, and recent presidential administrations have been more concerned about bailing out Wall Street criminals and large corporations than helping those who provide our food. The agricultural sector won't be getting any "New Deal" this time.

The hardest hit drought areas are in California this time, yet its state government measures to counteract water shortages include shutting down some irrigation channels to farms.

The Midwest has been considered the bread basket of America; California could be considered the vegetable, fruit and nuts basket. Here's a site that graphically maps out the current levels of drought in all areas: Drought.gov.

Droughts and topsoil issues

After a period of dry seasons, which have occurred lately in the Southwest and Pacific regions, the top soils turn to dust. High winds during the 1930s created dust storms so thick and vast that they turned day into night and even swept from the southern plains to East Coast urban areas.

Our whole monoculture Big Ag system is part of the problem. Large fields that yield only one crop, such as wheat, corn, soy or rice, have a problem when those crops die out from rain or irrigation shortfalls. Then with only one crop and no other vegetation to hold the dry top soil, it gets easily blown away. All that's left is infertile dust.

Recent widespread droughts have been accompanied by high winds that have become all too common throughout the U.S. and globally. But high winds in areas with lush foliage are often accompanied by rain. While some property damage and even traces of agricultural damage may occur there, the top soil is often maintained.

Texas is already reporting dust storms from drought conditions. These droughts feed into man-made global warming claims, which offer the solution of creating carbon taxes that individuals must endure while enabling Wall Street to create financial instruments for high-risk trading, such as derivatives, that wind up collapsing economies for most while Wall Streeters cash in.

Then there are some who reasonably suspect ionospheric-meddling HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) stations in conjunction with widespread constant chemtrail activity as factors for climate change. They point out both of those activities working together to modify weather by altering jet stream air currents.

But why is the available technology of rainmaking or cloud-seeding ignored? It was used as a weapon in Vietnam, and it has been used to quell giant forest fires that were creating large amounts of threatening smoke in parts of Asia.

Weather threats to our food supply wouldn't be so intimidating if farming practices would reform from monolithic Big Ag, pushed further with Rockefeller's post WWII "Green Revolution," which puts almost all agricultural and food supply distribution into a pyramid controlled by a few.

Two UN-funded studies compiled by several independent scientists have offered the only solution to solving global food supply problems: Abandon monoculture farming, avoid GMOs and cultivate smaller organic farming plots to provide crops regionally with traditional polyculture or mixed cropping techniques.

Industrial hemp would be a great mixed crop addition that promotes soil health. If you want to know more about what's right for future farming and/or participate in the efforts to hopefully ensure a healthy food supply, you can start here: FreshtheMovie.com.

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