You are a pest to Obamacare if you are not sick

Saturday, April 05, 2014 by: S. D. Wells
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(NaturalNews) Are you an Obamanite? Do you worship the ground that he walks on? Maybe you just "dislike" him with all your might? It really doesn't matter. He does whatever he wants to do anyway. "Checks and balances" in America are almost "null and void." Sick care is being enforced by the IRS, slowly and methodically, as they try to fix the website that never really worked at all. (

Are you an Obama-peon? Are we all like the peons of Europe, just a few centuries ago, who had no say at all in how their government represented them, taxed them, told them their rights and threw people in jail for any reason, because it was all about what the "King" said? Delve into that for a minute. Think. All the "King's Men" just might be Monsanto and Big Pharma. How will they take care of you? The answer is chemical food and chemical medicine.

Still, whether you love, like, dismiss or hate the current Administration, they will be working hard to take "care" of you, in your personal life, in your work life, at the traffic light, on social media, via your cell phone conversations (NSA) and, of course, making sure you have a monstrous deductible for really expensive insurance that doesn't cover naturopathic doctors who understand nutrition and can help you get healthy, stay healthy and cure every single preventable disease that epitomizes the grand ol' USA.

What is chronic sick care coverage?

Fact: 800,000 new Americans will be diagnosed with type II diabetes this year, a mostly preventable "disease." "People who acquire it are typically obese, suffer from chronic inflammation and are resistant to insulin, the hormone that removes sugar from the blood and stores it as energy."

What do you get for being young and healthy and living in America? -- You get to foot that bill. Which bill is that? -- The cost of lifelong treatment for someone else who has a preventable and curable inflammatory "disease."

Type II diabetes study reveals inflammation as major culprit!

What if it were common knowledge that type II diabetes is an inflammatory disease? New research from Denmark describes how, in mice, "during the very early stages of type 2 diabetes, immune cells called macrophages invade pancreatic tissue, releasing large quantities of cytokines - pro-inflammatory proteins - that help destroy insulin-producing beta cells." There are plenty of organic foods that any naturopath would recommend eating to help this, like a plant-based diet for starters.

Which foods have anti-inflammatory properties?

The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, knows: (


Did you know that 8 percent of Americans have type II diabetes? Three hundred sixty MILLION people around the world have type II, which can lead to blindness, loss of limbs and sometimes kidney failure. Could modern medicine possibly make anti-inflammatory therapy to reduce the burden? What about just banning GMOs and processed food and subsidizing certified organic? There is more to be explored here.

How do some people "spontaneously" develop diabetes? Wouldn't you like to find out how obese mice in a recent study spontaneously developed diabetes? These mice were observed from a young age! Multiple organs were affected. The advanced "cytometric technology" allowed the scientists to take measurements at the level of single cells. Conclusion? "Proinflammatory macrophages 'invade diabetic islets.'"

Want to know more about high-level flavonoid-rich foods that prevent diabetes type II?

Informed Americans are eating 95 percent organic food

Are you sick now? Most allopathic doctors know nothing about nutrition -- did you know? Do you watch TV and read the newspaper for your Western Medicine "updates" about disease and tragedy in the U.S.? The great orator is describing his universal, free healthcare system that he promised, and the website that hosts it, which doesn't work. Be quiet and listen.

Human beings who do NOT have Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, ulcers or heart disease, and people who are NOT experiencing "little" strokes, chronic muscle pain and migraines, tumors and skin cancer -- all those "folks" are pests to Obamacare, because they are not sick money-making machines and they are not registering to pay into the sick-money-making MACHINE we know as Big Pharma.

What do you get if you are sick in the USA? You get lab-made GMO medications that are rarely, if ever, tested on humans -- until they are prescribed, of course. You get exposed to radiation (X-rays at dentists and hospitals), you get more radiation for cancer that's caused from radiation, you get chemical food in the hospital where you go because you are sick from eating chemical food, and you get superbugs that thrive in unkempt hospitals, hospices, FEMA outlets, 24-hour doc-in-the-box clinics, emergency rooms, doctors' offices and on that examining room table, with the nice, clean, bleached-white sheet.

If you are sick in the USA, you get chemicals in cough syrups and headache medicines that contain aspartame, which gave you the headache to begin with. You get prescribed medicine that makes you nervous, depressed and suicidal after you go to the doctor to be treated for depression and anxiety. There's no war on drugs... it's a drug-fest! It's a circus out there in Big Pharma Land. There are drugs for the military, for the elderly, for the teens and for the babies and pregnant mothers. Synthetic, lab-made concoctions:



What do you get if you are NOT sick in the USA? If you are not sick, you are most likely eating organic food, drinking non-fluoridated spring water, and you are NOT taking chemical, lab-made medicine, including flu shots and vaccines. If you are NOT sick, you are probably taking organic supplements and eating whole foods, superfoods, and enjoying your healthy life.

However, if you are not sick or suffering from some preventable disease or disorder, and you are not paying for a rogue government to keep feeding the masses toxic food, then YOU are a problem, an enemy of the "state." But what "state" is that? Is it a state of mind, a state of health, a state of hysteria, or a police state where the federal government makes healthy people pay for cancer food disease they serve up in their GMO/Biotech/Big Ag world of synthetic food and pest-killer food? You have the answer to this. You know what to do and what NOT to do. Don't eat more than 5 percent conventional food and you can take care of your needed "coverage."

Be evolutionary, go 95 percent organic and be on your way.

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