Even low levels of BPA exposure significantly alters fetal development

Monday, March 24, 2014 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: BPA, fetal development, low-level exposure

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(NaturalNews) Why is BPA being implicated in so many health articles and research studies being conducted lately? It's been used for decades in a boatload of consumer products, namely metal food and drink containers. Also, dental composites can contain BPA and release it with mercury, exposing adults and children to cancer-causing mutations of the cells in the reproductive, immune and central nervous systems. Now we know that daily exposure to even the lowest concentrations of BPA by pregnant primates can cause fetal abnormalities in the babies they are carrying. Humans who ignore these findings are ignoring other animals that are deformed and/or dying from cancer in the same way that all animals on the planet are affected by consuming chemicals, especially in the womb.

Put simply, BPA, or bisphenol-A, is an endocrine-disrupting chemical that screws up the signaling mechanism that controls estrogen, androgen and thyroid hormones. Now, we're not just talking about in rodents anymore; we're talking about primates and their babies. Human beings better wake up fast! Humans aren't so quick to validate studies on mice and rats, even though our DNA is still almost identical. People think, because rats can eat from the dumpster and survive, that somehow their immune systems invalidate all cancer testing done, but they're "dead" wrong.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences funded a study that looked at chemical blood levels in pregnant female rhesus monkeys and their fetuses, which are more similar to humans than rats are. This should scare humans into action, if nothing else has over the past few decades of BPA collateral damage being done.

Signs of adverse effects were analyzed in tissues from mammary glands, ovaries, brains, uteri and even lungs and hearts. The abnormalities WERE CAUSED by levels of BPA in the monkey fetuses. Do we have your attention yet? The amount of "exposure" was FAR LESS than the average levels that most humans are exposed to every day of their (shortened) lives. One researcher said the study exposes the fact that we as a species are underestimating our own exposure, and that biologically ACTIVE BPA passes from the mother to the fetus. This research was just published in February of this year, 2014.

The Great BPA Cover-Up

The FDA is full of it ("it" being misleading information about BPA). In June of 2013, less than one year ago, the FDA answered a pertinent health question concerning bisphenol-A's safety in food and products sold across the nation, and their simple, unambiguous answer won't surprise you. They ran their own tests about five years ago, so why would they bother looking at any new tests or research for at least a couple of decades, right?

There's a controversy a-brewin' on BPA, or so they would have you believe. Counter-studies are done all the time, by manufacturers of chemicals that frequent food and medicine, especially in the USA, and those studies undoubtedly support the financial interests of the parties that pay for them to be done. Think about it, once the FDA approves a food agent "criminal," it is unlikely to ever be removed. MSG and aspartame represent the KINGS of central nervous system disruptors, but those will never be removed from food, and they're even found in some vaccines.

It's well known that BPA can damage fetuses in humans, and studies dating back to the late 1990s show effects in lab animals from relatively low doses. The chemical is a carbon-based synthetic compound used in the manufacture of epoxy resins and other polymers. We're talking about one of the HIGHEST volume chemicals produced on the planet here. Have you ever thought of declining fertility and population control in the same realm? Have you ever thought of vaccines, Bill Gates and Big Government in the same genre? There is a connection. There is a pattern. Study more about chemicals that deform or kill babies. It's time to get really serious with this subject if you are not already.

Pharmacokinetic Data

This is data that describes how a substance (chemical compound in this case) is absorbed into the body, how it's distributed, in what form it is distributed, how long it lasts in tissues and, finally, how it is eliminated, if ever. Parent compounds and metabolites are forms in which the substances can be delivered, and this type of data is what enables researchers to evaluate exposure scenarios and construct physiological models. This in turn gives us reliable safety data, if the scientists aren't crooks and manipulating data to fit the end results that they auspiciously desire.

Understanding how BPA is metabolized is key. This is also where FDA studies are misleading, with tricky langauge about "oral exposure." They will tell you that the pregnant mother metabolizes BPA efficiently, thus limiting the baby's exposure, and that the baby's metabolization of it increases throughout gestation, including in the placenta. The FDA has also blamed the "specific strain" of rat used as being more sensitive to estrogenic effects. Okay, sure. And why is that? Have those rats been "orally" consuming BPA for decades and their genes are more immune to the deforming damage? That species of rats must have evolved, while the rest of them have not. Wow, what a serendipitous study the FDA has conducted. No wonder they always say, "This statement has not been evaluated." There's just too many rat species out there to run tests on them all!

Currently, it is "safe" to eat a carbon-based synthetic compound used in the manufacture of epoxy resins and other polymers. Thanks, FDA. I'll be sure and trust all the other 70,000 chemical agents approved for use in food.

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