America: The land of meat, cheese and bread

Friday, March 21, 2014 by: S. D. Wells
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(NaturalNews) "Which bread would you like sir/ma'am, our signature pesticide-toasted whole wheat or our extra-gluten IBS bread with high-fructose corn syrup swirls? Did you want extra rennet (calf stomach) with your cheese spread? How about the animal, did you choose which hormone-infected animal you wanted from the pen out back? You know we chop 'em up fresh here at the one and only 'Mad Cow!'"

Nobody wants to grow up to be obese, diabetic or dependent on chemical medicine to "prolong" their life, but it happens right and left in America. Sit down and "dine in" just about anywhere, and the menu offers up about 20 to 30 meal choices, including appetizers and desserts galore. The first two pages of the menu offer choice after choice after choice of fried everything and breaded "goodies," -- even fried veggies for you health "fanatics." The next four to eight pages contain sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, steaks, chili and burritos, and just about every single item, besides salads (which are usually topped with meat), contains some GMO meat, GMO cheese and some gluten-loaded bread to help it all stick to your insides.

GMOs at restaurants across America

Genetically modified foods at restaurants are served up to anyone who doesn't know any better, and that's about 80 to 90% of people who "eat out" regularly (and we're talking about even the expensive "top notch" restaurants serving up GMOs). It's actually a struggle to order non-GMO and get non-GMO food on your plate, because even when you are on the lookout and know the food criminals, restaurants still sneak it in, or make mistakes, or are just sloppy as they "prep" your food. Meat chunks show up all the time in vegetarian dishes, including soups with chicken stock, rennet in 99% of cheese used in restaurants and gelatin byproducts, especially at the "food bar." There's the single worst culprit of bad health in America, the canola in nearly every salad and salad dressing. Your choices when eating out are severely limited if you're trying to FILTER OUT toxic food and drink. (

"Welcome to the land of meat, cheese and bread, sir/ma'am -- may I take your order?! Would you care for the all-you-can-eat Super GMO Bar or the Vegan Nightmare potluck dinner special?"

Meat: Overcooking meats, especially red meat, due to the formation of carbon-based amines, greatly increases the risk of digestive cancers over many years of consumption. Consuming grilled, well-done and barbecued meat accumulates carcinogens.

Also, growth and sex hormones in beef can cause genital abnormalities in boys and early onset of puberty in girls.

Cheese (and Milk): "In an effort to get more children to drink processed milk, the conventional dairy industry is pushing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to change the very definition of milk to allow for the discreet addition of toxic artificial sweeteners like aspartame [emphases added]." -- Where do you think your cheese will come from and what will it contain? You guessed it, the number one central nervous system disruptor -- aspartame! This additive is responsible for 75% of the adverse side effects (events) reports to the FDA every year for the past decade. (

Hormones: Recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST), also known as recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), is an artificially synthesized version of the growth hormone that normally occurs in cows. The synthetic hormone's use is not permitted in the European Union. Monsanto's version of rBST uses... wait for it... genetically engineered E. coli bacteria. That's right. And then they say GMOs are a good thing.

rBST causes cows to become seriously ill with various diseases, including mastitis, an infection of the udder that ultimately contaminates milk with pus. Commonly branded as Posilac, rBST unnaturally increases milk production at the expense of the cow's health, the repercussions of which are passed on to the consumer.

"There is a significant difference," my friends.

Bread: Yes, the word got out about gluten giving humans major digestive tract problems, among other things lurking in their future (cancer), but did the word get out about bread in general, and the "gluten-free" scams that are products containing some of the worst, most dangerous GMOs on the planet? Check it out:

Many gluten-free foods still contain MSG, aspartame, sorbitol, sucralose, maltodextrin, GM corn sugar and other genetically modified additives that pollute and clog up the digestive tract and cause central nervous system disorders and ailments. The buck doesn't stop with the term "gluten-free."

Nearly every bun, roll, cracker, bread stick, croissant, bagel, English muffin, sub roll and Kaiser roll is loaded with bleached flour, enriched flour (isolated toxins added), processed flour, pesticide, insecticide, herbicide, additives, preservatives (cell chokers) and even artificial colorings. ( Yep, that "wheat" or "whole grain" bread is often colored with the artificial chemical "4-Mel," for that grainy look you've become "accustomed" to thinking is somewhat healthier. It's close by choice between 4-methylimidazole and bleach. Great choices! What else is "on sale" or half-price with the latest greatest coupon?

That bread basket appetizer and those little sweet rolls are probably loaded with high-fructose corn syrup, which contains pesticide. Anyone wondering why they leave restaurants feeling so bloated and suffer irritable bowels later need look no further than GMO bread, hormone-laden meats and artery- and digestive tract-clogging cheese. Are you eating GMO "corn meal" gluten? You might be. Isn't that a biological pesticide? (99% of corn gluten meal products can be sold without going through the EPA's registration process). ( They should call the food bars "pest bars."

Food Groups and Food Pyramids for Miseducation

The so-called RDA "Food Groups" and "Food Guide Pyramids" are established alright, and have been for DECADES in America. ( They're the "chem groups" of food agents. They should add in artificial sweeteners as the fifth group. Make sure that you have some Obamacare Chronic Care Coverage (OCCC) so you can get some pharmaceuticals to worsen the constipation while the gluten rots. Ensure that you have selected your physicians on your OCCC plan in YOUR network so you can take advantage of the GMO chemo and radiation specials coming to a 24/7 cancer clinic and "Doc-in-the-boxes" near you! After all, what better way to coagulate your blood and self-inflict heart disease than by ignoring the research about GMOs and pesticide-laden gluten. What better way to mutate your cells than to eat bug killer and weed killer, and chow down at the canola oil food bar? (

On top of that, the International Food Information Council is "your nutrition and food safety resource," providing "healthful eating information" for people who like research sponsored and funded by the USUAL SUSPECTS, PepsiCo, Red Bull, Monsanto, McDonald's, GM and, of course, Cargill. Talk about the wrong people teaching you about what to eat. Hey kids, I have a great book report for you to work on this weekend!

And then you have the national healthcare scam. Obamacare is actually MORE COSTLY for the chronically ill -- and you thought it was the other way around, that young healthy people would be forced by the IRS to foot the bill. You must have been thinking, Obama meant what he said. When are you going to leave that circus tent?

Drop the nightmare food, my friends. Go 100% organic. Grow your own organic fruits and vegetables if you can. Live long and prosper.

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