UK government can now ban smoking in cars to protect children

Saturday, February 15, 2014 by: S. D. Wells
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(NaturalNews) British Members of Parliament voted through a House of Lords amendment to enable the UK Health Secretary to ban smoking in cars with kids inside. Not just Wales but all of Great Britain is reeling from the decision, trying to figure out how the Government deems it "sensible" to regulate their every private decision, like whether to pollute their own lungs and have children with smelly clothes. "And thy law shall protect you from yourselves, and that will be the law of the land! And the government shall step in where you can't, and protect thy children from thyself, and those who cannot manage to operate heavy machinery while smoking, eating, calling, texting or thinking independently about the future." Smells a little like a patriot act on the horizon for the Brits, are you all taking notes over there?

Neanderthals can't drive cars while calling, texting, smoking or eating

Pull up to a major intersection in a medium- to metro-sized city in the United States and there are cameras mounted on tall poles near the traffic signals peering into your car as they rotate by remote control from places we can't ask about. It's all for YOUR security and to protect you, so why not install them in front of your house, on the light poles, and point them in the direction of every window where you haven't pulled the blinds or curtains shut, and then use the smart meters on the sides of homes to monitor all audio in and around your house, for YOUR protection? Isn't that fair? Why draw the line just monitoring you in public places and on the streets, because, well you know, terrorists and "neanderthals" lurk EVERYWHERE, so the government, whether city, state or federal, MUST help protect you.

Also, many neanderthals are roaming the earth with cell phones and laptop computers now,and they even know how to log on to the internet. These same cavemen (and women) know how to operate these large pieces of metal with motors called autos, but when they try to operate the cars and trucks at the same time as the electronic boxes you talk into, well then they crash a lot and kill other neanderthals who walk and drive on those roads. Also, this beverage, called "alcohol," that comes from hops or grapes can make them swerve-drive while sending messages on their talk boxes (smart phones). On top of all that, some people smoke sticks filled with tobacco and crazy chemicals, and that makes them a little crazy too. Statistics (numbers used to calculate reckless neanderthals living in the 21st century) are very high for neanderthals driving, smoking, talking on cell phones and wrecking, and repeating these types of incidents are really bad in the United Kingdom especially. The kids are at risk there, and they must be protected, at least by enforcing a law in the near future to have automobile windows rolled down while smoking cancer sticks or you go to jail and pay a steep fine (tea tax).

Now, the police there are going to ban smoking in cars altogether to protect the children. Yes, the government cares about children, so they make laws to govern the neanderthals who get reckless and need help, whether in public, on the streets or in their own yards where they own their homes, or where they garden and grow food that doesn't cause cancer. No man or woman shall be independent of a government overseeing all activity! (

The end of privacy and self-regulation

Local police forces are wasting British pounds by policing everything that ordinary citizens do that is within legal and sensible bounds, and now it appears as though cops are allowed to peer into cars to see if you are indeed smoking near your kids. These cops may be riding horses for a better angle for peering in at you too. Can they videotape you too, just in case you are about to light up? They should film your kids too, so the reaction they have to your smoking can be used in a court of law against you, the perpetrator - the lawbreaker! How many of these offenses are needed to have your children taken away from you by CPS (Child Protective Services) and given to another family to bring up properly? Is it three strikes and you're out? Is it listed as child abuse by the county/city/township record? (

The government and the police must rein in these neanderthals that walk the streets and drive vehicles without regard to human sanctity, right? You as humans do not have dominion over your possessions and you DO NOT know how to be responsible parents! The next mandate most likely will be "no smoking in homes." Your new TEA TAX pays for your own NANNY, and should you balk and scream during the arrest proceedings, anything you say CAN and WILL be held against you in a court of law.

Shhhh! Your Emperor is speaking!

Who has more power in their country now, the King of England or the King of the USA? Conservatives are losing positions of power, and tyrannical dictatorships are filling all the holes, like the good ol' days in Europe, before Christopher Columbus sailed to America, landed three boats and started killing everyone in the name of freedom. A little freedom just died in Great Britain with this latest atrocity. Hello Americans, are you taking notes? The will of Parliament has been clearly expressed! This is much like the personal rights and freedom-infringement precedents set by the U.S. Patriot and the National Defense Authorization acts. So now, you have to ask yourself the question, "How important is the liberty that we're infringing here?"

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