Obamacare's 30-hour employment rule will lead to more layoffs

Thursday, February 13, 2014 by: S. D. Wells
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(NaturalNews) I thought reform was a good word, but the National Retail Federation says the current 30-hour employment rule is causing businesses to "cut employee hours to avoid offering them health insurance." The new definition, or delineation so to speak, for working full time (or not) depends on the government's interpretation of "reform" and affordable (highly profitable) healthcare. Retail and restaurant businesses are blasting the new mandated "definition" of full-time. Reform by mandate, folks, it's what's good for you, right? You voted for it 55%. America - home of the free, land of the brave - is trying to stand up for itself too little, too late. The Supreme Court decision is in. The IRS already hired 16,000 "collectors" to make sure that anyone who is young and healthy is paying costly insurance in order to "fund" the new CARE ACT, the established tyrannical labor policy. So, what ARE the unintended consequences of the 30-hour rule? (

Common sense is leading employers to switch full-timers to part-time schedules so they don't have to provide them with insurance or "match" skyrocketing premiums. This is the cost (the end result) of a government that feeds the masses toxic food and then gives them symptom-cover-up medication for years. The young, the health, and the MIDDLE CLASS must pay for all of this haphazardness. They get their hours cut or they get fired due to downsizing of small- and medium-sized businesses. Then they go apply for the entry-level jobs for which they are overqualified. This takes away jobs from the "lower" class and college students (including graduate school) who work part-time, and the kids straight out of high school looking for technical and trade work; they all lose out. I guess the groovy Democrats and their great "orator" might not have the "younger" vote next election, much less the middle class. This could get ugly.

That's forced sick care for ya! They tell you what you get, how much you're going to pay for it and that, if you don't pay for it, you get a tax lien on your record, collectible by the IRS. If you're a banker, a lawyer, a doctor, a dentist, an orthodontist, a surgeon or an oncologist, you're not too worried about it. You may take a hit but not like single mothers working restaurant jobs and construction workers who have to hop from contract to contract instead of having steady work with a company and decent insurance. This was a strategy from the Obama Administration that was sewn into the fabric long ago. You think that they didn't know all this? The GOP knew. This subject will be one of their weapons of conversation over the months to come in Congress.

Big Pharma wants payback

Look, Big Pharma is heavily invested in this affordable care "act," and they want their investment and their dividends, and they want them starting now. Obama won his second term, and that meant paying back Big Pharma and Wall Street. Those guys know exactly which stocks to buy or dump, which companies to buy, which companies to run or run from and who to suppress in the process if they don't get paid. The game is on. Big Pharma wants everyone on drugs, on chronic care at doctor's offices and hospitals, and they want everyone getting vaccines and flu shots, taking aspirin daily and not being able to figure out WHY their hours got cut from full-time with benefits to seven hours a day, four days a week, with no insurance.

Put it this way, if you think Obamacare and is fixed like Vegas, you're right. Las Vegas doesn't have those tall shiny buildings made of glass because everyone wins on roulette and blackjack. The U.S. financial system as a whole has been transformed into the "largest casino on the entire planet."

Big Banks are behaving like the "Wolf of Wall Street." The central bank has us fighting in unnecessary wars, and the military-industrial complex is funding the medical-industrial complex. Thousands of businesses and jobs are being "exported" overseas for cheap labor and contaminated products. Is this what YOU voted for? Is this what you cheered for or vehemently opposed last year or even five years ago? It's an Obama-nation. How's that blind faith workin' out?

• 100 million working-age Americans do not have a job right now, up 25 million just since 9/11/2001.

• Poverty is spreading. You see more and more able bodies in cities at busy intersections with words written on a piece of cardboard begging for food and work.

• Nearly every other American receives some kind of monthly benefit from the U.S. government (nanny state) right now.

• The NSA is recording 2 billion emails and phone calls every day, so the government can know if you are going crazy or planning/doing something that they don't like.

• Public and private debt levels around the globe are much higher than they were during the financial "tsunami" of 2008. Don't let the mainstream media lie to you and tell you that we've recovered from it or are even close.

• World Bank Report says U.S. debt to China has grown almost three-fold since 2008.

• JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are growing fast.

• "Too big to fail" means government bailouts, huge CEO bonuses, triple salaries and planned bankruptcies so "players" can switch companies and do it again.

• Last November, 2013, about 365,000 Americans had signed up (but probably not actually secured) Obamacare insurance, while 4 million had lost their current plan BECAUSE of Obamacare. How's that for the big launch of a new product that's mandatory? Guess who starts incurring IRS fines this April? How big will they be next year? Will that go up without regulation?

• Mandatory war bonds could be a reality in the near future.

• Projections are that 100 MILLION MORE Americans could get their health insurance policies canceled when Obamacare is fully applicable to the masses, that is, if the website ever works. (

Genetically modified food, MSG, aspartame, fluoridated tap water and pesticide-laden gluten are all part of the healthcare scheme. It's a huge Ponzi scheme to get young, healthy people to invest in a multilevel marketing hoax. There is no real healthcare here, just chemicals that add to the chaos of bad health that stems from eating food that grows from seeds which contain pesticide, insecticide and herbicide. A lot of people need to wake up and smell the coffee.

The "falling darkness" comes this way

Do you have a black cloud hanging over your head? Is there a dark storm on the radar? What is all this fuss about mandatory healthcare? Does it mean an outrageous premium for chronic SICK care? You bet it does. It's all about control. It's all about eliminating the middle class of America and making things so hard on everyone that we all rely on government handouts to keep us alive and safe from "evil doers." Yes, Obama pushes the "evil doers" campaign of fear and big business better than George W. Bush did. The Patriot Act was just the beginning of the tsunami of personal privacy invasion, NON-TRANSPARENCY of Government in the U.S. and a tyrannical regime that enforces useless chemical-driven massive healthcare expenses on those who can least afford it, seniors and college graduates.

Meanwhile, GMO food is pushed as a staple diet in the cafeterias of every school in the nation, while Obama and his family eat 100% organic. Pay attention to the layoffs and the company downsizings over the next year or two. Pay attention to the people who used to be full time and now work less than 30 hours a week. This is the earthquake out at sea that causes the tidal wave. Don't venture out at low tide, folks! For every person who signs up for Obamacare, ten lose their current policy. Great 30-hour rule, Barrack! Thanks a lot for all that "healthcare" reform. I'd hate to see what "forced" food reform and war reform look like.

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