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Joint pain

Suffer from joint pain? Try collagen

Sunday, January 05, 2014 by: Brad Chase
Tags: joint pain, collagen, arthritis

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(NaturalNews) According to Medical News Today, collagen is one of the most necessary amino acids in the body. About 30 percent of the body's proteins are collagen-based. There are 28 forms of collagen, each responsible for various processes in the body. Although collagen is most famous for its skin-healing benefits, collagen is essential for relieving joint pain as well.

Collagen is used to restore elasticity to the joints. Stiff joints are one of the side effects of aging, but an increase in collagen can reduce stiffness and even help arthritis symptoms fade by reducing inflammation and improving joint elasticity.

Studies About Collagen and Arthritis

Several studies have shown the benefits of collagen for joint pain and arthritis. Type II is the most effective for healing joint pain, according to studies.

In 2002, researchers at the Creighton University Medical Center found that, when women with arthritis took collagen supplements, their joint stiffness, pain after use of the joint and overall joint pain was reduced after supplementing with type II collagen for 42 days.

In 2009, researchers from the InterHealth Research Center and other prominent research institutions around the world found that taking type II collagen supplements was more effective than taking glucosamine and chondroitin for arthritis pain.

Sources of Collagen

You can find collagen in several places.

Animal Bones: Animal bones contain high levels of collagen. This makes sense, because collagen is responsible for giving bones their elasticity in humans and in all animals. The best way to get the most collagen out of animal bones is by making bone broth. Bone broth is easy to make. Simply boil the bones in filtered water for about 24 hours to remove the nutrients from the bones. Bones also contain other beneficial minerals and vitamins that can help fight joint pain too.

Collagen Supplements: If you do not want to make bone broth, or if you do not want to consume animal products, collagen supplements are one option. Some collagen supplements are taken from animal sources, but others are created in a lab and are vegetarian. The supplement bottle will tell you if the collagen is animal-based or not. The advantage to taking collagen this way is that you know precisely how much you are getting each day. All studies conducted on collagen have been conducted on collagen supplements rather than bone broth.

Gelatin: Gelatin is a natural substance formed from collagen. You can find powdered gelatin in nearly every grocery store, and it is readily available online. If you choose to purchase gelatin powder, it is best to purchase it from organic, pasture-raised animal sources. This will ensure that you get the most benefit without any unwanted ingredients (such as high levels of hormones or lead).

Type II Collagen for Joint Health

Type II collagen is highly effective for restoring joint elasticity and fighting arthritis pain. Any person suffering from chronic joint pain will benefit from the addition of collagen in their diet. Not only will collagen help your bones, but it can also help fight inflammation, improve skin elasticity and even heal gums, according to some studies.






About the author:
Brad Chase is the President of ProgressiveHealth.com. His website provides articles and natural remedies to help people solve their health concerns.
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