Obama shuts down the OCEAN off Florida as part of staged shutdown

Thursday, October 10, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: Obama administration, government shutdown, conspiracy theories

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(NaturalNews) Most people don't even know what "staged" means when it comes to politics. Most people think that Congress and the President love America, what it stands for, the Constitution and the Founding Fathers. People think that, because these rich white snobs went to some Ivy league school 40 or 50 years ago and crawled their way from some crappy city council job to mayor or some state job and on up to some governor or Big Business CEO type job, these clowns care about "doing what's right" for the country.

Also, aren't conspiracy theories for crazy people, guys who took too much acid in the '60s and started brainstorming about how "The Man" is watching them every second and just waiting to arrest everyone for treason? Aren't conspiracy theories for people who are like anarchists or think the world is going to turn into George Orwell's 1984, or something? Conspiracy paranoia is reserved for the people who think that somehow the Government helped enact the Sandy Hook incident to be able to jump-start major gun control legislation, because the congress folk are scared that, well, if they bury the country too deep in debt TOO soon, everyone will rise up out of the "woodworks" and storm Washington DC with their semi-automatic and automatic weapons, the ones that were NOT used at the mass shootings.

Acts I, II, III, and IV are all "staged"

"Staged" is something that is "contrived for a desired impression": i.e., "it was staged, rather than spontaneous." Also, it means something "occurring or planned to occur in stages." A staged Government shutdown would be a conspiracy theory then, right? It would be if the Government faked like they were shut down in order to accomplish OTHER motives, other M.O.s (methods of operation), as the gangsters call it, or the Mafia, or the Wall Street FAT CATS.

A staged government shutdown would be crazy to even talk about, because, really, HOW could a government that's spending a TRILLION a year fighting a war in some desert and mountains overseas, where no nation has ever overthrown the Arab resilience, shut down the OCEAN, the NATIONAL PARKS, the WWII memorial and even publicly open parks they don't even own or manage? Is this somehow theatrics to accomplish some other goal? Is the curtain going to close and the actors all come out and bow for the applause? Is there a final act? Mike Adams of Natural News has coverage of ACT I, II and III of Obama-Theatre, and he may have the ENCORE predicted almost precisely.

There is foreshadowing. There is drama (CNN), there is scary music and scary images that are very shocking. It really hurts when you see the lies exposed so raw and in your face: (

Get ready for the Hollow Screams! ( "Millions of Americans are completely fed up with the shenanigans of bad government. They've had it. Coming up in a few days, thousands of truckers are about to converge on the highways in D.C. and shut the roadways down. They're even threatening to arrest traitorous members of Congress who have violated their oaths of office."

Check out the theater and be the JUDGE yourself: Here are the actors of Sandy Hook gun control theater at their very best. This whistleblower on YouTube exposes the whole story like a good lawyer: (

"It's all just 'shutdown theater.' It's the Cirque du Soleil of Big Government, except that in this circus, all the acrobats are over-medicated diabetics, and therefore the entire show is pulled off with high wires, smoke and mirrors instead of actual acrobatic talent. That's the Obama way. Pure theater. 100% illusion and rhetoric. And you have a front row seat to watch all the B.S. unfold right before your very eyes... how fortunate!" (

Are we actually living out the "pulp fiction" of Orwell's 1984? Is the "Terminator" Barrack Hussein Obama, trying to terminate us and our rights? This is all worth looking into. (

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