TED talks now routinely censoring scientists who share ideas on consciousness

Thursday, September 05, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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(NaturalNews) The "TED talks" organization, once founded on the idea of spreading good ideas, has become the new priesthood of status quo dogma. The TED organization doesn't want you to hear the really important, breakthrough advancements in scientific thinking, and to enforce that intellectual ignorance, it has resorted to censoring and suppressing two of the most important scientists our world has ever produced.

This is being accomplished by a cowardly board of "anonymous scientific advisors" who have seized control of TED's talks while hiding behind a curtain of anonymity. These "scientific advisors" no doubt represent the interests of Big Pharma, biotech and the corporate-dominated "science" sellout community that's desperately trying to crush any real revolution in scientific understanding.

While TED is positioned as trendy and cool, it's actually just another vehicle of idea suppression that has joined with other dark forces which are attempting to keep humankind ignorant of the reality of consciousness, free will, spirituality and the fact that our cosmos is far more than physical "stuff." TED gladly features scientists who unveil technologies that will be used to enslave humanity, but the organization doesn't want you to hear about advances in understanding that can set you free.

Graham Hancock and The War on Consciousness

Perhaps the most prominent victim of TED censorship and idea suppression is none other than Graham Hancock, author of the now-censored TED Talk called, "The War on Consciousness."

Although it was de-listed by TED, the video was archived on YouTube, so you can still watch it here:

As you'll see in this talk, the idea that humans might have consciousness was so offensive to the TED high priests that they felt the talk needed to be suppressed and "removed from circulation."

"Some speakers use the language of science to promote views that are simply incompatible with all reasonable understanding of the world," says TED. "Giving them a platform is counterproductive. [So] we've appointed a board of scientific advisers. They are (deliberately) anonymous, for obvious reasons."

Obviously, they're anonymous because they are hiding from anyone being able to scrutinize their decisions.

Keep in mind that, throughout history, "scientific advisors" once insisted the Earth was flat. "Scientific advisors" claimed inhaling mercury would cure the flu. "Scientific advisors" once thought there were only four vitamins necessary for complete human nutrition.

If the history of science has taught us anything, it's that scientists are perpetually delusional in their belief that they know everything. Why should we suddenly believe that the scientists of 2013 somehow know everything when the scientists of 1985, 1945, 1897 and earlier are now known to have been foolishly and arrogant incorrect about so many things? And why should we believe any anonymous board of scientific advisors who are, themselves, beyond any measure of scrutiny?

"Science" is not a set of facts and knowledge; it is a process of questioning reality, seeking answers, advancing and expanding our understanding even as we rewrite old scientific truths with new ones.

But TED thinks the calendar of scientific advancement reached its final end point in 2013. There is apparently nothing new to learn! And thus a board of anonymous, cowardly "scientific advisors" who are hiding from public view is now able to selectively censor whatever ideas they don't want discussed in a public forum.

TED has become a "secret society" of the high priesthood of corporate-backed junk science

Such an approach is wildly un-democratic, utterly lacking in transparency and integrity. It puts TED in the category of a high priesthood -- a "secret society" of controllers -- who decide what you can and can't explore in terms of ideas. In this way, TED completely discredits itself and devalues all its presentations because at this point you have to assume all the "allowed" TED speakers have been reviewed and approved by this secretive science advisory board which may very well consist of scientists working for Monsanto, GlaxoSmithKline and other criminal corporations who destroy life for profit.

Watch Graham Hancock's video to find out for yourself just why his ideas are so dangerous that TED felt compelled to censor them:

Graham Hancock, by the way, isn't the only scientist being censored by TED...

TED censors Rupert Sheldrake and his talk on "The Science Delusion"

In his widely-celebrated TED talk, Rupert Sheldrake went right to the point and exposed the "delusion" of modern-day science. What delusion is that? The delusion that our bodies, our minds and indeed our entire universe are nothing but physical stuff. "Materialism" is the fairy tale on which nearly all of modern science is based, and materialism is a delusion.

Sheldrake, author of "Science Set Free," opens his talk with this statement:

The science delusion is the belief that science already understands the nature of reality in principle, leaving only the details to be filled in.

Right there, Sheldrake probably got banned from TED's secret board of "scientific advisors," whose collective egos probably couldn't even fit in the conference room where this TED talk was being delivered.

Scientists get absolutely infuriated when you tell them they don't know everything. Today's status quo scientists have become so convinced they know everything that anyone who challenges their view of reality, consciousness, materialism, cosmology, origin of the species or other similar concepts is immediately branded a heretic and attacked or censored.

Here is the link to Rupert Sheldrake's "upsetting" video:

"Scientific racism"

It is crucial to note in all this that TED is playing mind games in its explanation of why it chose to censor these important scientific talks on consciousness and the nature of reality. In TED's explanation, which is also posted anonymously so that TED's own high priests can hide behind the curtain of anonymity, they explain that talks are censored because of "quality" issues.

Yet this explanation is, itself, an outright lie. In terms of presentation quality, both Hancock and Sheldrake are world-class presenters. They both speak with authority, without making any noticeable presentation mistakes, and they both have obviously brought a tremendous amount of research and thought to their presentations.

There is no "quality" problem with their presentations.

What's really going on here is that TED is censoring them because of the CONTENT of their presentations, not the quality of the presentations. When Martin Luther King uttered that people should be judged "on the content of their character, not the color of their skin," he meant that ideas are more important than outside appearances.

Yet TED is exercising a kind of "scientific racism" by suppressing and censoring people whose ideas put them in the minority, and whose rise would threaten the church-like institutions of scientific power that currently dominate the world (GMOs, Big Pharma, nuclear weapons, etc.). In action and in spirit, TED insults humanity, conspires to block human understanding and gives a nod to all the systems of enslavement that have keep human beings in chains, both figuratively and literally, for centuries.

At the risk of invoking a terrible era of injustice when one group of people were kept suppressed by another group who thought themselves superior, TED is your "intellectual massa," and TED thinks of Hancock and Sheldrake as its slaves who must be kept in shackles, lest they teach all the other slaves scientific literacy. And gee, then they'd have a real uprising on their hands, and that's bad for the science plantation status quo that keeps the pharma / vaccines / GMOs / weapons industries humming for profit at the expense of humankind.

So TED decides to figuratively strap Hancock and Sheldrake to a whipping post and publicly giving them a bloody lashing by prominently censoring their talks. It's not just about punishing these individual offenders, as you well know: it's about sending a message to all the other slaves that they'd better not talk about "ideas worth spreading," lest they too find themselves tied to a post and whipped to the point of public ridicule.

In real U.S. history, slaves were kept under control through a policy of forced illiteracy. Teaching a slave to read was a criminal offense. Today, TED is practicing the same thing in a much more profound and dangerous way. Through its selective censorship of talks on consciousness, it is pushing forced illiteracy on the subject of consciousness, making sure no one spreads the "dangerous" idea that you are a conscious being with a free will and a non-physical, spiritual component which is not bound by materialism and cannot be measured under a microscope.

Why the idea of consciousness is so dangerous to conventional science

To really understand the desperation behind TED's censorship and attempted suppression of ideas from people like Hancock and Sheldrake, you first have to understand why the idea of consciousness is so incredibly dangerous to the mythology of modern-day science.

According to virtually all modern-day "conventional" scientists, all humans are biological robots who utterly lack consciousness, free will, and anything resembling a non-physical mind. They insist there is no soul, no God and that all spirituality is complete bunk. Meditation and prayer are hoaxes, they insist, and there is no such thing as premonition, intuition or other psychic phenomena of any kind.

The entire system of corporate-driven science that dominates the world today depends on this "materialistic" delusion of the world. If scientists admit that humans have consciousness, then suddenly companies like Pfizer wouldn't be able to continue conducting vaccine medical experiments on children. If scientists admit a non-physical soul survives physical death, then suddenly it makes sense that people are held accountable for their actions, and then the "scientific" pollution of the world with chemicals, mercury, GMOs and other toxins sounds downright sinful. Drug companies might even have to stop committing felony crimes to stay in business!

If doctors admit the existence of the mind, then suddenly they cannot claim 100% power and control over the health outcomes of patients. The very idea that a patient has free will and consciousness threatens the power dominance of all conventional medical doctors. So fighting the idea of consciousness is essential to protecting the medical monopoly that enriches drugs-and-surgery doctors.

Essentially, if consciousness is embraced, all the science books have to be re-written. Because suddenly there's another force in the universe that can't be explained with quarks and muons and the so-called "God particle." Scientists hate to re-write their books and lectures. And they sure don't want to be seen as ever being incorrect about anything. So they will defend their outmoded, flat-Earth delusions to their dying day.

TED, it seems, is all too happy to further those delusions for as long as possible, holding back humanity from any real revolution in consciousness -- the very kind of revolution that's essential for helping humankind achieve lasting progress.

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In addition to his activism, Adams is an accomplished musician who has released ten popular songs covering a variety of activism topics.

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