World Police

USA's World Police System is really a quest to steal other countries' resources

Saturday, August 31, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
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(NaturalNews) No country is allowed to fight at all without first getting permission from the United States of America! Plus, if any country has any kind of quarrel, civil war or even just a protest about their own government, chances are that the U.S. will bomb and/or invade them, in the name of peace, of course. Then that country must deal with the U.S. occupying their country to "monitor" everything while we "install democracy." Of course, this is just a ploy while we scourge and flog all of their valuable natural resources. The invasion of Iraq, as we now all know, was all about stealing their oil by controlling their oil pipelines, because there were certainly no weapons of mass destruction. We could have easily just taken out Saddam Hussein (and his 6 palaces) with a few drone missile strikes and avoided the entire WAR, but, again, it wasn't about war, world police or even helping another country "install democracy." Rather, it was about U.S. politicians getting their hands on resources and profiting from the military (industrial) war complex.

Then, we went into Afghanistan, where our soldiers are still dying 12 years later, all in the name of furthering the heroin business (poppy fields) and stealing other natural resources from the country, which is a gold mine of mineral wealth, including copper and iron. (

CNN would have everyone believe there is terrorism everywhere, especially in the caves of Afghanistan, (where the Al-Qaeda and the Taliban supposedly have all their own chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction and underground computer databases) and that we have to fight over there to keep terrorism from coming here. What a joke! Now we have to ask: What resources are in Syria that the U.S. "World Police" must steal in the name of fighting an emotion that's based on fear and better known by the word "terror?" Could we be after their petroleum, phosphates, chrome and manganese ores, asphalt, iron ore, gypsum, marble and rock salt?

Installing a failing democracy for profit

The American people, mostly those who vote either Republican or Democratic, think that the two party system is a fair one, because you supposedly "have a choice." This begs the question as to whether the American people have a voice when our elected leaders choose to go to war on false pretenses, all while these same leaders are allowed to run businesses that profit from the very wars they declare and send our military into the jaws of without regard for their welfare. What is to stop the U.S. leaders from declaring war on every country around the world that has any conflict going on at all? Are Americans "so proud" and arrogant that they like the U.S. acting like the world's police? Each citizen has a choice and that choice is to vote OUT of office the war mongers who go to war for money, oil, resources that don't belong to us, and power tripping control, instead of serving their country's best interests.

What choice will you make next November and the one after that? Who will you vote for, if you do vote at all? Will you vote for the tyrannical WPS and the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX to continue at the cost of lives and our country's economy and infrastructure? Will you "vote" for unnecessary wars overseas in the name of protecting your "heightened emotions" about some terror that doesn't even really exist? What really caused 9/11 to happen? Did we open a back door? What really caused Pearl Harbor to happen? Did we know they were coming after all?

It's time to do more research and find out the truth. Don't leave all that "loose change" lying around. Tune in to the natural news and turn off your television.

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