Arrogant GMO promoter Professor Bruce Chassy embarasses himself at major Food Scientist's Institute

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 by: Lance Johnson
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(NaturalNews) The GMO debate has gone main stream and is becoming a very black and white issue. Promoters of genetically modified crops tout the science as 'feeding world hunger,' while GMO critics push for higher health standards, wanting only unmodified, whole food - food that isn't doused in herbicide chemicals and spliced in labs with bacteria strains. At the very least, GMO critics believe genetically modified foods should be labeled for what they are.

Isn't it important for people to know where their food comes from?

Isn't it important for people to know that their food's DNA has been injected and rearranged?

GMO critics generally despise GMO juggernauts like Monsanto and want to push them into extinction. Critics are passionate about banning this manipulated food altogether. Critics do not want chemicals wreaking havoc on human health and the environment. Chemicals like Agent Orange, DDT, bovine growth hormone, aspartame, polystyrene, dioxin, saccharin and PCBs all originate from GMO giant Monsanto and have been tied to various forms of cancer and disease.

GMO critics seem to have a very noble, compassionate viewpoint with much higher standards for food, environment and health.

GMO supporters blind to the health and environment risks

On the other hand, GMO supporters, who are typically scientists and professors, usually come off as intelligent, but their utter disregard for health and the environment make them look like arrogant sellouts.

Emeritus Professor Bruce Chassy is just one example of an arrogant GMO sellout, having no tolerance for anyone who provides factual evidence about his GMO cash cow. At the recent Institute of Food Technologists' (IFT) Expo, Professor Chassy belittled a strong GMO critic who brought meaningful discussion to the event.

GMO promoters like Chassy shrug off the mounting evidence purporting GMO health dangers. He thinks his proud scientific efforts are 'for the good of all.'

As corporate pockets are lined with gold trimmings, and as industrial agriculture takes control, have GMO supporters become blind to what they have created? As organic, wholesome food is overrun and contaminated with factory controlled seed varieties, is food tyranny the greatest threat to America and the rest of the world? With GMO scientists and promoters occupying positions of power within the United States government, has seed control and food tyranny become a threat to the health, life and liberty of the people?

Why have promoters turned a deaf ear to the consequences of their methods and philosophies? Why do they continue to pressure the government to keep their GMO process in the dark, not allowing GMO products to be labeled? What might we learn about our food if we knew the truth?

Professor Chassy probably cannot tolerate the fact that countries like Italy are banning GM crops altogether, while Japan and South Korea have halted US GM wheat imports.

He probably hates that US GMO corn and maize, which is intended to help feed poor countries, is continually rejected by governments like Zimbabwe and citizens groups in Bolivia, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

He probably despises the growing mass awareness, as seen during the worldwide March Against Monsanto held March 25, 2013.

He probably cannot stand when studies on glyphosate show that it destroys human gut bacteria, stifling human immune function and inhibiting cellular detoxification.

He probably doesn't want to recognize that Roundup alone is now giving rise to new chemical resistant super weeds.

Loudmouth GMO Professor Chassy rears his ugly head

At the Institute of Food Technologists' (IFT) Expo held in Chicago, Professor Bruce Chassy reared his arrogant head. Following Chassy's "GMO educational session," skeptic Ken Roseboro opened up discussion about the cons of genetically modified organisms. Roseboro was immediately met with personal insults from Professor Chassy. Professor Chassy blatantly called GMO opponents "a bunch of liars." He pulled out a picture of starving children in Africa with bloated stomachs and said that GMO opponents are making these kids go hungry. He even brought forth a cartoon that emphasized that eating organically with cavemen won't let you live past 30 years old. He continued on, blasting state labeling bills that have "zero tolerance" standards for GMOs. He implied that the first amendment guarantees his right to not tell people what's in their food. He said that virtually all the soybeans grown in the world are GMO already.

When Roseboro corrected Chassy on his comments, stating that there are "no state GMO labeling bills that have a zero tolerance standard," Chassy grew visibly angry. Roseboro set the record straight again on organic food production when he said that "the US alone produces two million acres of food-grade non-GMO soybeans each year."

Professor Chassy blew up when corrected and said "I'm going to be rude to you." He spouted off, mocking Roseboro's desire for organic, healthy food, calling Roseboro "deluded."

Apparently, GMO sellout Professor Chassy can't stand the truth, but there is a growing awareness about the truths of GMOs; arrogant support for GMOs will not be tolerated by a world full of down-to-earth people who seek real, unmodified food.

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