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Health Basics: What are your choices when the side effects of a medication are worse than the disease?

Saturday, August 24, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
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(NaturalNews) Pharmaceutical companies are not going out of business any time soon, in fact, they are growing at an alarming rate, and its all thanks to laziness and ignorance on the part of most Americans. The great, old USA appetite calls for three hot meals a day, usually consisting of meat, milk, some processed food, and of course, lots of sugar and salt, and well, that's not helping one bit. The repeat offense of immediate gratification has a toll, and for most Americans, that toll is very costly. The toll comes in the form of bad health, and it starts rearing its ugly head in the form of symptoms, and those are symptoms that Western "witch doctors" are very skilled at scribbling out prescriptions to mask and quell, all while sending the patients right back into the same non-organic food, the same non-organic drinks, and the same world of hurt.

Disease is just a fancy word for bad nutrition. There are over 900 diseases and disorders which originate from nutrient deficiency, but no allopathic doctor in the U.S. knows a darn thing about nutrition, so the choices given to the "sheople" (the "yes sir, no ma'am" - patients) is a multiple choice situation consisting of a few "recommended" synthetic drugs, with side effects that are usually far worse than whatever it is you go in for, if you can still remember.

Put it this way, to cover up symptoms of some deeper issue, some chronic health issue, is the ABSOLUTE WORSE THING YOU CAN DO. If you were driving your automobile down the road, and the oil or gas light comes on, do you cut the wire or take out the warning bulb in order to solve the problem? How dumb would that be? Hey, maybe I won't run out of oil or gas if the light never comes on. What if when the warning light came on, someone next to you told you that if you take the bulb out or cut the wire, "side effects" would be that your car engine burns up, or your transmission fails, or you get stranded somewhere in the middle of the night, would you still address that warning system by cutting the wire?

Let's get to the root of your problems

If you haven't seen this free YouTube documentary, you need to watch it as soon as possible. It's called "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" and rightfully so. You'll find out why Western medicine (pharmaceutical drugs) fails most that rely on it and conversely why nutrition prevents, heals, and maintains a healthy body. Dr. Joel Wallach did autopsies on over 17,000 animals and humans and he tells the cold hard facts Americans need to learn and learn now. (

Dr. Joel Wallach's research shows that the average age of death for allopathic doctors is 58 years young, while the average age of death for all other Americans is 75. Go figure. And for the Chinese, it's also around 75 years old, but Japan leads at 79, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( Now ask yourself, who knows what is best for you? Who knows about nutrition and the 900 nutrient deficient diseases? What medication(s) are you on now? Are you afraid of the side effects, or do you think they are normal? Do you know the underlying problems, or has the doctor failed to mention them? Let's not "fail to mention them."

Do you think you have fallen for the greatest scam ever, which is prescribing chemicals to treat problems which stem from consuming chemicals? Guess what? You may just be a victim. Have you heard the side effects on the commercials for Celebrex and Cymbalta? How about for the medicines for arthritis? Are you trying to quit smoking? Because if you try Chantix or Zyban, the side effects include feelings of suicide. (

Should internal bleeding and loss of vision even be LEGAL as a side effect of a medication? Aren't those END EFFECTS, as in your end, meaning your DEATH?

Common sense tells a person to find another solution

Here is a website for finding a local naturopath physician of your choosing:

Your body needs antioxidants, minerals, probiotics, vitamins, immune building superfoods, enzymes, and spring water. Check out the Natural News brand new online store, chock full of Superfoods, immunity boosters and Enerfood. (

Want to keep it stupid simple as far as your health and wellness are concerned? Don't cut the wire to your warning indicators, ask questions, find out what food is causing the problem and what foods cure it, because Mother Nature has the medicine, not the doctors who die before their patients. (

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