Is your family in the cancer H.O.V. lane?

Friday, August 16, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: cancer, unhealthy foods, nutritional health

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(NaturalNews) There are a lot of experts out there now who have "converted" to vegan or vegetarian, from conventional to organic, and from "fake organic" to organic. There are so many signs, symbols, ingredients, brands, scams, sellouts and GMO infested products that people are overwhelmed with trying to "beat the system" and eat all natural while avoiding synthetic or "mutated food," so they can experience their own wonderful longevity. The uneducated "dieters" and "want-to-be-healthy" crowd is falling off, over and over, caving in to cravings and making repetitive mistakes. There is a cumulative effect here happening very quickly. It goes highly underestimated, and for many who think they're eating healthy, their cells are actually deprived of oxygen and literally "choking." This is when mutated cells (cancer) can show up, doing damage faster than it did back in the 1990's. In fact, every other man and every third woman in the U.S. will have to battle cancer now at some point. What's worse is that only about half of cancer's "victims"

The politics of food are very dirty. Corporate giants swallow up the small and medium sized companies that do the right thing and sell untainted, non-genetically-modified food, which isn't laced with pesticide, insecticide, hormones, antibiotics, MSG and aspartame. That's when many "health conscious" families will mistakenly load up their refrigerator with foods made by companies who don't even care about your health at all anymore. ( Toxic "staple diet" is taking over entire households and it's like playing with a loaded gun. Most kids will not make any effort to filter out anything if their parents don't, and so they just suffer the consequences. Entire families are subsisting nearly entirely on food that interferes with major brain, heart and central nervous system functioning, including digestion, nutrient absorption and immunity to disease. Cancer is a chemically driven disease. So what do you do about it all? Is there a simple answer?

Cut off cancer's fuel

Just like a military leader would cut off the enemy's supply lines in order to weaken and defeat the fighting forces, you simply turn off the "fuel" faucet, where all the ammonia and bleaches are coming in, where those conventional CAFO chickens, cows, turkeys and pigs fed synthetic hormones are "walking right in." Stop pouring in artificial sweeteners and GMOs and you take out the enemy's "front lines" right away. You end the FOOD CHEMICAL influx. Also, get reliable border security (Natural News) and sever the enemy "supply lines" starting right away. (

First things first: GET OUT of the toxic food H.O.V. lane

What are the main "staple diet" mistakes and chemical foods you have in your household right now? Also, what personal care items are in the bathrooms, and what foods labeled "diet" or "light" or "zero" are lurking in your cupboard and freezer? How will you know what is GMO? Start with the phone app "Fooducate" and scan barcodes: ( Then, ask yourself, do you eat white bread, white flour, white sugar, white rice, and white pasta? Do you use bleached white coffee filters? Do you drink fluoridated water? You could be mutating your cells daily. Do you know gluten is GMO food glue? How long does it take your body to excrete gluten? Does it ever? Gluten can stick to your insides, exacerbate IBS and diverticulitis, and rob the body of nutrients it needs. Any food (GMO wheat) that stays in your system for more than 24 hours becomes toxic, especially those containing pesticide and herbicide already. It's the "perfect chronic poison!" (

Are you in the high occupancy lane right now? In other words, are you "rushing" to get cancer along with everyone in your household? Your food is a vehicle, and it's "transporting" you towards disease or towards good health. Where are you driving? What is the path you are taking? Is it paved with chemicals or is it a natural path to the "ocean of life" or the "mountains of purity?" Have you ever heard of superfoods? You should be eating some every day. (

Are you a part of the "Inflammation Nation?" Are you filtering chemicals out of your life that make you fat, nervous and lazy? ( Avoid all synthetic sugars. Did you know fake sugars (artificial sweeteners) make you hungrier and can lead to weight GAIN? Did you know MSG affects your central nervous system? Why is it called a preservative? What is sodium benzoate? You see it listed on the ingredients of most conventional stored food. What are BHA and BHT? Most food preservatives, especially sodium benzoate, choke human cells, depriving them of oxygen, warping them, causing them to multiply uncontrollably, which in turn damages your healthy cells. Did you know this is the definition of cancer?

Preservatives keep mold from developing so quickly, and they defer the rancidity factor. Preservatives also kill fungus. But now there's a "fungus among us." It's called cancer. It grows inside your body like a fungus, and as you eat more chemicals and take more chemical medicine (pharmaceuticals and chemotherapy), its forces get stronger and stronger (

From cosmetics to lotions, and from shampoos to antiperspirants, Americans are the worst at buying and using "chemicalized" personal care items that apply to the skin, the largest organ of the body, and it all goes right through to the blood, affecting major cleansing organs, the central nervous system, the brain, the digestive track, spurring allergies, aches, pains, disorders and yes, disease. What are the "Dirty Dozen" ingredients in Cosmetics today? (

Lastly, do you drink tap water, ever? Why does U.S. Government lie about fluoride when it's bad for the body and bad for your teeth? How long has the AMA and ADA known this?
( Get out of the "high occupancy" lane that leads to health destruction. Exit that toxic highway entirely and switch over to organic everything. It's not "more expensive" anymore. The cost of cancer far outweighs any price difference you'll ever pay for nutritious food, water and supplements.

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