Be conscious of these top toxin sources that may be affecting your health

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 by: PF Louis
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(NaturalNews) We are living in a toxic world. Well over 50 million different chemicals have been isolated and registered with the Chemicals Abstract Service from the early 20th Century to now. Some are discovered; many are man-made.

Not all of those millions are used. But according to journalist Bill Moyers' documentary Trade Secrets, over the past 5 decades, 75,000 untested chemicals have been released into the environment or used in consumer products of all types in the U.S.A.

The "precautionary principle" adopted in the EU in 1992 that prohibits new synthetic chemical use until proven safe is willfully ignored in America. Chemical industries manipulate government agencies to look away until massive human and environmental disasters lead to scientific evidence that proves a chemical is toxic.

Bill Moyers had his blood tested at the NYC Mount Sinai School of Medicine, where 84 distinct synthetic chemicals were detected. Many children are born already burdened with chemicals from their mothers.

With so little regulatory oversight and political will corrupted, it's beyond our scope of influence to change much industrially and environmentally. So we need to watch what we use, eat, and drink.

Sources of chemical toxins that we can avoid

Food is the largest consumer carrier of toxic chemicals. Whether it's GMO or Big Ag or even processed "natural" food products, additives, colorings, and preservatives are prevalent. Most are toxic.

GMOs are dangerous by themselves, but the inordinate increase of herbicides that are encouraged by GMOs adds insult to injury.

Big Ag foods carry tons of chemical agents used to ensure pest and weed free growth that in turn depletes the soil and delivers to you more chemicals for your chemical burden.

The basic approach would be to avoid eating out, avoid processed and packaged foods, and buy strictly organic. Some suggest buying locally from sustainable farms that may not be certified organic but refrain from using chemicals for their crops and livestock.

At least avoid the dirty dozen of conventional Big Ag and select from the clean 15 (

Water supplies are increasingly being burdened with pharmaceuticals that cannot be filtered out with municipal water supply systems. Those systems have already poisoned their water with chlorine that mixes with different metals and minerals to create even more toxic substances - chloromines.

Let's not forget the toxicity of sodium fluoride dumped into 70% of our water supply. The ultimate solution is a reverse osmosis/activated carbon system for the whole house or apartment or at least one installed under the kitchen sink.

If neither is practical, simply fill up the least BPA riddled containers you can find (do your research) at a food store that has a reverse osmosis/activated carbon purifier. Avoid water sold in plastic containers.

Cosmetics, especially perfumes conventionally produced, carry several toxins and carcinogens that are easily absorbed through the skin. Aluminum is usually present in underarm deodorants and carcinogenic parabens appear in many cosmetic products.

Antibiotic soaps seem like a good idea, but they contain toxins too. Go an extra mile and minimize commercial cosmetic use. Buy natural only and learn how useful baking soda can be as a deodorant or toothpaste.

Household products for cleaning dishes, laundry, walls and floors can be replaced by natural product substitutes and cheap white vinegar. Paint thinners, shellacs, and insecticides should never enter a home. Those fumes should be kept out of central air systems.

Even carpeting and vinyl flooring usually contains toxic materials. Flooring with wood or real tiles is better. Beware of asbestos or fiberglass insulation. Avoid it if possible.

We can't live in a bubble. But we can do our due diligence with what we purchase.

Sources for this article include:,,zp3199_zp3217,00.html

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