Chronic Inflammation 101 - Everything you need to know (and how to eliminate it)

Thursday, July 11, 2013 by: PF Louis
Tags: chronic inflammation, vaccinations, immune system

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(NaturalNews) Improved hygiene habits, water clear of pathogens (though with added chemical toxins), and good plumbing have controlled infectious diseases to a minimal threat.

The medical establishment's claims of vaccinations vanquishing infectious disease is bogus. Instead, vaccines have contributed heavily to the modern day threat of autoimmune diseases and diseases from chronic inflammation.

Rather than microbial pathogens, it's the industrial toxins, toxic fake foods, and "better living through chemistry" gone crazy that are the sources of chronic inflammation leading to most disease now.

Why and how inflammation occurs

Inflammation is the body's immune response to any attack from foreign invaders, be they pathogenic microbes, synthetic chemicals, or physical impact or burns. Classic signs of acute inflammation include redness, swelling, pain, or fever and loss of appetite.

That's because sensor cells have detected a pathogenic invader or physical injury. Then a host of biochemical reactions takes place in the surrounding tissue that's affected, depending on the nature of invasion or injury.

Histamine is released, causing blood vessels to expand. Interleukins act as messengers and spotters for other cytokine killer white cells that are summoned to take action.

Chief among those are macrophages, a combination of Greek words meaning big eaters. They basically engulf foreign proteins and pathogens and their waste products. Other white blood killer cells arrive to fight off the invaders as well.

Macrophage cells may release a biochemical agent known as tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) to produce fever and loss of appetite. Nitrous oxide is sometimes released to increase blood flow, while clotting materials may sometimes be released to slow blood flow and clot a wound.

When there is a surplus of white blood cells in an area, pus is formed. All these immune reactions are meant to protect our tissues and restore the body to homeostasis or functional balance. They may react in different sequences, partially, or wholly according to the type of infection or injury.

These events are great for acute situations. When the body recovers, the inflammation ends. All is well. But what if these biochemical events don't stop and the inflammatory process continues unabated?

Vaccines can and often do incite extreme reactions, called cytokine storms, where an immune system tsunami overwhelms healthy neurological tissues, leading to permanent damage, disability, or death.

Less serious cytokine reactions from vaccines often lead to chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation is both subtle and sinister

Imagine some of the immune system reactions described going on beneath one's awareness for extended periods. No pain, but maybe a vague feeling of discomfort or feeling not quite with it.

That's chronic inflammation, and it often leads to a full blown life threatening diseases like heart failure or cancer, debilitating diseases such as Parkinson's or MS, or a chronically aggravating disease like asthma.

Chronic allergies can be indicators of an immune system gone off the rails if the allergens aren't common to others. But there are many toxins in our food and environment that act act as allergens for everyone.

The immune system doesn't recognize them, and thus reacts accordingly. This low level constant immune system activity is chronic inflammation. Cortisol built up from constant stress creates a hormonal imbalance leading to chronic inflammation as well.

What to do about it all

First, it's important to avoid synthetic chemicals that are considered sub-lethal with a low single dosage but accumulate in the body's tissues to create chronic inflammation. A good example is fluoridated water.

Kick the processed food convenience habit and eat mostly organic whole foods. Read labels and keep up with what's not good for you as well as what's good for you with Natural News. Keep in mind that one dietary approach may work for some but not others.

Don't use synthetic commercial cosmetics and deodorants. Avoid anti-antiperspirants. Get synthetic household cleansers, including dish and laundry detergents out of your dwelling and use natural products or make your own.

Stress less, sleep better, and exercise moderately. Use inexpensive turmeric, ginger, holy basil, and adaptogenic herbs liberally to effectively minimize inflammation. Whichever you choose, use it or them daily.


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