Framed by the farm bill

Sunday, July 14, 2013 by: Michael A. Bedar, MA
Tags: farm bill, agriculture, GMOs

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(NaturalNews) Every time someone in the Executive Branch or the Congress says something like, "When we allocate money in the farm bill, crops grow on the prairie, and a nation and world is fed...," I hear echoes of, "You didn't build that!" Except in this case it is, "You didn't grow that!"

As much as "You didn't build that" was a slap in the face to so many entrepreneurs' drive and abilities, so much more so is the self-congratulationism going on now in the House over the farm bill. The attitude of giving preferred farmers massive sums of cash to "enable food to be grown" is not only an insult to small farmers' timeless work ethic, but also stands as a negation of the Earth's own fertile processes and the cosmic mystery that spawned and continues to sustain this life giving planet.

Does a single reporter care what is being grown?

U.S. Representatives are applauding themselves that they separated the farm bill from the food assistance bill after four decades of these two programs being coupled together.

What is missing in the discussion on the farm bill is the one question that could make the discussion meaningful for the nation's well being, which is: "As a result of the farm bill proposed, what changes stand to occur in what is growing in the ground?"

Labeling in stores? There's not even GMO labeling in the farm bill in the House!

Do you think it is bad that there's not labeling GMOs on products? Then how bad is not labeling GMOs on $500 billion cronyist allocations up for a vote in the people's House? Unfortunately, the subject of what is growing appears to also be under a tacit agreement of silence in the media.

For comparison, in times when the military budget is up for renewal, occasionally the media discusses how many F-16's, how many battleships, and how many tanks the new budgets are set to effect. Often the reports include the facts that Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Blackwater, etc, are the main contractors, how much each battleship costs, and how the new versions of the jet planes and destroyers will be different from the old versions.

However, in the farm bill budget debate, do you hear anchors or reporters talking about who the agricultural contractors are, how much it costs the government for the farming contractors to develop their "next generation crops," and how the new products will be different from the "old fashioned" original crops?

Real battle secrets

The fact that the specifics on the ground - and in the ground - concerning what is being done with the government's farm bill allocation, are more secretly guarded than much of the military budget's expenditures, says something.

It says that, for those who want to control people through Big Crony Corporations and Big Ag, the war on natural farming and natural food is more important and more hidden than the war on other armies.

Armies only control what sheer military force can conquer, which is very limited in scope and geography. However, the food that goes into the guts and the bodies and every cell of the people can control people across entire nations, and weaken them. And the people will eat them willingly - even pay market price for them.

"Who controls the food controls the people," said Thomas Jefferson.

When the farmers who feed the people don't even control their own seed, and won't talk about what they're growing, but are growing fatter and richer for their secrecy, food itself will have become corrupted from an agent of people's sovereignty into an agent of control over the people.

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About the author:
Michael Bedar MA, BS, is a researcher, writer, and holistic wellness counselor. He is the associate producer with a founding role in the documentary, "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days" and is the writer-director of "EcoParque." He now distributes approximately 50 film, ebook, and audio titles through He manages a holistic health practice, facilitates local and online natural wellness and spiritual growth programs, and juices regularly. He helps people live in healthy homes, support their natural fertility, encourage their optimal nutrition, and come into their full presence. He is the Co-Director of Tree of Life - Bay Area, and he has an MA in Live-Food and Spiritual Nutrition from the Cousens School of Holistic Wellness. Bedar's BS from UCSD is an interdisciplinary concentration of Environmental Chemistry, Law and Society, and Design Anthropology.

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