Studies presented at cancer meetings are nearly all funded by Big Pharma

Thursday, June 27, 2013 by: Lance Johnson
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(NaturalNews) New research from Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center in Boston suggests that the pharmaceutical industry is funding its own studies at cancer meetings around the world. Unbiased, third-party studies are being degraded, little by little, as industry backed studies take center stage. This comes as no surprise, since modern pharmaceutical drugging has become so pervasive throughout society, "bribed" to doctors and marketed through television ads. The industry has become a dictator of sorts, telling doctors what to know and what to prescribe. As the pharmacies fill up, people are continually bombarded with symptom cover-ups. As researchers suggest, much of this dominance comes from the industry's ability to dominate research, projecting its own studies at prominent medical cancer meetings.

In a world where money has the most influence, the pharmaceutical industry can wield as much power as they like, injecting their own manipulative studies into prominent cancer and medical meetings. As their paid-off studies devalue the credibility of medical and cancer research, who's to trust? As the pharmaceutical industry fills the pharmacies with its concoctions, is anyone ever getting better? Why are there always new drugs coming out? Why are real life studies and honest testimonials pushed out of mainstream medical meetings?

For the most part, the pharmaceutical industry has become a bloated system of lies, arousing new problems that warrant more demand for new drugs. Real cures outside of the industry are deemed quackery as the pharmaceutical system of power and control continues to wreak havoc, perpetuating health problems for millions.

Since many people trust their doctor, most people will be fed some sort of pharmaceutical drug to deal with problems like diabetes, heart disease, depression, sleep, and so on. The truth is - the drugs for these health problems wouldn't be needed if the medical industry told the truth and wasn't dominated by Big Pharma-backed studies.

Many doctors find the system of prescribing drugs an efficient method. This is because the real way of healing is hard to sell, even harder to market, and is suppressed by falsified studies backed by the pharmaceutical industry. Many doctors today only know what they were taught. Plus, they get good deals from the drug companies.

Natural cancer cure testimonials silenced, shunned

Still, there remains alternative minds who branch outside of the industry-backed education and find alternative ways to heal and help others. Take for instance, Dr. Patrick Vickers. This passionate doctor founded the Northern Baja Wellness Center in Tijuana, Mexico. He and his colleagues have expounded on the Gerson Therapy to reverse terminal illness in several people. He is just one of several alternative minds that think outside the conformed, controlled pharmaceutical industry and actually help people recover naturally, even from cancers.

It's a shame their work is being pushed out of major cancer meetings.

Why aren't these real life cancer cure testimonies being heard at major cancer meetings? As people's personal stories are suppressed and deemed quackery, pharmaceutical drug dealers take full control and run the whole cancer awareness show.

The truth is - most forms of cancer are curable. Terminal illness is reversible. A magic bullet will never cure cancer, but several therapies, when applied holistically, become a miraculous experience of recovery for those who seek healing with an open mind.

The mainstream chemotherapy-run cancer industry is just a racket, only to serve the interests of Big Pharma.

Here's what the researchers found

Dr. Beverly Moy, who led the analysis at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center in Boston said that, "Past evidence suggests industry-funded research is more likely to be published if it's positive - in favor of a product or pill - than if it's negative, a phenomenon known as publication bias."

She pointed out that relationships between scientists and pharmaceutical companies have become less "productive" and more untrustworthy, as it seems that both work together with biased studies that promote pharmaceutical products.

What Moy and her colleagues found were significant levels of conflicting financial interests at annual ASCO meetings (American Society of Clinical Oncology.) After analyzing the conflicts of interests of over 20,000 scientific studies and research summaries of the ASCO meetings in 06, 08, 09-011, Moy found that conflicts of financial interest rose to 38 percent!

They also found that studies funded by pharmaceutical companies were much more likely to host their own session at conferences, or were showcased at popular poster discussions.

Industry-supported studies were presented twice as much at large oral presentation gatherings, as compared to non-supported studies, which were pushed off as less important.

These findings can be found in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Dr. David Johnson, chairman of internal medicine at Dallas's UT Southwestern School of Medicine, who had no hand in the study, said that this "Points out that there is this potential for greater and greater influence in the relationship of industry and the direction that biomedical research takes, and we have to constantly be on guard." He warned, "We just have to be really, really cautious."

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